ROBERT PATTINSON Dating News: Love Astrology and Psychic Predictions for 2018

Robert Pattinson Love Predictions
January 1, 2018

What does the future hold for Robert Pattinson’s dating life in 2018? Let’s face it, 2017 was not a stellar year for the actor in the love department, however,¬†he did continue to star in breakout acting roles to flex his artistic muscles. We decided to check Pattinson’s birth chart to make a few love astrology and psychic¬†predictions on whether he would find love and happiness in the new year or…


ROBERT PATTINSON – What Was His Most Embarrassing Moment in High School?

Wow!!! This weekend, Twilight blew off the doors of movie box office. Go TWILIGHTERS!!! One of the key factors to the films success is smokin hot actor, Robert Pattinson. The smokiest of the smokin. In a recent interview, he was asked what type of kid he was like growing up. Was he the popular guy, bully, or rebel? Also, his most embarrassing moment. CBBC Interview: What Was Your Most Embarrassing…

November 23, 2008