KATY PERRY and RUSSELL BRAND, Wedding Gift, Multi Million Dollar New York Penthouse!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have bought a new crash pad in New York City for a cool $2.75 million dollars. The superstar couple, split their time between London and Los Angeles, for those spot overs in New York, they figured they would rather have an apartment in Tribeca versus staying in a hotel. The apartment is a 1500 square foot penthouse, with two bedrooms and two baths. It features…

September 26, 2010

KATY PERRY and RUSSELL BRAND Wedding, Bollywood Theme, Designer Decor, and Gorgeous Gown!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand will be walking down the aisle soon. After a whirlwind Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Katy Perry got to enjoy some girlie time with her best friend Rihanna. Russell Brand opted for a boy’s night out in Hollywood, which included lots of scantilly clad dancing girls. Katy Perry born under the sign of Scorpio, is a very emotional and passionate girl. Her fiancee, Russell Brand,…

September 24, 2010

KATY PERRY High School Crush SHANE LOPES, Scorpio Girl Gets Revenge on Former Love!

Katy Perry is my new hero, like a true Scorpio, she got revenge on her high school crush, Shane Lopes, at a free concert held at her former high school, Dos Pueblos. Wearing a cheerleader uniform, Katy Perry, belted out Teenage Dreams and spotted the heartthrob in the audience. Katy Perry said, “You were the most popular kid in my class! You never wanted to date me, it was always…

September 16, 2010

KATY PERRY Designer Wedding Dress, RUSSELL BRAND’S Latex Suit, and Big Wedding Bash!

Despite rumors that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have already tied the knot, Katy and her fiance Russell are still planning a big wedding bash. It’s reported that Rihanna will be Katy’s Maid of Honor but no word on who Russell Brand’s best man will be. A brides wedding, one of the most important days in Katy Perry’s life, must be perfect. Choosing a wedding dress, can turn any girl…

July 23, 2010

MTV MOVIE AWARDS, Katy Perry to Sing Naked on Stage With Russell Brand and Snoop Dogg?

Katy Perry will be appearing on the “MTV Movie Awards” naked tomorrow night with Snoop Dogg. She will premiere her new single, “California Gurls” and hopes fans will love it. Even if they don’t, her hubby to be, Russell Brand sure does. That’s right, folks: no clothes! She says, “I think that this performance will be really Californian,” she told MTV News about Sunday’s big performance. “I will be naked,”…

June 5, 2010

RUSSELL BRAND and KATY PERRY WEDDING, Celebrity Astrologer Predicts a Marriage That Needs Constant Attention!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are planning their big wedding date set for later this year. Katy Perry, who affectionately calls her hubby to be, Groomzilla, is looking forward to a non traditional wedding. Russell Brand, just like a little school girl is excited about his big day. He’s even asked Ryan Seacrest to throw him a Bachelor party. Sweet, I wonder if there will be lots of American Idol…

June 3, 2010