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taylor swift dating rumorsHas Taylor Swift finally found a proper boyfriend? The country songstress, who’s a bit boy crazy, has moved on with a professional extreme sports star. The latest passenger on her love rollercoaster, definitely has sex appeal and is a super cute guy. He’s rumored to be a pro surfer, who absolutely adores Taylor Swift. Has she finally found true love? Here’s the latest on Taylor Swift’s love life, music and rumors.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy, upset that the media portrays her as an insecure lovesick chick, she wants respect for all her bad boyfriend choices. After all, it’s a free country and she’s a Sagittarius girl.

This time around, Astrochicks really likes the new guy Taylor Swift is reportedly dating. He’s pro surfer, John John Florence, who has a wild flock of blond hair and has the need for speed. He’s the adventurous type and completely different then any other guy she’s dated. Although some media outlets say it’s a false rumor, John John Florence recently revealed they are in contact. Hmmm, secret romance?

John John Florence, born under the zodiac sign of Libra just like John Mayer, loves the ladies and they really love him. Super charming, good looking with tons of swag, lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Pro Surfer Kelly Slater has said of Florence “John John’s going to know the waves on North Shore like no one we’ve ever seen before.” Singer Jack Johnson, who grew up in the same town as Florence, said he is “a little unprecedented”. Also, he’s a world champion in surfing after winning, “Vans World Cup of Surfing,” in 2011.

The new poster boy of Hurley, his surfing team is stoked to have him on board. “John is the most innovative and talented surfer to come along in the last 20 years,” says Hurley’s VP of Sports Marketing Pat O’Connell. “Dream what might be possible in surfing and I’m sure he’s going to exceed it in the next five years. That’s pretty hot! Check out his wild surfing photos here.

Astrologically speaking, Taylor Swift and John John Florence, definitely make a good love match. No doubt, they have complicated schedules but both Taylor and John John like to live on the edge. He will be romantic, make her feel special and she can sing him love songs. He’s kinda young at 20, but definitely could be an exciting chapter in her book of love. Astrochicks likes this couple, we hope the rumors are true!

Hopefully, Taylor Swift will play it cool and John John will stick around for awhile. You go girl!

TAYLOR SWIFT Boyfriend Shopping, Hot Dating Rumors, Chasing Bradley Cooper!

taylor swiftTaylor Swift moves fast, after breaking up with two boyfriends in less than six months, she’s already looking for beau number three. Who does she have her eye on? Well, our Sagittarius girl definitely has good taste in men and rumored to have cupid’s bow aimed at Bradley Cooper.

According to Radar Online, Taylor Swift begged her best Jennifer Lawrence to hook a girl up at a Golden Globes party. Sadly, Bradley Cooper a Capricorn was not interested. Dang, she’s boy crazy.

A source says, “Bradley thinks Taylor’s far too young for him and wants to date someone his own age, not 16-years younger because he’s ready for something serious.”

Astrochicks thinks Taylor Swift should consider love rehab. Our Sagittarius girl is NOT very independent when it comes to men, Taylor shouldn’t rely on a man to make her feel complete. Being a serial dater in Hollywood isn’t very appealing. We STILL think she should date Tim Tebow a Leo, these two would totally be a match.

On a side note, Taylor Swift cancelled her ex boyfriend, Harry Styles, suprise birthday party after their nasty split. He should be thankful, she already gave him the best present ever, freedom. Lets hope Taylor takes a few weeks off before she starts dating again, her heart could use a break. Stay tuned.


TAYLOR SWIFT Boyfriend Blues, Harry Styles Break Up, Dating Predictions!

taylor swiftTaylor Swift has a broken heart again. Her short lived romance with Harry Styles, was cut short because he thought she was too much of a prude and wanted to break up.  Were the two singers actually dating, or was it a manufactured relationship to create buzz around the New Direction tour? Can one girl be that unlucky in love?

Taylor Swift born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, is quite independent and loves her freedom. Basically, it’s her way or the highway.

Taylor Swift has Moon in Gemini, which means communication is key in relationships for her and why she writes such great songs. When it comes to love, she can be very aloof at times, expecting men to read her mind, with a possessive streak. Looking at Taylor Swift’s astrology chart, she seems a bit passive aggressive.

For Harry Styles, he’s an Aquarius and only 18 years old. He just wants to have fun, Taylor was never going to be a long term girlfriend. Astrochicks thinks Harry thought it would be cool to date her, respected her as a musician, and was taken by her beauty. Afterward, when the drama mama arrived, Harry decided to split.

