JUSTIN BIEBER and ANGELINA JOLIE, What Aging Celebrities Will Look Like!

The stars of the silver screen seem to have a secret formula that prevents them from ever growing old, and many even become more attractive as the years go by.  Despite their skill at hiding the signs of aging, all will eventually lose their youthful appearance.  Thanks to clever Photoshop software we can now get a glimpse of what our favourite celebrities might look like in the future.  All the…

August 24, 2013

PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS, Scorpios Ryan Gosling, Katy Perry, Baby News!

When it comes to psychic and astrology predictions, we predict the stars will collide this year for several of our favorite celebrities. Saturn the planet of lessons, responsibility, and hard work is now retrograde in Scorpio. Pushing Ryan Gosling, Katy Perry, and Julia Roberts to make some important relationship decisions. Should I stay or should I go? According to Patty Kamson one of our favorite celebrity astrologers, during this retrograde cycle…

February 24, 2013

PSYCHIC Astrology Predictions: Scorpio’s Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Josh Duhamel!

When it comes to love astrology predictions, what does the future hold for our favorite male Scorpios. Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally find love and get married? Will Ryan Gosling propose to girlfriend Eve Mendes? Will Josh Duhamel and Fergie finally have a baby? Here’s the latest psychic astrology predictions for your favorite movie stars. Leonardo DiCaprio a die hard Scorpio bachelor, may be feeling a little lonely these days. Yes, he’s…

January 21, 2013