X FACTOR Spoiler Finals, Tate Stevens Winner, Season 3 New Judge Predictions!

Who will win X Factor? On tonights finale, Tate Stevens and Carly Rose, are considered the front runners. Could the all girl group, Fifth Harmony, actually pull off the $5 million dollar contract? X Factor rumors, spoilers, and predictions straight ahead. The rumor is X Factor could be cancelled after season 3. Simon Cowell, who expected X Factor to have bigger ratings then American Idol and The Voice, has been seriously disappointed….

December 19, 2012

ALEXANDRA BURKE – Did the X Factor Winner Claim She is the Next Beyonce???

There’s a new diva in town, her name is Alexandra Burke. The new X-Factor winner, claims to be the next Beyonce. In my book, there will only be one Beyonce, just like there’s only one Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Alexandra says she has the same approach to performing as Beyonce does. She says when she’s on stage she’s a different woman, just like Beyonce is with her alter ego,…

December 29, 2008