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DANIELLE BRADBERY The Voice Winner, Blake Shelton Birthday Party Bash!

The Voice Winner Danielle BradberyTonight, The Voice crowned another winner. Blake Shelton, who has the country golden touch, won another recording contract for Danielle Bradbery.  Will she score a number one hit for the popular reality show?

When Blake Shelton was asked about the competition he said: “I don’t give a crap, honestly, about a threepeat,” Shelton had said early in the night, long before the results were revealed, insisting he was focused only on this year, when he again had two contestants in the final three.” Yes, but winning feels so good.

For Danielle Bradbery, she could easily become the next Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. Only sweet 16, she hails from Cypress, Texas. Born under the astrology sign of Cancer, Danielle is all about family.  A down to earth girl, Astrochicks predicts she will become America’s Sweetheart and will win a Country Music Award!

For Blake Shelton a Gemini, he celebrated his 37th birthday today with his party hat on. Even before Danielle was crowned the winner, Blake was in a celebratory mood. “I’ve had a couple of drinks as the nights gone on,” he told E! News. “I’ve been drinking tonight on national television, even as I do this interview, I just took a big drink of a drink…it’s my birthday and I’ll be damned if I don’t deserve it!”

Blake Shelton’s definitely on a career high, even though he continues to battle breakup rumors with his wife, Miranda Lambert. Not to worry, Shelton has a sense of humor about his marriage. Blake told E Online, Miranda was in town for the Voice finale, “which is the ultimate gift,” he said, “No matter what you might read, she and I are together constantly and it makes my life that much better!” Awww, true love.

Congrats to Danielle Bradbery. Can’t wait till her album drops. Stay tuned.


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THE VOICE Spoilers, Team Shakira Final Four Predictions, Usher Dating Ex Girlfriend Chilli!

the voice usher teamThe Voice this season is NBC’s saving grace. TV Critics. predicted a ratings decline with Christina Aguilera’s and Cee Lo Green’s departure. Instead, it has had the opposite effect. In fact, The Voice is now more popular then American Idol, thanks to Shakira and Usher joining the show. What’s in store for The Voice this season? Here’s the latest spoilers, rumors, and predictions.

Astrochicks loves, The Voice, especially the chemistry between the judges. Blake Shelton a Gemini is our personal favorite, with his witty banter and sexy cowboy strut, he’s definitely our celebrity crush. Yes, The Voice singing talent is solid but Shelton’s is even tastier eye candy.

The big challenge for The Voice this year? They need to choose a singer who can actually sell records. Astrochicks astrology prediction, Usher or Shakira, will have the winning team this season. Blake’s won twice, Adam has won once and we need some new flavor.

Usher, who’s sold a bazillion records and helped launch Justin Bieber’s career, we think has the industry klout and keen eye for talent. In fact, the RIAA ranks Usher as one of the best-selling artists in American music history, having sold over 23 million copies in the United States alone. To date, Usher has sold over 65 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling music artists of all time.

Usher a Libra, also brings lots of drama and gossip to the Voice, judges table. Last year,  his public divorce and child custody dispute with ex wife, Tameka Foster, was constant fodder for the tabloids. He accused his former wife of being unstable, inattentive, and irresponsible. She blamed her depression for Usher’s cheating ways. The court sided with the singer and granted him full custody of his kids.

Also, when it comes to dating, Usher LOVES older women and is rumored to be dating ex girlfriend, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, who recently sat down with Wendy Williams and dished the deets here. Astrochicks thinks Usher equals ratings gold.

For Shakira an Aquarius girl, she’s a fiery Latina who could easily push a winning team member to number one. She knows, what’s muy caliente and we think Mary Miranda might be her winning ticket.

For The Voice spoilers, we love Mary Miranda, Josiah Hawley, Midas Whale and The Swon Brothers. They have a strong chance to make the final four. You can check out the team artists here. Enjoy!

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CASSADEE POPE News Update, The Voice Winner, Blake Shelton Producing Album?

Last night, Cassadee Pope was crowned “The Voice” winner. The young popstar, who decided to go slightly country, beat out Terry McDermott and Nicholas David for a coveted record deal. Did she deserve to win the finals and will she continue to work with Blake Shelton, post the Voice?  Here’s the latest update on Cassadee Pope. Plus, The Voice rumors and predictions for next season.

Cassadee Pope, who hails from Florida is a down to earth indie rock chick. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has enjoyed moderate music success in the past, fronting the pop punk band, Hey Monday.

In 2011, Cassadee’s band decided to take a break from touring, which led her to audition for The Voice. Somehow, our loveable Gemini judge, Blake Shelton, convinced her to join his team and the rest is musical history.

When it comes to music, no doubt, Cassadee Pope has a distinct sound. She’s the girl who can make you shed a tear, with her emotional rendtion of each song she sings and its heartfelt lyrics. When it comes to recording a studio album, what are Cassadee’s plans for the future?

“If you were to take Taylor Swift, make it edgier with a just a little hint of country and make the lyrics a little more mature, that would be the direction I’d like to take,” Pope told Billboard.

In addition, she’s invited Blake Shelton to help her in the studio, with his magic country dust to sprinkle across the album. He said, “I would pay her to be on her record. I wish I could scientifically describe what it is about her, but I can’t explain it – she’s just one of those people destined to be a star.” Gotta love Blake, he’s definitely taken on a big brother/mentor role with our Virgo girl.

