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KENYA MOORE Eviction, Fronting Real Housewive Loses Lawsuit, Court UPDATE!

kenya moore evictionKenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has been officially evicted. A judge has forced her to wave goodbye to her “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” mansion for non payment of rent. What happened to all of Kenya Moore’s money?

After Kenya Moore claimed her landlord lied about not paying rent, she filed a counter lawsuit over the eviction. The judge sided with Conya Weems, with her issuing the following statement:

“The decision to file this eviction notice regarding Ms. Moore was reached after pursuing every possible amicable way to settle this matter privately. I am grateful that the judicial system has brought finality to this eviction process and I look forward to regaining possession of my home.”

Astrologically speaking, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, definitely has a wacky side. Constantly fronting, from “fake” boyfriends to claiming to have lots of cash, Astrochicks is concerned about our girl.

According to Radar Online, her Real Housewive of Atlanta’s neighbors, hated having Kenya Moore live next door. From unwanted media attention to lazy housekeeping, a source says Kenya was a neighbor from hell.

“Owners are concerned that the value of their properties are going down because she has not maintained the landscaping, nor the pool, has even storied furniture outside and her dog is always on the loose.”

What Astrochicks finds shocking, she was only $894 short for rent. Seriously, she didn’t have one friend to loan her the money. What about Bravo or Andy Cohen? I guess Kenya Moore decided it was more important to continue fronting. Maybe she should move in with Porsha Stewart. Ha!

Next season, Astrochicks predicts we will see a different chick on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya needs to do some serious soul searching. There’s no shame in having money problems, all the castmates (except Kandi) have had financial problems. Otherwise, Kenya Moore may be served her walking papers like Sheree Whitfield. We wish her well, hang in there girl.


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REAL HOUSEWIVES ATLANTA, Kenya Boyfriend Blues, Phaedra Parks Mean Comments!

Kenya apollo phaedraWas Real Housewives of Atlanta’s girls trip a bust?  The lovely ladies headed off to Las Vegas for a few nights of debauchery and hanging out at the strip club. NeNe Leakes was the ring leader, who earned a well needed break after working hard on the set of  “The New Normal.” Here’s the latest RHOA recap and update.

The main Real Housewives topic in Vegas was love and marriage, making Kenya Moore feeling a little left out. After all, she recently split from her crappy boyfriend Walter and is still looking for love. So, she was wearing her drama queen tiara the whole time but you can’t blame her.

For Kandi Burruss, she had her mind on love and planning her wedding to Todd. She even stopped by a Vegas jewelry store to check out some modest rings. Our practical Taurus girl found a diamond ring for $7500, as NeNe says, “It’s not the size of the ring it’s the size of the heart.” Also, she whipped out some of her sex toys for the girls. Good times.

Mean girl, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore continued the donkey booty war to Vegas. If Astrochicks had to place a bet, we think Kenya our Aquarius girl would win the fitness battle but Phaedra has a Royal Flush when it comes to love.  After all, Phaedra has it all when it comes to career, money, family and fine ass husband named Apollo. For Kenya, she’s still looking for Mr. Right and we’re glad she kicked her ex boyfriend to the curb. You deserve better!

Porsha was crowned Mrs. Prude during the trip, overly concerned that she might disrespect her husband in Vegas. The other Real Housewives thought Cordell was too controlling, leaving Portia wishing they would mind their own business. She prefers her traditional marriage and he’s the bread winner, whatever floats her boat.

Which leaves us with Cynthia, who kept in classy during Vegas and makes Astrochicks wonder if she’s getting too boring for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Where’s the drama girl?

In other Real Housewives of Atlanta gossip, Reality Tea said NeNe Leakes may be getting her own talk show. Woo hoo, get all the deets here.

