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ZAC EFRON Girlfriend, Splits With Michelle Rodriguez, Fuels New Dating Rumors!

zac efronHello ladies, Zac Efron is officially back on the market. After splitting with rumored girlfriend Michelle Rodrigues, our sexy Libra boy decided he preferred bachelorhood. Who’s he dating now or is he playing the field?

When it comes to love, Libra boys are masters of pulling your heart strings. Not only are they charming and good looking, they are known to be stone cold players. For Zac Efron, who’s embraced singledom for awhile, who decided to test the romantic waters with Michelle Rodriguez. Of course, that was short lived and it’s rumored he’s now dating “We Are Friends” co-star Emily Ratajkowski.

No doubt, Zac Efron is at a crossroads in his life, with his addiction problems, he’s still working through his emotional challenges and is probably not ready for love right now. Although, Emily Ratajkowski. is lovely, we don’t think she will be a long term girlfriend.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks celebrity psychic prediction for Zac Efron is complicated. The Full Moon in Aries will fuel his desire to connect with someone on a deeper emotional level, but Uranus in Aries opposing his Sun in Libra, will bring unexpected changes in love. Basically, relationships will blow hot and cold, leaving him feeling frustrated in lonely. On the positive side, we think he can harness this crazy energy and use it to inspire creativity and choose more diverse acting roles.

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ZAC EFRON Dating Rumors, Riches to Rehab, New Update!

zac efronZac Efron has kept a low dating profile and has not had a serious girlfriend since Vanessa Hudgens. Laser focused on his acting career, Efron has mentioned in previous interviews, he hopes to follow in the career footsteps of Leo DiCaprio. What does the future hold for this sweet Hollywood hunk?

Born under the sign of Libra, Zac Efron, definitely knows how to make the ladies swoon. When it comes to relationships, he can be quite indecisive. He loves you, he loves you not. With the Libra man, your romance can swinging wildly, leaving you feeling a bit anxious about your boyfriend status.

When it comes to Zac Efron’s personal life, according to TMZ, has been living life in the fast lane. If rumors are true, he recently completed rehab for a serious cocaine addiction and other sources claim Efron dabbled in Ecstacy as well. YIKES!

It’s no secret, Zac Efron likes to party and his squeaky clean Disney image is definitely OVER. We’re told his drug problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors,” and that Efron missed several days on the movie set.  Forcing the actor to accept he had a drug problem and he quickly entered rehab.

The good news is Zac Efron is reportedly clean and sober now, taking it one day at a time. Astrologically speaking, we think he will bounce back with new movie roles and a new girlfriend by next summer. Astrochicks wishes Zac well and we hope he continues to focus on a healthier lifestyle.

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SHAUNA CASE, Some Kind of Fairytale, Crushing on Zac Efron, Dating Alert!

shauna caseCartoon Network and Pop Country Singer, Shauna Case, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with M Magazine. The California cutie who’s the star of Incredible Crew, dishes on her new music and her celebrity crush on Zac Efron.

Born on under the astrology sign of Cancer, Shauna Case, loves to help others. One of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, she’s a true romantic at heart and always puts her friends first. Our talented Moon girl, recently completed her first EP, featuring four original songs and the new hit track,”Some Kind of Fairy Tale!”

The heartfelt song is about Shauna’s personal journey, moving from a small town in Pennsylvania to big bad LA and being a little out of her element, but still having that undying passion for living her dreams.

M Magazine asked Shauna Case which singers inspire her, she says: “I definitely look up to Selena Gomez because I just love how she balances her acting and her singing career so gracefully. She’s an amazing actress and recording artist as well. I think to be able to do both so great is really an inspiration and it really inspires me to chase my dreams as an actress and a singer and do them both.”

Of course, most important, Shauna Case, she revealed: “I’m not too boy crazy, but I gotta say I think everyone can agree Zac Efron is heaven sent! He’s so cute, so I’d definitely say he’s a crush.” Well, we hear Zac Efron a Libra is still VERY single and not dating anyone. Rumors, rumors!Only problem, Shauna’s a bit young for Efron, considering she’s only 15. You will have to wait a few more years girl!

You can check out her new music video, “Some Kind fo Fairytale”, here.” Enjoy!

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ZAC EFRON Dating Rumors, Red Carpet Confessions, New Girlfriend?

zac efronWho is Zac Efron dating these days or does he have a new girlfriend? After his embarrassing red carpet moment, our Libra hunk dropped a Trojan condom on the red carpet and the media has been buzzing about it ever since. Not sure what the big deal is, after all at least he practices safe sex.

On Popbytes, they posted Zac Efron’s recent interview with Matt Lauer. In his typical hard hitting style (ha), he naturally had to ask Efron if it really was a condom. But first he had to get him to say anything: Lauer asked Zefron to “take me through what happened” and the actor chuckled, rubbing his mouth, and said: “I don’t want to take you through it.”

Lauer persisted, and Efron admitted he did drop something: “I never really had a pocket-checking policy when I was going on the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.” So Lauer spelled it out: “You dropped a — a condom on the red carpet.”

“That was really hard for you to say!” shot back Efron, laughing. Clearly, educational opportunities abound in this film; as Lauer noted over the condom-dropping incident, it’s better to be safe than sorry about such matters. “That’s a great message,” said Efron. “To add to the many messages in the film.”

Yes girls and boys, Zac uses condoms. Whew, glad we confirmed that. I wonder who the lucky lady is? Efron a Libra, definitely is a ladies man, and has been romantically linked to several girls. Including Rumer Willis. I guess he doesn’t want any surprises and plans on staying single for awhile.

Astrologically, we think our Libra guy will find love again this summer. Zac has kept his love life more private and hasn’t really announced who he has been dating.  Personally, Astrochicks thinks he still carries a torch for ex girlfriend Vanessa but that may be water under the bridge. She has a new man and seems to be happy. Although, we don’t think Vanessa will be with him forever.

You can read more about the Zac Efron condom incident here. Enjoy!


ZAC EFRON Dating Lily Collins, New Valentine Girlfriend, Astrology Psychic Predictions!

Who will Zac Efron celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new girlfriend? Our sexy Libra guy, is reportedly dating Lily Collins, the former squeeze of Taylor Lautner. I wonder what the Twilight star thinks about that?

Zac Efron and Lily Collins were spotted holding hands while eating at a popular steakhouse in Hollywood this week. According to, the pair dined at a steakhouse in Los Angeles before trying to make a speedy exit in a car. A source tells the website, “Zac literally ran to the car and jumped in, leaving Lily behind. But Lily kept her cool and took her time. She wasn’t as worried about not being seen by us. She took her time. She probably didn’t want to trip in her heels!”

Zac Efron a Libra and Lily Collins a Pisces make an interesting love match. Lily is very girly and romantic, which would appeal to Efron. The polar opposite of his ex girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, Astrochicks thinks that Lily would be more needy in the love department. Almost too clingy, where she could get on his nerves.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks prediction is that Zac Efron probably decided he had to start dating, he has a new movie out, why not Lily Collins. We think they will have fun together but I don’t see this as a long term relationship for the couple. Of course, Lily is one lucky girl and should enjoy the romance while it lasts.



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