KATE WINSLET: Twin Flame Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Friends or Once Lovers?

Kate and Leonardo
October 5, 2017

Kate Winslet, most famous for her role in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio turned 42 today. Just in time to celebrate the release of her upcoming film on October 6th, “The Mountain Between Us.” Still, what fans really want to ask was Kate and Leonardo ever really in love? In her new movie, it’s about two strangers stranded on a mountain after a tragic plane crash; together they have to face…


PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS 2017: Will the Stars Collide for Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

December 10, 2016

Will Kim Kardashian a Libra and Kanye West a Gemini get divorced in 2017? The superstar couple has had their share of troubles over the last few months. Their marriage has been like a bad episode of Fear Factor with Kim’s shocking robbery in Paris to Kanye’s sad mental breakdown last week. What do the stars reveal for Kardashian clan in 2017? Born under the zodiac sign of Libra, Kim…


HOROSCOPE CELEBRITY PREDICTIONS, New Moon in Libra and Love Relationships!

It’s a new month, Sun transits through the Air element of Libra and the Water element of Scorpio. Patty Kamson, our resident Celebrity Astrologer, gives us the cosmic lowdown on what to expect this October. This month Venus (love, money, beauty & female) will go retrograde on October 8th – November 17th in Scorpio (intensity, sexuality, transformation). Venus will also be traveling close to her partner in crime, Mars (passion,…

October 2, 2010

VENUS IN SCORPIO – What Has Love Got to Do With It?

On September 24, 2008, your love life is set to become a lot more passionate in all ways. First, the conversations you hold will be about issues that are very sensitive to both of you. If you are in a new love relationship, this represents the time when you are moving into territory that exposes your vulnerabilities. You can react to this in two ways – either by becoming defensive…

September 21, 2008