X FACTOR Spoiler Finals, Tate Stevens Winner, Season 3 New Judge Predictions!

Who will win X Factor? On tonights finale, Tate Stevens and Carly Rose, are considered the front runners. Could the all girl group, Fifth Harmony, actually pull off the $5 million dollar contract? X Factor rumors, spoilers, and predictions straight ahead. The rumor is X Factor could be cancelled after season 3. Simon Cowell, who expected X Factor to have bigger ratings then American Idol and The Voice, has been seriously disappointed….

December 19, 2012

X FACTOR Auditions, McKenna and Brock Love Song, Josh Krajcik Final Four?

X Factor kicked off it’s second week of auditions, this time they decided to introduce Cheryl Cole as the former judge. She’s still a big fan favorite over Nicole Scherzinger. Also, Simon Cowell’s sarcastic humor was back in the windy city of Chicago, which definitely made the show much more enjoyable this week. One act guaranteed to make the finals is Brock and McKenna, they are a country duo, that…

September 28, 2011

CHRIS RENE, Young Homie Lyrics, X Factor Audition Video and Season Spoilers!

Chris Rene, Young Homie What You Trippin On, impressed LA Reid with his original hip hop song on X Factor auditions tonight.  A sober soldier from Santa Cruz, kicked off the premiere with a bang, and fans instantly fell in love with the young dad. Seventy days sober, Chris Rene, touched the judges heart with his soulful lyrics. Definitely a contender to make the finals on X Factor, the 28…

September 21, 2011