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BACHELORETTE, Wes Hayden Dating Vienna Girardi, Catfight With Gia Allemand?

As Bachelor Brad Womack searches for true love, ex contestants of Bachelor and Bachelorette fame are hooking up left and right. Bachelor Pad resident bad boy, Wes Hayden, is leading on the love scoreboard. Who is he dating now?  If you follow Twitter, ex Bachelor stars Gia Allemand and Vienna Girardi are fighting over him. Seriously?

Gia Allemand a Pisces girl, has been campaigning to be the next Bachelorette. During her down time, she’s gotten into a cat fight with Vienna Girardi. What’s the big fuss? Well of course it’s over player, Wes Hayden. Gia, who was rumored to be dating Wes after the Bachelor Pad, is now a Bitter Betty. She recently tweeted: “I guess I can hope to be the Bachelorette now that Wes is dating Vienna!”

Jake Pavelka’s former fiancee Vienna Girardi a Gemini girl, posted on Twitter, “It’s sad that people have to make up lies (Gia) that I’m dating someone so they can get sympathy and attempt to become the Bachelorette.”

Gia Allemand hissed back, “Dear Vienna, u have no cl#!@%*# and are a bad friend everyone saw you guys at the reunion and in Texas. And u even approached me hope they got it on camera.. We will see soon on the women tell all. The world already knows ur true colors.” LOL! Are they serious or is this manufactured PR for the two girls?

Astrochicks predicts Wes Hayden doesn’t pick either chick as his girlfriend. He’s too busy playing the field, for Wes Hayden, love doesn’t come easy. For the new Bachelorette, we hear ABC wants Emily Maynard. Will she pull a Chris Lambton and turn ABC down? If she does, we think Gia Allemand has a good chance. She’s definitely beautiful, not quite as popular as Emily but I think she would definitely make the show interesting. I guess we will have to wait until Brad Womack’s Bachelor reunion to find out who ABC picks. Stay tuned.

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BACHELOR Brad Womack, Bachelor Pad Casting Rumors, Jesse Csincsak Gossip!

Bachelor Brad Womack appears serious about finding love this season. Since the cats already out of the bag, warning a Bachelor Spoiler alert, Reality Steve has revealed Brad chose Chantal O”Brien to be his bride. Whether or not there will be a wedding for Brad Womack and Chantal is yet to be seen. What fans really want to know is what all those hot single Bachelor and Bachelorettes are now? Did they find love, fame, or fortune? Will they get a second chance at love and $250k on Bachelor Pad 2?

What’s most fun about the Mike Fleiss franchise, is that more Bachelor and Bachelorettes have found love with each other AFTER the show. Jesse Csincsak, a former Bachelorette winner, found love with Ann Lueders after he split with Deanna Pappas. Fast forward two years later, Jesse’s happily married to Ann and expecting his first child any day now.

The big casting question is who will ABC pick for Bachelor Pad 2 this season?  They need to create a show that has drama, romance, and sexual chemistry to make Bachelor Pad 2 a success. Who is rumored to appear next season? Will Bachelor Pad 1 winner David “Man Code” Good make another appearance? It’s rumored David may have his eye on sexy single mom, Emily Maynard. Of course if she’s picked as the next Bachelorette, our pretty little blond will be off the market. Sorry David…the stars aren’t aligned for you.

Other potential Bachelor Pad 2 contestants include Kasey Kahl. That could be some cheesy good fun. Kasey was the guy who promised to guard and protect Ali’s heart on her season of “The Bachelorette.” Then, he proved it by getting a huge tattoo on his wrist. Who would be a good match for Kasey Kahl? According to Jesse Csincsak, Meghan seems to have a bit of a “wow” factor in her blood, and you know that Kasey does (that tattoo was a huge deal!) These two might get together and just do some crazy stuff. Maybe Meghan will get a pink tattoo with Kasey’s name on it. And if they coupled up and made it to the end, he might promise to “Guard and Protect her Cash.” Hopefully, Kasey will skip the singing.

Astrochicks predicts the new season of Bachelor Pad 2 is going to have more drama and intrigue then Kim Kardashian’s love life. Click here to find out who else ABC is considering casting for Bachelor Pad 2. Vienna Girardi has my vote.

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JAKE PAVELKA New Girlfriend, Plus Bachelor Starring in New TV Show?

Jake Pavelka has not only scored a new TV show, he’s also has a new girlfriend. After a very DRAMATIC break up with ex fiancee Vienna Girardi, the former angry Bachelor went into hiding for a few weeks. I guess he needed to get his temper under control and channeled that negative energy into training hard for the TriRock Triathlon.  What about love, who is the lucky girl?

According to a source close to Jake Pavelka, (maybe his publicist?), Dancing With the Stars co-host Brooke Burke introduced him to a mutual friend.  They say Jake Pavelka’s been dating an LA marketing executive named Heather for about five weeks. It’s suppose to be casual but they are having a great time.