Astrologically speaking, Taylor Swift will continue to be a serial dater and of course write love song about Harry Styles. Maybe she needs to be emotionally inspired to write a great love song.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio, will affect Taylor’s energy level and she will need to watch out for accidents. When it comes to love, we don’t see a serious relationship until at least 2015. Until then, she will continue to hop from one guy to another. For Astrochicks, we think Swift should date Tim Tebow, he’s more her speed. Stay tuned.

TAYLOR SWIFT News Update, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Years Eve Party, Love Holiday!

Will Taylor Swift and boyfriend Harry Styles spend New Years eve together? After the One Direction superstar spent Christmas in London with family, he raced back to New York to be with his girlfriend to ring in the holiday. What does the future hold for Taylor and Harry? Here’s the latest news, love update, and astrology predictions for the couple.

Taylor Swift, may be the number one country star next to Carrie Underwood, but she definitely is unlucky in the love department. A Sagittarius girl, she likes to show her fun and flirty side in the beginning. Unfortunately, after a few months the needy and insecure side starts to show. Which usually causes all her boyfriends to run for the hills.

For Harry Styles who’s an Aquarius, he loves a good adventure. Fun and independent, I’m sure he’s quite an exciting guy for Taylor to be around. He’s good for her ego, together they have a blast. Only 18, Harry’s definitely not looking for a long term relationship or permanent girlfriend.

Astrologically speaking, when One Direction goes on tour in February 2013, Astrochicks predicts that Taylor and Harry will  split. Which means, another hit love song for our Sagittarius girl. Stay tuned.

TAYLOR SWIFT Love Song, Boyfriend Harry Styles New Crazy Tattoo, Holiday Plans?

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spending the Christmas holiday together? The One Direction singer, has been spotted with Taylor in various cities around the country. Most recently, the new couple were spotted at a LA Tattoo parlor, getting their ink on. Here’s the latest love update on Taylor and Harry.

Freddy Negrete, the artist at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in L.A., posted an Instagram photo of the couple. Harry, got a giant pirate ship tattoed on his arm. Ha, I bet he will regret that in about 10 years.  You can check out the photo here.

Harry Styles posted on Twitter, “Good times @harrystyles new tat and #taylorswift and me and @booboonegrete good times.” Ahhh, how sweet.

Taylor Swift a Sagittarius girl, admitted she has a thang for bad boys. She says, “I think it’s just like an opposites attract kind of thing. I don’t know that all good girls are only attracted to all bad boys; I think everyone goes through phases as to what interests them.”

Astrochicks, thinks Taylor Swift is definitely hooked on the wrong guys. Of course for a Sag, she’s adventurous with her heart and will have a juicy memoir to write in about ten years.

For Harry Styles an Aquarius, he’s just having loads of fun with all these girls. He’s not ready to settle down or have a serious girlfriend. Astrochicks predicts, our One Direction heartbreaker will move on after the holidays. New love song, coming up for Taylor Swift real soon.


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TAYLOR SWIFT Boyfriend Heartbreak, Always Dating Mr. Wrong, Astrology Love Predictions!

Why is Taylor Swift so unlucky in love? Our country crooner has no boyfriend or Valentine this year. Will she ever find the man of her dreams? We checked in with our resident astrologer, Patty Kamson, to see what the future holds for our love songtress and will she ever stop dating Mr. Wrong.

Patty says, “Taylor Swift is a happy-go-lucky Sagittarius with a sensitive Cancer Moon.  You would think that she would be easy breezy but she only has her Sun in Sagittarius.  Taylor has a lot of Capricorn energy is her chart which allows her to be so diligent and hard working.  In relationships this can be challenging.  Expectations can be high when it comes to her partner.  She also has her Mars (passion, drive & energy) in Scorpio so there is also an element of wanting to control her partner as well.” Astrochicks thinks mars in Scorpio would make her jealous and possessive.

What should Taylor do to find a serious relationship? Patty says, “If Taylor can learn to channel her Capricorn energy into her business and use more of her Sagittarius free spirit and nurturing Cancer Moon in her relationships she can experience a more fulfilling love life.”

In the end, Taylor Swift is young and it takes time to work out the kinks in relationships.  Astrochicks has no doubt that she will find a good guy one day.  Actually, there may be a new hot sexy guy coming her way this summer.  Enjoy the journey Taylor or go write some more “Dear John” songs.

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