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BRET MICHAELS, Heavenly Nurses and His Near Death Experience in Texas!!!

Bret Michaels is recovering from his near death experience last week over an acute appendicitis. Bret was in San Antonio for a sold-out concert when he started throwing up. He thought he had the flu, but doctors disagreed and rushed him to the hospital. Once he arrived, they did a CAT scan and performed an emergency appendectomy. He was released from the hospital last week.

On his blog he wrote…

“I was throwing up all day and really thought I had just got a severe case of the flu. About 10 minutes before show time doctors got on the bus and said, ‘Bret we really don’t think this is the flu’ and told me that I WAS GOING TO THE HOSPITAL.

“After a CAT scan, they determined it was acute appendicitis and they performed emergency surgery right there in the middle of the night. After the fact, they told me that if I had gone onstage like I wanted to, it likely would have ruptured and I could have died. Not good.”

Fortunately for Michaels, he had PLENTY of hot nurses to give him 24 hour loving care. He also sets the record straight about his daughter Raine. He says, “contrary to reports on the Internet, my daughter Raine is alive and well. And, second, none of my concerts will be canceled. We will reschedule all the dates and come back in the summer and fall. I also just want to say thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes. My staff has been making sure I get the messages and have told me about the outpouring of e-mails, cards, and get-well gifts, which has been amazing. So, once again, thank you.”

Hopefully,  Bret will decide to take a little family vacation, it sounds like the road is taking its toll on him. Get well soon!

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BRET MICHAELS, His Lady Taya Releases New Song Once Upon a Time!!!

Is Taya Parker brokenhearted? Are Bret and Taya still together? According to a recent interview, Bret will be tayadoing ANOTHER Rock of Love show. Seriously??? Taya, is wasting no time and has recorded a new song, “Once Upon a Time” and has dedicated it to her man Bret.  It has a country twang to it. On her MySpace page she writes:

I am very excited about this new chapter in my life!  As many of you know, music has been in my life my ENTIRE life!  It is one of my true loves!  Due to the outpouring of support and interest, I was motivated to head into the studio and share my gift with the world.  My upcoming projects will include original works, collaborations with my father and brother, as well as many other surprises!  I have the pleasure of working with some extremely amazing musicians, songwriters, producers, and technicians… And I am confident that the outcome will prove to be a fulfilling and enjoyable exclamation of the talents of many!  Please believe me when I say, I couldn’t have done it without ALL of you!  You are my heart, my soul, my drive, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have you touching my life in so many special ways.  Through my music, I am hoping to touch yours in return!

A Capricorn girl, she goes on to personally thank Bret for his inspiration of the song and calls him a beautiful soul. No love of my life, etc. etc. Maybe Bret doesn’t want a girlfriend?

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BEHIND THE MUSIC – Bret Michaels Gets Down and Dirty, New Rock of Love Show to Air Next Year!!!

In a new Billboard interview, Bret Michaels reveals a new Behind the Music interview will air on October 1st.  He gives bretmichaels2viewers an inside glimpse to his rock and roll lifestyle. Also, he admits there is ANOTHER Rock of Love show to air next year. What happen to Taya? Geez, are you serious?

What I am looking forward to is his new book, Roses & Thorns, which has been pushed to next year for a release. Bret says it will be on bookshelves by May 2010. Can’t wait.

Billboard reports:

Michaels is also delving into his past with a VH1 “Behind the Music” episode that premieres Oct. 1. “The interview we did was great, but I’ve got no control over how they edit it or anything,” says Michaels, who’s previously been profiled by A&E and E!. “(VH1) has a lot of stuff from me over the years. I think they’re gonna do a damn fine job.”

The singer’s plate is full for the foreseeable future. Michaels is putting Poison aside through 2010 to focus on his own endeavors, which he says will include a couple of new TV shows that he can’t yet talk about — although he acknowledges that “the next chapter of ‘Rock of Love’ is coming and…moves a little differently” than its predecessors. The other program, he notes, “is gonna be really risky for me to do and show another side of me…for a really good cause. It’s gonna be exciting.” Michaels is hoping both projects premiere in the spring.

I wonder if this man really wants to find love? Or he’s riding the money train all the way to the bank.

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ROCK OF LOVE – New Interview, Bret Michaels Talks About the Love of His Life!!!

