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REAL BROKE Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Peter’s Lawsuit!

cynthia baileyIn the Real Broke Housewives of Atlanta drama, another cast member is embroiled in a financial lawsuit. This time, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been sued for unpaid rent on Bar One and her modeling agency. Is Kandi the only financially stable chick on this show?

Reality Tea reports, Peter Thomas, is being sued for $100,000 in unpaid rent on Bar One and $29,000 for Cynthia Bailey’s agency. What do they do with all their cash? They must have some serious bling tucked away somewhere.

Of course, Peter Thomas denies the allegations and states he’s paid his rent. Peter says it’s a huge misunderstanding, he claims his “primary” landlord, Showtime Cafe, has been taking his rent but not paying it on the property’s mortgage and now it’s in foreclosure. You can read the rest of the dirty details here.

Astrologically speaking, Cynthia Bailey a Pisces needs to speak up. The stars are aligned for our stylish babe; she should be taking advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. First stop, Peter should not manage the money; they need an Accountant to handle her business.

If we remember correctly, Peter Thomas and Kordell are now business partners in Bar One. Hopefully, Kordell will step in and manage the finances moving forward.

For Cynthia, we think she needs to separate business from pleasure. What’s Astrochicks psychic astrology prediction? Cynthia will return for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Also, we see an opportunity to partner with a beauty products company, where she would participate in a make up and skin care line. Go for it girl!

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NENE LEAKES Quits RHOA, Drama Mama Wants Kenya Moore Fired!

nene leakes 2What’s up with NeNe Leakes on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season? Has fame and fortune gone to her head? Have fans grown tired of her drama mama attitude and diva like behavior? Are the rumors true she quit, because she wants Kenya Moore fired?

Every five minutes, our cranky Sagittarius girl appears to have a meltdown over Kenya Moore or some other slight. Maybe NeNe’s using Real Housewives to practice her acting chops, girl, take a chill pill. WTH?

According to various “sources,” Bravo is not too happy with NeNe Leakes this season. Throwing temper tantrums and refusing to engage with the peeps who pay the bills. “During the Upfronts all the housewives were in the room taking photos with advertisers. It’s advertisers who make the housewives their money, so all of them were very obliging — expect NeNe. At one point, she just sat on the couch and refused to take any more photos.”

Astrologically speaking, NeNe Leaks a Sagittarius girl can rest easy for more season, afterward, we think Real Housewives of Atlanta will be ready for some new ladies, and she will no longer be “the star” of the show. After all, NeNe has zero storyline this season. Besides pajama parties, the only tape playing is her catty behavior, please girl, stop being so jealous.

Our astrology prediction is Kenya Moore an Aquarius, will NOT be fired. She’s brings kooky drama to Real Housewives of Atlanta and dials her reality up a notch.

For Nene Leakes, Astrochicks thinks she should be careful and remember where she came from. Just saying…

REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kandi and Todd’s Wedding or Breakup?

When is Kandi Burruss going to jump off the Real Housewives of Atlanta crazy train? Her Mama Joyce Jones is straight up twisted, with her over the top controlling ways and unnecessary drama. If she doesn’t set some boundaries fast, she can kiss her fiance Todd Tucker goodbye.

kandi and todd breakupBorn under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Kandi Burruss can be a stubborn girl. Of course, she doesn’t want to believe that Mama Joyce is toxic but has she watched the show? It’s absolutely insane!

Mama Joyce had the audacity to tell S2S Magazine how Todd Tucker can make HER happy. LOL, who’s he marrying, Kandi or Joyce?

“If he’s working a full job, if he was a full production person that has full benefits and all that, I’d be happy,” Mama Joyce,” told S2S magazine. I guess she didn’t get the memo that Kandi doesn’t want her man away, six months out of the year. We think her Mom is straight up jealous.

Astrologically speaking, Kandi Burruss can look forward to a challenging year. She’s got to put Mama Joyce in her place, is she could help her Mom find a man, Astrochicks thinks her love life would approve. Otherwise, we predict Kandi and Todd will breakup this summer. Stay tuned.