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TERESA GIUDICE Divorce, Juicy Joe Court Date, Patti Stanger’s Love Advice!

teresa giudicePatti Stanger may be the “Goddess of Love” but Teresa Giudice is not interested in her marriage advice. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has a few choice words for the Millionaire Matchmaker, especially after Stanger told Andy Cohen that Teresa should divorce Juicy Joe. What did our Taurus girl have to say on Twitter?

After Patti Stanger’s Valentine’s Day special on Watch What Happens, Teresa Giudice tweeted: “Last night @pattistanger with @bravoandy all relationships are a work in progress. One can only judge by walking in someone’s shoes. XOXO,” she tweeted on Feb. 15.

Astrochicks agrees no one knows the real story between Teresa and her husband Juicy Joe. Alot of the drama may be played up for the Real Housewives of New Jersey show. With that said, Bravo fans have seen how poorly Joe treats his wife and we think she deserves more love and respect.

As a Taurus wife and mom, Teresa Giudice works hard for her money and has spun her reality gig into a multi-million dollar empire. How could you not admire her for making the best of a bad situation? She takes her marriage vows seriously, for better or worse. Juicy Joe should feel lucky that his wife is so loyal to him. Even after all the cheating rumors and drama.

Astrologically speaking, we think our Real Housewives of New Jersey star is at a crossroads in her life. She’s finding it hard to balance fame and family. No doubt, Teresa loves Joe dearly and wants her marriage to work. With his court case pending, Astrochicks predicts will get Joe some jail time, which will make her think twice about the relationship.

At the end of the day, Joe will always be Teresa’s first love and the father of her kids. No man will ever replace him in her heart. Family is everything to our Real Housewives of New Jersey star and we don’t think she’s ready to let go just yet. Wishing her the best.


REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Versus Phaedra Parks, Donkey Booty War, UPDATE!

phaedra parksThis week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” should’ve been  called “2 Can Play That Game” in the Donkey Booty war.  Since this season has started, we all  learned a thing or two about over the top Miss USA, Kenya Moore. There are  two things that she doesn’t take very lightly, her “Miss USA” title, and  not being able to have things done the Kenya way.

Last week,  Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo desire to produce their own work out DVD called “The Donkey Booty.” In  case you haven’t noticed, Phaedra a Scorpio girl, definitely has the booty to match the  title of her workout DVD. Her hubby Apollo who has the body of a Greek  God, knows how to maintain a tight physique, so naturally this was a smart  business move for the married couple.

Miss Kenya Moore our eccentric Aquarius girl, who’s “Gone With the Wind  Fabulous’ prides herself on being an actress extraordinaire and a  producer. Also she added CEO to her resume, when Kenya founded “Moore  Vision Media”, an independent movie production and home-video distribution  company.

Since Kenya is in the entertainment biz,  she decided to lend a  “helping hand” to Phaedra and Apollo, by landing them a distribution deal  for that hot “Donkey Booty” video. That’s what BFFs do right? They help  each other out however they can? Well that may be true, but that “helping  hand” definitely comes with a fee for Miss Kenya Moore. Aquarius girls  don’t work for free sista; didn’t you see my crown when you walked in?

Kenya an astute business chick feels she should receive a 10% distribution  fee for sealing the deal. Phaedra a Scorpio girl who must control  everything, is a shrewd entertainment lawyer as well, feels Kenya doesn’t  deserve a dime. Also let’s keep in mind Kenya was in pre-production with  this deal for 4 weeks. What are you talking about Ms. Phaedra?

After a few conversations of them going back and forth, Phaedra refused to  pony up Kenya’s 10%. After that, her “Donkey Booty” video fell flat on its  ass.

Revenge is sweet for Ms. Kenya; she’s done negotiating with Phaedra and  decides to show our Scorpio girl who’s really the boss. Kenya stated in  this weeks episode she will now work on her own workout DVD called “The  Stallion Booty.”

“The Stallion Booty” is suppose to be focused on having a strong nicely  rounded bottom, as opposed to Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” which sounds crass,  and features an over the top gigantic booty.