In Rock of Love, Bret Michaels always said the that music is his mistress, but who is the love of his life? Of course, his bretmichaels2two baby girls.

Q: Do your daughters ever go on tour with you? How often do you get to see them?

A: I see my daughters (Raine Elizabeth, 9, and Jorja Bleu, 4) almost every day off. I bring them on the road with me. … I have an awesome relationship with their mom, Kristi (Lynn Gibson). … In my life, one thing that I know that I love doing and that I’m good at is that I’m a good father. It’s a lot of trial and error. At the same time, I love being with my daughters. It happened to me at a good time in my life. … When they come out on the road, they’re little rockers, and they enjoy it.

Q: What are some of the characteristics you look for in the women on the “Rock of Love” show?

A: What I look for, obviously there has to be a physical connection, there has to be a physical interest in each other. The next thing I look for is a great sense of humor, smarts, a great sense of wit. More than anything, wit. They’re witty, they’re funny. … Eyes are really important.

Q: I heard you were in a accident recently, on July 5, with your tour bus. Is everyone OK?

A: We came out of Toronto, and I was going on to Minneapolis to play a solo show. I got in a five-car pileup. It was pretty scary. We’re all OK, there’s a few injuries, but everyone’s OK. … We got to Minneapolis, and then I laughed and said, ‘Who else could get knocked out at the Tony Awards?’ I said, it was a freak accident and I survived it. I broke my nose, and (had) a few stitches, but other than that, I’m alive and well.

It says alot about a man, when they maintain a positive relationship with the mom. No word on if Taya and Bret are still together.

ROCK OF LOVE – New Update: Are Taya Parker and Bret Michaels Still Together???

Now that Rock of Love is over, is Bret Michaels and Taya still together? In a recent Rolling Stone article, Michaels tayanotes that his recent Tony Awards accident hasn’t affected his relationship with Rock of Love Season Three winner Taya Parker. Bret tells the magazine that the pair are still “dating and having a great time.”

Last week, on Taya’s MySpace page, she gives fans an update about her man.

Also, for those that have asking, Bret and I are doing great! We have been taking a much needed break from the spotlight and cameras to get to know each other. We are having a blast! He’s adorable to cuddle and watch movies with…he must makes me laugh and laugh! You should see him watching “Role Models!” It’s honestly the most precious display of boyish behavior…I’m definitely soooo addicted to his smile! We will see each other again soon…I am counting down the days.

He is relentless in his touring and his fans mean the world to him! I know he is excited about the upcoming “Poison” tour, and his long-awaited autobiography hitting shelves this month! He has worked extremely hard make these goals a reality, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Glad to hear our Pisces boy and lusty Capricorn girl are still going strong. I think she balances Bret out, with her down to earth, and sexy style. Who knows, maybe there will be a Rock of Love Wedding.

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ROCK OF LOVE BUS – Taya Parker Speaks Out About Her Relationship With Bret and Recent Negative Rumors!!!

Last weekend, Taya Parker, the winner of Bret Michael’s heart and Rock of Love Bus 3 was in Vegas for Mother’s Day. brettayaShe was spotted partying at Jet, I guess a great way to celebrate a family holiday.

In her MySpace page, she answers fans questions, and also dispels any negative rumors about the show. One interesting tidbit was about her relationship with Bret.

Here’s what she said:

Myth: I am there to promote myself and am not interested in Bret.

Fact: I have nothing to promote. I am already established in my field to the highest level. I have an established fan base, website, and career. I went on the show because I have a lot of the same problems and issues dating I believed that Bret may have. I always have to question motives and intentions when someone is interested in dating me. Bret and I have a lot in common. We both are established in our fields, we both have children that are the center of our lives, music is in our lives and part of our upbringings and backgrounds… My intentions towards Bret are not something I believe I need to defend. In this area, his opinion is the only one that matters. I just wanted to let everyone know that what you see is not what you get when it comes to reality TV. There is always more than meets the eye.

If there are any other questions you have regarding my appearance on “Rock of Love Bus,” please leave them as a comment on this blog. I’ll be happy to answer them.

I guess what everyone wants to know is if the couple are still together? She’s based in Ohio and he is Arizona/California. Will absense make their heart grow fonder?



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