REGGIE BUSH Girlfriend Love Triangle, Mayra Veronica and Ex Kim Kardashian?

Is Reggie Bush involved in a love triangle with Kim Kardashian and Mayra Veronica?  In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian has claimed that she is not dating anyone and loves being single.  On Twitter, Kim has been sending flirty messages to ex boyfriend, Miles Austin. Recently on her reality show, Keeping Up With Kardashian, Kim put Reggie Bush on blast and exposed his jealous side. Reggie Bush in the game of love,…

November 10, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN Ex Boyfriend MILES AUSTIN, Scores a Second Chance at Love?

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian, she’s recycling old boyfriends again. Is it Reggie Bush or Miles Austin this time in her NFL football game of love.  It appears that Miles Austin has had a change of heart and he misses his girl, Kim Kardashian. After exchanging some flirty and romantic Twitter exchanges, Kim is hitting Texas this weekend. Are they taking a second chance at love? E Online reported Kim Kardashian will catch…

October 30, 2010

KEEPING UP WITH KIM KARDASHIAN, Blasts Ex Boyfriend Reggie Bush and Miles Austin?

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian is a full time job. If she’s not putting ex boyfriends on blast, like Reggie Bush, she appears to be a girl gone wild in New York. Who is Kim Kardashian dating now? Will our Libra girl ever find love? In recent episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, Kim shamelessly revealed a jealous phone call she received from ex love, Reggie Bush. He was…

October 26, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN New Boyfriend Australian Bodyguard Caught Kissing?

Interesting new gossip about Kim Kardashian and her BODYGUARD, it’s reported that she may be dating her Australian bodyguard Deane. Wow, that’s pretty hot but seriously how long could that really last. Is this just a fling for our Libra girl or is Kim Kardashian who’s turning 30 this week feeling lonely? In her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashian, it’s reported it will show a kiss between Kim and…

October 17, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN Birthday Party, No Date and No Boyfriend, Lonely in Vegas!

Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday last night, Vegas style, no date or boyfriend in tow, she celebrated with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney at Tao in Sin City. Of course, the birthday party was not without a little drama, I mean after all, they were shooting the bash for a new episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Also, she must be a little lonely turning 30 without being in…

October 16, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN Ex Boyfriend REGGIE BUSH Still in Love Wants Her Back?

Kim Kardashian who is newly single was attacked by a fans jealous girlfriend this week. Getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday on October 21st, who’s going to be her date for the big day? Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and her man Reggie Bush may give love a second chance. “Reggie loves Kim,” a source said. “He misses her and wants her back. He thinks she feels the same way,…

October 9, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN Attacked by Drunk Jealous Girlfriend in New York Bar!

Kim Kardashian was attacked by a fans jealous girlfriend last night in NYC. Khloe, Kourtney, and Scott were out with Kim to enjoy a fun night out on the town. Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, agrees to take a photo with male fan and being one hot Libra mama, was too much for one drunk girl to handle. Beware of the green eyed monster girl. Kim Kardashian took to her blog today to…

October 8, 2010

KIM KARDASHIAN Birthday Party in Vegas, Ex Boyfriend Reggie Bush Her Date?

Kim Kardashian will be turning 30 on October 21st. She has planned a big birthday bash in Las Vegas, at the popular nightclub Tao. She will celebrate her birthday a little bit early and the big party bash will be held on October 15th. Who will be her big date for Kim Kardashian’s birthday? Will it be former boyfriend Miles Austin or Reggie Bush? Or will our Libra girl decide…

October 2, 2010