REAL HOUSEWIVES Shannon Beador: Marriage Troubles with David, Astrology Psychic Love Predictions

Shannon Beador
August 29, 2017

Have the stars collided for one of our favorite Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador and her husband, David? What does the future hold? Astrochicks weighs in with our Real Housewives of OC, Love Astrology & Psychic predictions. Last year on the Real Housewives, we believe Shannon Beador was incredibly brave to let the cameras follow her on her journey with David after a devastating affair. It was painful…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OC Reunion Spoilers, Vicki and Donn Back Together?

The Real Housewives of Orange County jumped on the crazy train tonight and rode it all the way to the reunion. The Botox babes and their cat claws were out, dishing some serious drama. Front and center was Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi, both trying to throw each other under the bus. Warning, spoilers ahead. The first RHOC Reunion shocker, Vicki revealed she’s still married to Donn. Seriously? Can’t she…

August 12, 2013

REAL HOUSEWIVES OC, Lydia Puts Gretchen Rossi on Blast, Astrology Love Predictions!

There’s a new Botox babe on Real Housewives of Orange County and she has put Gretchen Rossi on blast. Sassy newcomer, Lydia, who has REAL money is not impressed by her mean girl attitude and sidekick, Slade Smiley. It’s safe to say, she’s Team Alexis this season and will give some well needed BFF support.  What about the rest of the Real Housewives of Orange County, what can we expect to…

April 15, 2013

REAL HOUSEWIVES OC Spoilers, Vicki’s New Boyfriend,Toxic Tamra Wedding Postponed?

The new season of Real Housewives of Orange County has arrived.  The friendships have been divided with Vicki and Alexis on one side, with Tamra and Gretchen on the other. New housewive, Heather has sided with mean girl Tamra and it promises to be a Botox fueled, drama fest. Here’s a few Real Housewives OC spoilers, predictions and latest news update. For Vicki Gunvalson our Aries girl, she’s officially a Grandma…

April 1, 2013

REAL HOUSEWIVES Orange County, Vicki Still Dating Brooks, Tamra’s Wedding Blues!

The new season of Real Housewives of Orange County is just around the corner, making fans wonder if Vicki Gunvalson is still dating Brooks Ayers or has she found a new boyfriend. Will Tamra finally marry Eddie? Did Alexis Bellino really leave RHOC or has she returned? What drama will the new season bring? Here’s the latest Real Housewivs OC spoilers, rumors and news update. This season, Real Housewives of OC will celebrate it’s 100th…

March 31, 2013

VICKI GUNVALSON Boyfriend, Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen Interview!

Andy Cohen, on “Watch What Happens Live tonight,”  put Real Housewives Vicki Gunvalson in the hot seat. What Bravo fans wanted to know is WHY is she dating dead beat dad, Brook Ayers? Seriously, she left her husband Donn for him? Geez, you would think she could find a more responsible boyfriend. In the new interview, Vicki Gunvalson defended her boyfriend Brook Ayers, even though he has been arrested for…

June 26, 2011

VICKI GUNVALSON Boyfriend, Dating Deadbeat Dad Brooks Ayers, Cheating Housewive?

It looks like our “holier than thou” Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, has been caught fibbing about her relationship with new boyfriend Brooks Ayers.  In fact, it appears she has been dating Brooks on and off since 2005. Maybe that’s why her estranged husband Donn hasn’t been able to fill her love tank, she was too busy cheating. Radar Online dug up some dirt on Vicki Gunvalson…

June 19, 2011

VICKI GUNVALSON BOYFRIEND, Dating Brook Ayers Deadbeat Dad, Divorce Update!

Vicki Gunvalson what are you thinking? The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently filed for divorce from husband Donn. During the Reunion show, she revealed that she has a new boyfriend named Brooks, a divorced father of four. What Vicki failed to tell Andy Cohen is he’s also a dead beat dad. In fact, Brooks Ayers was in jail recently for not paying child support. She left Donn for…

June 15, 2011