For Cassadee Pope, she’s not afraid to open her heart and share with her fans how she’s feeling. Outspoken about her estranged relationship with her father, she proudly told the Voice fans that she reconnected with her dad because of the show. Together, they are going to take baby steps to bridge the communication gap and be a family once again.

For Cassadee Pope’s mom, sister, and boyfriend…they are her biggest fans. They’ve all moved to California to support her singing career and her new solo album, which Astrochicks predicts will be a smash hit. Of course, this will only happen if she allows Blake Shelton to guide her and even possibly produce her. As a team, Cassadee and Blake have an undeniable chemistry that will be a hit making machine.

For Terry McDermott and Nicholas David, we so hope they get record deals as well. So talented, Astrochicks loved loved love this season of the Voice. We can’t wait to check out the new judges, Usher and Shakira. I’m sure it will be just as fun. Stay tuned.

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THE VOICE Spoilers, Winner Cassadee Pope or Terry McDermott, Team Blake Shelton!

The Voice finals have arrived, with Team Blake who has scored two singers in the final three, with Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott. For Cee Lo Green, who has never won the Voice finals, he has Nicholas David a creative soul to represent his team. Who will be crowned the Voice winner? Will Cassadee, Terry, and Nicholas all get record deals.  The Voice spoilers, predictions, and rumors straight ahead.

The Voice this season, hands down, had the most talent. Not only were the singers incredibly unique, they brought a fresh raw sound to the show, featuring everything from rock, pop, soul. to country. With Blake Shelton a Gemini, leading the pack as a mentor and superstar songwriter. Guiding Cassadee Pope to three number one’s on iTunes, and even giving Terry McDermott, a number one tune on the rock chart.

With Cee Lo Green also a Gemini, who’s the ultimate Soul Daddy. He was the only Voice judge, who turned around for Nicholas David, and definitely found a diamond in the rough. Nicholas, who overcame multiple obstacles to appear on the Voice, has even scored a couple of top ten hits on iTunes. With his loving wife by his side, Nicholas brings a spiritual presence to every song he sings.

The Voice spoiler predictions, have Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott leading for number one and number two spot. Both, incredibly gifted singers and performers. For Astrochicks, we have a soft spot for Nicholas David and just love his voice and music. He has such a cool vibe, who’s like the Zen Master of love, when he sings each song.

Tonight, Moon is in Aquarius, expect the unexpected on the Voice. Possibly, Team Blake and Team Cee Lo, could take a big risk in song choice tonight. Will it help or hurt the singers? Stay tuned.


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THE VOICE FINALS, Cassadee Pope or Terry McDermott Winner, Team Blake Shelton!

Who will win the Voice finals next week? Cassadee Pope, who’s already had three number 1 hits this season, Nicholas David the cool daddy and Bill Withers sound, or Terry McDermott the Scottish rocker? Each one, has their own unique style with Team Blake Shelton, leading the pack. Can the charismatic,  Cee Lo Green, break Blake’s winning streak? Warning the Voice final spoilers and predictions ahead.

Each artist on the Voice, are considered seasoned musicians and vocalists. In the past, both Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott have had major record deals and toured extensively. With Nicholas David, who has his own homegrown fan base in Minnesota and the surrounding states.

For the Producers of the Voice, they’ve yet to launch a major artist career for the past season winners. Will Team Blake and Team Cee Lo finally end the losing streak?

On Monday, Moon will be in Aquarius, which astrologically means the stars will be aligned for Nicholas David. Fans think he’s so unique and cool, how can they deny this Zen Master of musical bliss a record deal. Plus, he’s on Cee Lo Green’s team, who’s Soul Daddy vibe fans love.

For Cassadee Pope, she’s a star no matter what. She may be a Virgo girl but she knows how to work hard and will become a hit machine. With Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda taking her under their wing. She seems like the natural choice to win, but the ultimate prize could easily slip through her hands.

Which leaves Terry McDermott, the soft spoken and lovable rocker, who REALLY needs a break. He’s the perfect picture of the struggling artist, a young dad, who can really belt out a classic rock tune. No doubt, Blake will show him some love after the show but winning the Voice would mean so much.

Astrochicks predicts, that Team Blake will take home the golden prize and win the Voice finals.  Although, there will be no losers. We think that Cassadee, Terry, and Nicholas will all get a record deal.

THE VOICE Predictions, Jamar Rogers Final Four, Battle Round Winners?

jamar rogersTonight, the Voice seemed scripted on who would be chosen for the live show. Each time, the judges paired one strong singer with a weaker singer. Also, choosing a song that would favor the stronger voice and who they thought had a better “stage” presence. The only judge that seemed the most authentic, was Cee Lo Green. What’s up with that?

The stand out performance on the Voice tonight, by far, was Jamar. Paired with Ne-Yo, Jamar Rogers got the props he needed to make the song his own.  The young singer was able to tap into his own personal pain, to connect with the song, “I Want to Know What Love Is” and bring raw emotion to his performance. And Jamar certainly has plenty of life experience to draw upon, a former drug addict, and HIV positive, life has been an uphill battle.  Jamar said, “If I win this, it will be a victory for anyone who has ever overcome anything,” which he brought it home tonight on the Voice.

Not too sure about the bedazzled CD disk on Christina Aguilera’s head, I guess she was channeling her inner Cher. Not a good luck for her, but she’s still very beautiful. Astrochicks is placing her hopes on Jamar making the final four. Stay tuned next week, for the next round of song battlers on the Voice.



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