He tells Us Magazine he’s “still looking for someone to be romantic, passionate and protective with, someone who is kind and I can trust. The hard part for me is dating women who have a pre-conceived notion of who I am. I’m not ‘Jake The Bachelor.’ I’m just Jake. I’m just a guy who was on a television show.”

In another interview, Jake Pavelka revealed he will be appearing in a new TV show as a Supporting Actor for 18 episodes and can officially call himself a working actor. I guess Bachelor dreams do come true.

On a recent Twitter post, Jake Pavelka, shares a little philosophy with his fans, he tweeted: “How people treat you is their karma; how u react is yours.” a saying by Wayne Dyer. Astrologically, Jake an Aquarius, has nothing but good karma for his career. On his love life, he would be smart to take it slow, put his Hollywood career first, once he has that, I think he might be mature enough to get married and settle down.

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VIENNA GIRARDI, New Boyfriend John Sala, New Girlfriend for Bachelor Jake Pavelka?

Vienna Girardi hasn’t wasted anytime in the love department, after her messy break up with Jake Pavelka, our Gemini girl has moved on. Over the last few months, lady luck has been on her side, she’s landed a new job with Biolustre, rented a new pad with a girlfriend, and even has a new boyfriend named John Sala. Her new squeeze John, is a younger and better looking version of her former Bachelor fiance. I wonder if Jake Pavelka is dating or has a new girlfriend yet?

Last week, the former Bachelor star, appeared on the George Lopez show. Looking absolutely gorgeous, Vienna Girardi, proudly strutted her new guy around. On Tuesday night, Vienna brought John to the French Connection Fall 2010 Collection celebration at Los Angeles’ Soho House. They do look cute and happy together. (In this photo, Vienna is pictured with Jesse Csincsak.)

Today, Vienna Girardi posted on Twitter, “About to head up to Runyon Canyon with Chloe and John,” she twittered. “Yes, I’m dating and he is amazing guy…I’m so Happy!!”

It sounds so weird to Astrochicks one minute you’re madly in love and going to spend the rest of your life with Jake Pavelka. Two months, later you have a new man in your life. I really like Vienna Girardi so I wish her the best. Astrologically, the next two years she will shine in her career. In romance, not sure if John Sala is “the one” but he definitely is a very cute guy.

Don’t forget to check out new celebrity video interviews here, Ali & Roberto, Jennifer Aniston, True Blood and more!

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JAKE PAVELKA Twitter Bromance With CHAD OCHOCINCO, Bachelor Advice and Haters!

Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka has been keeping a low profile after his nasty split with Vienna Girardi. In August, he will make a guest appearance on ABC’s Bachelor Pad and also he will guest star in a episode of Drop Dead Diva. During his downtime, what has Jake Pavelka been up to?

According to his Twitter posts, he has been training for a marathon and by the tweets of things, he’s trying to start a bromance with Chad Ochocinco.

In his most recent Twitter, he retweeted the following comment from the Ultimate Catch:  “RT @OGOchoCinco: “Haters are just confused admirers with no other way of expressing themselves, imagine if haters focused that negative energy on themselves!” I think Jake Pavelka is delusional if he’s comparing himself to the NFL star. Yes Jake, fans who hate you, actually love you and just don’t know it.

Chad Ochocinco, who has his own dating show on VH1, has 16 girls competing for his love. Rumor is he’s not dating the winner of the show but is actually romantically involved with Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada, who goes by the Twitter name of FirstLadyEve. They have been tweeting up a storm and some sources say it’s love.

Jake Pavelka and Chad Ochocinco have one thing in common, they are both Bachelors looking for love in all the wrong places. Although Ultimate Catch is much funnier.

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VIENNA GIRARDI Bachelorette Las Vegas Party, Rachel Todd, Jesse Csincsak and More!

Vienna Girardi hit Las Vegas this weekend,  to celebrate busting out of Bachelor hell with Jake Pavelka and her new found freedom as a single girl. She was joined by her BFF Miss Flordia, Rachel Todd, MTV’s Amber Lancaster, and fellow Bachelor castmate Ashleigh Hunt. Even Jesse Csincsak and his girl Anne met up with Vienna and  joined the fun at Tao Beach.

Vienna, wearing a SUPER CUTE one piece bathing suit was all smiles. Our Gemini girl definitely looked happy and was showing off her hot beach bod. Though Girardi didn’t grant media interviews, her friend, Miss Florida, Rachel Todd,  told the crowd, “I am so happy to see my best friend get her smile back.”

Girardi sipped Veuve Clicquot champagne and danced to the blend of hip hop and rock, getting most excited when Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” hit came over the speakers. Shortly after, she offered free shots to Bachelorettes in the crowd.

Nothing like Las Vegas to lift a girls spirits. I guess the relationship between Jake Pavelka and her wasn’t meant to be. While Vienna Girardi celebrated in Las Vegas, her ex fiance Jake Pavelka is training for a marathon. I guess he prefers sweat over cocktails. To run a marathon, you definitely need to be focused.

Jake Pavelka will be making a guest appearance on the Bachelor Pad this season. No word if there will be a Bachelor Pad 2, if so, it would be cool to see Vienna appear on it. Stay tuned.

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