GRETCHEN ROSSI Fired, RHOC New Reality Show With Slade, Wedding Update!

Are the rumors true? Have Gretchen and her future hubby, Slade, been fired from Real Housewives of Orange County? Not to worry Bravo fans, our Scorpio girl, has a few tricks up her sleeve and you will be excited to see what she’s got cooking. Here’s the latest update on everything RHOC! Astrologically speaking, both Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are Scorpios. As we previously predicted, they faced some major…

October 9, 2013

REAL HOUSEWIVES OC, Lydia Puts Gretchen Rossi on Blast, Astrology Love Predictions!

There’s a new Botox babe on Real Housewives of Orange County and she has put Gretchen Rossi on blast. Sassy newcomer, Lydia, who has REAL money is not impressed by her mean girl attitude and sidekick, Slade Smiley. It’s safe to say, she’s Team Alexis this season and will give some well needed BFF support.  What about the rest of the Real Housewives of Orange County, what can we expect to…

April 15, 2013

REAL HOUSEWIVES, Gretchen Rossi No Wedding, Slade Smiley Child Support Drama!

It’s no secret that Slade Smiley is living off of  Real Housewives of OC star, Gretchen Rossi. In addition, he’s way behind in his child support payments but continues his free ride on Gretchen’s reality success. The guy is smart and good looking, why can’t Slade Smiley get a job? In the new season of Real Housewives, Slade Smiley wants to marry Gretchen Rossi but our Scorpio girl is not…

May 8, 2011

GRETCHEN ROSSI Lawsuit, Slade Smiley Wedding Rumors, Love Predictions!

This season, on the new Real Housewives of Orange County it appears Gretchen Rossi’s love tank may be running on empty. Her unemployed boyfriend Slade Smiley is pushing for  marriage and our Scorpio girl prefers to stay single. Not sure why these two are even together. Sexual chemistry can only go so far. Will there ever be a Real Housewives wedding for Gretchen and Slade? Gretchen Rossi a former real…

April 21, 2011

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY, Gretchen Rossi and Deadbeat Dad Slade Smiley Crazy Courtroom Drama!

Deadbeat dad Slade Smily, was in family court today, trying to get his child support payments reduced. The Real Housewives of Orange County douchebag, owes his baby mama over $100,000 in back payments. What? Gretchen Rossi, standing by her man arrived in court with him to provide him love and support. Unfortunately for the couple, they had an unexpected visitor. Gretchen’s Rossi’s ex lover, Jay Photoglou arrived (why I don’t…

May 28, 2010