JAKE PAVELKA and VIENNA Update, Movie Star Dreams and New Dating Reality Show Gig!

Jake Pavelka during his downtime is working hard on his Hollywood career. In August, he will make a guest appearance on ABC’s new reality dating show, Bachelor Pad. At the same time, Jake hopes his guest appearance on “Drop Dead Diva” where he plays a reality star, will be what it takes for casting directors in Hollywood to take him seriously. Recently he’s had a string of unsuccessful auditions, so…

July 15, 2010

JAKE PAVELKA and VIENNA GIRARDI Break Up Update: Partying in Las Vegas and Exhausting Marathon!

Former Bachelor star Jake Pavelka is keeping it on the down low, after the break up with Vienna Girardi it appears he has become less Hollywood. Making a recent appearance at the LA Dodgers game, he’s now ready for a new challenge. What is it? Jake Pavelka announced on Twitter he’s training for a marathon and he’s exhausted. Poor baby! Vienna Girardi on the other hand is preparing for a…

July 14, 2010

JAKE PAVELKA and VIENNA Update, Ex Girlfriend Christina Haney Feels Bad For Him!

Jake Pavelka taking a well need break from the glare of Hollywood, has headed back to Dallas to spend time with his family. Both Jake and Vienna have appeared to move on from their drama filled relationship. It was reported that ABC asked Vienna Girardi to do a second interview with her ex fiance on the upcoming AFTRC. Vienna reportedly refused but it appears that Jake Pavelka will definitely make…

July 12, 2010

JAKE PAVELKA Post VIENNA Break Up, Bachelor Dishes Relationship Advice, Chivarly is Not Dead!

Now that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi have broken up, fans are taking sides.  Fans who are on Team Jake, claim that Jake was a sincere guy who was betrayed by Vienna. Fans who are on Team Vienna, feel she was used by Jake Pavelka and was only interested in stardom. Who’s right? Why did they really break up? In the beginning, it appears Mike Fleiss had second thoughts on…

July 11, 2010