Kenya says, “Stallions remind you of thoroughbreds, their sleek, strong  and beautiful”. She went on to say, “Who wants a Donkey Booty? A Donkey is  slow and broke down.”Ha!

Who do you agree with? Things might get pretty ugly between these two if  Kenya sticks to her plan. For Astrochicks, we love Phaedra but we’re Team  Kenya on this deal. Although, we think that Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” will  sell more DVDs because of her fine lookin hubby, Apollo. Just sayin…Giselle – follow me at

REAL HOUSEWIVES Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville’s Emotional Breakdown, UPDATE!

lisa vanderpump and camille grammerOn the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, wannabe reality star Faye is trying to weasel her way into a recurring role on the Bravo show. The lines have been divided with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville on one side, with Kyle Richards and the other girls on the opposing side. Who’s team are you on?

Astrologically speaking, we are not a fan of Faye Resnick and never will be. Her claim to fame is her connection to Nicole Simpson and now as one of Kyle Richards designer friends. Thankfully, Lisa Vanderpump is a classy Virgo is standing by her Scorpio girl, Brandi Glanville.

This year, Saturn in Scorpio, will hit Brandi Glanville hard. She’s going to have set boundaries with friends in her life. She’s been betrayed by many people she loves, naturally she’s hurt and lashes out at others.

Over time, Brandi will bounce back and with the help of Lisa Vanderpump she can get to the other side. A wild emotional rollercoaster ride but she will be in a better place next season. Hopefully, Scheana will be gone gone gone.

For Lisa Vanderpump our favorite Real Housewive of Beverly Hills, will continue to work hard expanding her restaurant empire, and her new show Vanderpump Rules will be a hit. We believe she will continue to do both shows but expect a cast shake up next year.

For Real Housewives, Astrochicks astrology prediction is Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof will be out next season, leaving the door open for a new girl. Personally, we miss Camille Grammer and wish Bravo would bring her back. For Faye Resnick, she could bring the drama as a full time Real Housewive but we don’t see it. Stay tuned.


REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Love Hangover, Phaedra Parks Divorce Rumors?

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, proves once again she is Fifty Shades of Crazy. From her manufactured boyfriend, Walter, she can’t stop talking about her pageant days, making her super overbearing to the other girls.  Here’s the latest Real Housewives rumors, updates, and astrology predictions.

Tonight, Kenya Moore, after chasing Phaedra’s husband Apollo she decides to gun for Cynthia. The two argue about the modeling contest snafu and they kinda hug it out. Cynthia, who’s a classy Pisces girl, tries to take the high road but the rest of Real Housewives chicks are not buying what Kenya’s cooking. Especially, Porsha Stewart, she HATES Kenya.

Astrologically, Kenya Moore, with her wacky Aquarian energy is trying to solidify her spot on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, Kenya has been so succesful that she’s practically the center of the show. All the girls are arguing with her, Kenya’s a total drama mama, and fans probably love it.

Phaedra was very wise, she said that Kenya longs to be loved but doesn’t know how to seal the deal. She’s way too desperate and Astrochicks hopes she’s faking it for the camera. Walter is not her man, will never be her man, and should be THANKFUL that he’s not her husband. He’s not very sensitive and always has this bewildered look on his face. Like, what the hell am I doing on this show?

Astrologically, we predict that Kenya Moore will find fame and fortune, love will still be elusive. She needs to do some emotional house cleaning first, before she can attract everlasting love. Kendra will find it but we think it won’t be until 2015. Hang in there girl.

For the other Real Housewives of Atlanta, we really love Cynthia’s energy on the show this season, and we see more success for her in 2013. We predict a major cosmetics modeling contract. For NeNe she will be back with Gregg. Kandi will get her marriage proposal and for Phaedra will she be headed towards divorce? We hope not. A tough year for Scorpio girls…stay tuned.

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