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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Apollo Nida Arrest Update, Phaedra Parks Fired?

phaedra parksWho’s staying on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and which Gucci girl is being kicked to the curb? After this years explosive season, including Apollo Nida’s recent arrest, it’s safe to say we will see some new faces next season. Here’s the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta rumors and gossip.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Phaedra Parks has taken a walk on the dark side. Saturn has reared it’s ugly head and karma has arrived on her doorstep. In case you live under a rock, her husband Apollo Nida has been arrested AGAIN for bank fraud.

According to Radar Online, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are doing the moonwalk, insisting he’s not guilty of the fraud charges. He’s currently facing major prison time for identity theft, conspiracy and stealing MILLIONS of dollars. Dang, that must be why he can drop $8k on strippers. Phaedra, what are you thinking? Apollo may be fine, but he’s not that fine.

Astrologically speaking, Apollo Nida is guilty as sin. Phaedra our Scorpio girl better watch her back, because the feds are looking at her too. Astrochicks predict he will cop a plea deal and will be headed back to prison for at least five years.

For Phaedra, we expect Real Housewives of Atlanta to have her on lock down for one more season. Of course, they don’t want to miss Apollo’s court drama, afterward, she will be handed her walking papers. Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES Beverly Hills Wedding, Taylor Armstrong Engaged to Married Boyfriend John!

taylor armstrongHas Taylor Armstrong scored herself a new husband? According to  various news reports, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is officially engaged to lawyer boyfriend John Bluher. The only issue standing between true love and a fabulous wedding is Bluher’s divorce. Wait, she’s engaged to a married man?

Two years after the tragic suicide of her former husband Russell Armstrong, our Gemini girl has bounced back with a new love in her life and a new attitude. Taylor’s not going to let another wife stand in the way of her marching down the wedding aisle.

Armstrong’s boyfriend John shared the romantic details of his marriage proposal. “The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is where we fell in love, it was the perfect choice for this wonderful occasion,” Bluher said. “Taylor was beautiful and never stopped smiling! It was an amazing evening, a ten all round.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said,  “I am so much happier than I have ever been,” Armstrong revealed. “I never thought I would feel this way. John and I have an equal respect for one another. We have a real friendship and partnership.” I think as a Gemini girl, Taylor brings some well needed excitement to John Bluher’s life. Hmm, do you think the allure of reality fame helps?

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks previously predicted Taylor Armstrong would be fired or have her role reduced on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We still believe that will transpire over the next two seasons. Brandi Glanville’s role has taken center stage, leaving Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong to take a back seat to her antics.

On the flip side, Astrochicks is happy Taylor’s  found love and the pictures show these two seem incredibly happy together. In the end, we think that Taylor and John have a soulmate connection. Also, we predict a new baby for the couple soon. Wishing them lots of love and happiness. Stay tuned.


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TERESA GUIDICE Divorce, Plea Deal For Fraud Charges, Juicy Joe Fall Guy?

teresa and joe giudiceTeresa Giudice and husband Joe made another appearance in court today. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have been charged with bankruptcy and tax fraud. The couple face more then 50 years in prison for lying to the government and hiding all their reality cash. What does the future hold for the Real Housewives couple? Read on.

On July 29th, the Giudice’s butts were hauled in to court to face charges. Both were required to post $500k bail each, which included handing over their passports because the judge thought they might be a flight risk. Seriously, where could two Real Housewives reality stars hide? Both pleaded not guilty but experts say they will serve serious jail time.

Astrologically speaking, Teresa Giudice a Taurus, definitely loves her life of luxury and the perks that reality fame brings. No doubt, it’s a double edged sword. Teresa was foolish enough to flaunt her wealth, while telling the government she’s broke.

For her husband, Joe Giudice, our astrology prediction is that he will be sentenced to at least 4 years in jail. Many fans speculate, Teresa and Joe will divorce and he will take the fall for the couple. After all, Teresa wants to continue to star in Real Housewives of New Jersey but may get fired anyway.

On one hand, I’m sure Bravo and Andy Cohen would love to film all of Teresa’s drama for Real Housewives. On the other side, fans want to see the glitzy side of New Jersey not the Soprano version.

Either way, Astrochicks wishes Teresa and her family the best. Real Housewives of New Jersey would not be the same without her. Plus, she has four small children who need their family. We expect the shit to really hit the fan in September. Stay tuned.

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