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THE A LIST New York, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Boyfriend Rodiney Santiago Break Up?

If you love Real Housewives of Atlanta or Beverly Hills, you will definitely LOVE Logo’s new show, “The A-List” New York. Think of NeNe Leakes and Kyle Richards if they were gay boys. There’s more drama and more hot hook ups, plus lots of bitchy gossip. The show stars Reichen Lehmkuhl, the former boyfriend of Lance Bass and several other cute boys.

Astrochicks watched the show for the first time tonight, just in time to see Reichen Lehmkuhl’s boyfriend Rodiney Santiago accuse him of cheating. Boy these girls are mean. Rodiney a sexy Latino, is jealous and possessive of his man. One night, Rodiney suspecting his boy was stepping out, stole Reichen’s phone. Of course, trusting his girly intuition, he was right. Rodiney found a text message Reichen sent to another guy, which made him suspicious about their relationship.

The girls according to Gawker, were dishing the dirt at Westville. Gabbing about Reichen and Rodiney, they said: “And have you heard Rodiney speak?  He sounds a bit like Barbara Walters impersonating a Down Syndrome baby. Rodiney got all pissed off about the text messages. So what did she do? Rodiney texted this boy back and pretended to be Reichen and was like. “I can’ts hung out wif choo. I’s in love wif Rod-i-ney. If I’s hung out wif choo I hurts him to much.” And the guy responded, ‘Reichen, did you have a stroke?” LOL!!! Love it. Is that really true?

Of course Reichen and Rodiney are still together, one of the other “Gay Housewives” named Austin got mad, because he has the major HOTS for Reichen. A cat fight broke out, Rodiney threw a drink in Austin’s face and he slapped Rodiney back. Reichen had to bust up the fight and told Austin he was being mean.

Astrochicks took  a peek at the chart of A-Lister Reichen, who’s a Capricorn. Our boy definitely likes to be in control and Rodiney lets him have it. Astrochicks doesn’t think he will stay faithful to Rodiney and most likely they will break up. In an upcoming scene on A-List, we see a clip of Reichen in the studio singing. Oh girl, please stop. Also, a clip of him saying he’s lost the loving feeling for Rodiney. No big surprise.

We have a word of cosmic advice for Reichen, karma is a bitch, so he better play nice otherwise astrologically he’s in for a big surprise.  The A List New York is a MUST WATCH! Stay tuned.



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