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SONJA MORGAN BANKRUPTCY, Real Housewives of NY Broke, Selling House?

On Real Housewives of New York, Sonja Morgan reveals she’s several million dollars in debt and had to file bankruptcy. Why is Sonja broke? Our Sagittarius girl tried her hand at movie producing. Unfortunately, the film never got made and they blamed Sonja Morgan. Her partners sued her for millions of dollars and they won. YIKES!

Hannibal Pictures won the $7 mil judgement against Sonja Morgan last year after she failed to fund a John Travolta  film, as she originally agreed. Sonja in return sued the lawyers who represented her in the case citing malpractice. However last Thursday, an arbitrator denied Sonja any payout.

“I don’t agree with the judgment. I’m shocked,” said Sonja Morgan to the New York Post. When asked how she will pay off the $7 mil debt, Sonja responded, “I don’t know. I’m a hard worker. I’ll survive. I’ve got to meet with my advisers.” In court docs, Sonja listed herself as a “television personality” with an income of $26,000 a month. Is that how much she gets paid for Real Housewives of New York.

Which brings us to the biggest rumor of all. It’s reported Bravo is bored with our girls in NYC and looking to replace ALL OF THEM! What our girls are getting fired? A source says Andy Cohen and his team are trying desperately to cast “beautiful, well connected and wealthy women for next season.” They want a cast more like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Astrochicks predicts not all of the Real Housewives will be fired, maybe only Kelly and Cindy. Hopefully, Sonja Morgan won’t get the boot, otherwise how will she pay her bills after bankruptcy. I think it’s safe to say that Alex, Ramona, Jill, and the Countess will be back for one round of drama.

Check out some old photos of the Countess here. Wow, it’s amazing what Botox and plastic surgery can do for you.

SONJA MORGAN, Real Bankrupt Housewive of New York, Money Problems!

Sonja Morgan one of the Real Housewives of New York has filed for bankruptcy. There’s a strange twist to the story, she’s blaming superstar John Travolta, for her money woes. According to Sonja, he was suppose to appear in a movie she was producing and he made too many demands. Hello, he’s a superstar!

According to US Magazine, Sonja Morgan is$19 million dollars in debt and has only $13 million in assets. This is after she lost a $7 million dollar lawsuit with Hannibal Pictures Inc.  Sonja Morgan says,  “The decision to seek bankruptcy was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life,” the 46-year-old Real Housewives Bravo star said in court papers. Why does everyone want to be a movie producer?

Our poor Sagittarius girl is having a bad year, earlier this year, Sonja Morgan was also charged with a DUI in the Hamptons. As a Sagittarius, she can tend to be impulsive. Life of the party, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and enjoys living on the edge. Maybe a little too much.

I guess Sonja’ going to be need her Real Housewives of New York paycheck. Time for her to find a new rich hubby. Sonja Morgan is still hot, so I’m sure she can latch on to some old crusty billionaire. Stay tuned.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Kelly Bensimon’s Breakthrough and Jill Zarin’s Hate Mail!

Real Housewives of New York, wow what a season. The girls had another round of cat fights, with Kelly Bensimon on one side and the other housewives on the other.  I think the problem is Kelly Bensimon can dish it out but she just can’t take it.

In all fairness, Bethenny Frankel a Scorpio girl, can be hard to handle and Ramona is  a SUPER drama queen. The only semi-normal housewives are Sonja, Alex, and Countess Luann. Who will Bravo invite back next year? According to rumors, interviews, and anything else Astrochicks could get their hot little hands on, I think both Bethenny and Kelly will NOT return next year.

Jill Zarin who’s now the odd girl out,  Bravo’s going to need to invite two new housewives to throw under the bus. Although watching the Real Houswives of New York is fun, unfortunately some fans take it a little too far and have started sending threatening mail to Jill Zarin. Not cool and scary.

Zarin addressed the “threatening mail” in a Saturday post to her Facebook account. “We are being harassed and threatened by a family from Chicago and Alabama. We have contacted authorities. I will block anyone who is linked to them per postal service law enforcement until they finish investigation,” she wrote. “This is a serious crime and all evidence has been handed over. If you are involved in anyway… I suggest you stop. Enough is enough. It is NOT funny or a joke.” Hopefully they will catch the nut bags that are bothering her family.

In the end, Astrochicks found the Reunion show to be quite amusing. The girls constantly contradict themselves, with Countess Luann and Sonja Morgan probably being the most honest about who they really are. Up next is Real Housewives of Washington DC and Atlanta. Let the games begin.

REAL DRUNK HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Sonja Morgan Arrested for DUI in Hamptons!

Poor Sonja Morgan, she’s the first “Real Drunk Housewives of New York.” The naughty Sagittarius housewife was arrested last night for a DUI,  while living the high life in the Hamptons, literally.

According to news reports, our Real Housewives of New York star was in the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend and got stopped on First Neck Lane after zipping right past a stop sign. They also report that Sonja failed the field sobriety test and was later arraigned. Maybe she forget her glasses?

Sonja Morgan, the self proclaimed sexiest New York housewife, says she’s the straw that swirls the drink. Really? Although Sonja denies liking the drama on the show, it sounds like she’s created a little bit of her own.

Why did she decide to be on the show? Sonja Morgan says, I’m on the show to share my daily routine, my gardening secrets, whatever! Botox, liposuction, dating during divorce, but the bottom line is that it’s about taking care of my daughter and me. And when she’s old enough to be mature about the bloggers, then maybe I’ll let her be on the show. But if someone can relate to me and I can take their pain away for five minutes — you know, like, “Yeah, it is hard to date after divorce. I also hate my little pooch — why shouldn’t I take it off?” — then it’s worth it to me.

We still love ya Sonja Morgan. I wonder what Countess LuAnn thinks about this?

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Sexy Sonja Morgan is the Straw That Swirls the Drink!!!

Sonja Morgan, the new housewife, calls herself the straw that still swirls the drink. She reminds me of Kim Zolciak just better looking. She loves to shop till she drops, she enjoys her ex hubbies money and she loves to shag.  Even the Countess looked THRILLED to have her on board.

The former ex wife to the heir of J.P. Morgan, this girl won the super lotto in the “Ex Wives Club.” Sonja a sassy Sag girl, is guaranteed to be the new vixen of the show, she should have Ramona’s undies in a knot in no time. Just imagine her giving Sonja, the crazy eye.

David Patrick Columbia, of New York Social Diary, writes of Sonja Morgan, “I first met Sonya Morgan about twelve years ago when, as the still single Sonya Tremont, she was the hostess at (the Italian restaurant across from Bice) on Madison Avenue and 54th Street. Sonya was very well known among the New York money men and power brokers for being good looking, savvy and with a go-get-em charm. She was so good at her job (bringing in big name businessmen clientele that I wrote a profile on her for Quest). It was a story about a girl who came to the big town from Albany and made her way into the international set who made the circuit from Europe to New York, the Bahamas, Aspen and Malibu, and used her connections to make her way in business.

Jill is still yapping about Bethenny, I think by now the rest of the housewives and fans are over it. Either forgive Bethenny or not. She’s groveling, get over it. If Bobby can forgive her, the one who was sick, I think Jill should move on. What a drama queen.

Countess Luann found herself a nice Jewish boy toy. Finally the show is starting to get more spicy. I would like to see a little more “Sex in the City” and a little less cattiness. Bring it Sonja.

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