KATY PERRY Update, John Mayer the Player, Scorpio and Libra Love Match!

Katy Perry may have found love with John Mayer but is she really over Russell Brand? In a new interview, our Scorpio popstar reveals a very dark period after her divorce, where Perry actually considered suicide. Wow, talk about getting real, Katy takes a deep dive in a new interview. When it comes to love, Scorpios are consumed with passion and want to possess their lovers. No doubt, Katy Perry’s…

September 30, 2013

KATY PERRY Rumors, Dating Ex Husband Russell Brand, Couple Spotted Making Out at Club!

Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand back together? According to Perez Hilton, the divorced couple were spotted earlier this week, playing tonsil hockey at Soho House. Are they just friends with benefits or are Katy and Russell still in love? Katy Perry a Scorpio girl, thrives on drama. She likes her men hot and messy. After her recent painful breakup with ex boyfriend, John Mayer the player, most girls would…

April 9, 2013

RUSSELL BRAND Dating Geri Halliwell, Splits With Girlfriend for Spice Girl!

Are Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell dating? I wonder if he has a revolving door installed at his Bachelor Pad? After filing for divorce from Katy Perry, our sexy Gemini comedian, can’t seem to keep it in his pants. What happen to his other girlfriend? According to Perez Hilton, “Things are getting very serious between them — they’re a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past,…

August 27, 2012

RUSSELL BRAND Deported, KATY PERRY Sad Twitter Posts, Japan Holiday a Bust!

Has Russell Brand been deported? Katy Perry, married to comedian Russell Brand, had a big surprise this weekend in Japan. Missing her honey, Katy Perry sent her husband first class tickets to keep her company while on tour. Instead of having a little love holiday, Russell Brand got deported from Japan. What the heck? JAPAN? Russell Brand, showing off his wacky Gemini sense of humor, posted a photo of him…

May 22, 2011

SOBER RUSSELL BRAND Wants Katy Perry to Quit Drinking, Marriage Problems ?

Russell Brand who’s new movie, Arthur, was a bust at the box office has been more lucky in love. Happily married to Katy Perry, the British comedian appears to be more in love with his wife everyday. In fact, now that he has quit drinking, drugs, and women, he wants his wife Katy to give up something also. Is there trouble in paradise? According to Showbiz Spy, Russell Brand a…

April 10, 2011

KATY PERRY and RIHANNA, Upset Over Missed Wedding and Husband Russell Brand?

Last week, Katy Perry and new husband Russell Brand had a lavish wedding in India, surrounded by friends and family they love. For Katy Perry it was bittersweet, because her BFF, Rihanna, failed to attend her big day. Why did Rihanna miss Katy Perry’s wedding? Rihanna said she had to be in the studio, other sources say it’s because Katy Perry and her got in an argument over Russell Brand. Is…

November 5, 2010

KATY PERRY and RUSSELL BRAND Married, Wedding No Show Rihanna Hates Husband!

Have Katy Perry and Rihanna had a falling out over her new husband Russell Brand? This past weekend, her BFF Rihanna was a no show at Katy and Russell’s Bollywood wedding in India. Rihanna claims that she had to be in the “studio”. What you can’t take a few days off to go be with your best girl? Weird. After all, Katty Perry and Russell Brand were paying for the trip…

October 27, 2010

KATY PERRY and RUSSELL BRAND, Wedding Safari in India and Million Dollar Party!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are in India, getting ready for their big wedding bash. The “California Gurls” singer, will say I do to Russel Brand in a special Hindu ceremony on October 23rd. The million dollar lavish event will be held at the teh Indian Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, with Russell Brand and Katy Perry will be Prince and Princess for a day. Katy Perry has spared no expense,…

October 17, 2010