THE BACHELOR, Rozlyn Papas Sex Tape Hits the Web is it Really Her???

The Bachelor drama continues for Rozlyn Papa. As she tries to extend her 15 minutes of fame the proper way, a sex tape has surfaced on the web featuring a women who looks just like Rozlyn. Is it really her? Or is it some sleazy porn company taking advantage of her using a model that looks like Rozlyn. According to TMZ, the short tape–features a women resembling Rozlyn, performing a sexual…

March 8, 2010

THE BACHELOR, Your Cheatin Heart, Engaged Jake Pavelka Hooks Up With Ex Girlfriend Tanya???

It looks like Jake is a heartbreaker. In a new Radar Online exclusive, his ex girlfriend claims they were still hooking up after he became engaged to Vienna. A woman, by the name of Tanya Douglas, claims Jake was still calling her after he got engaged. In fact, she says Jake told her he was forced to propose to Vienna. Really? You would think ABC would have chosen Tenley,  much…

March 5, 2010

THE BACHELOR, TMZ Reports, Show Shocker Rozlyn Papa Has a Sex Tape!!!

Are you serious? Rozlyn Papa has a sex tape?  According to TMZ, it’s absolutely true. Well, if it is, I think that the Bachelor and Chris Harrison have been redeemed. I think you can pretty much guarantee something funky was going on with the Producer. When will Rozlyn pose for Playboy? TMZ Reports: TMZ has learned the tape is being shopped to a variety of XXX companies all over all…

February 25, 2010