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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI Reunion, Joanna Krupa Love Drama, Ana Fired?

The Real Housewives of Miama, had a reunion upgrade this season. Last year, Andy Cohen had the reunion on, “Watch What Happens Live,” to have the girls hash it out. Now, we think he plans on keeping Mama Elsa, Marysol, and Joanna Krupa around.  Did the cat fur fly between the botox babes? Who’s getting fired and who will return for another season of Real Housewives of Miami? Here’s the latest rumors and drama update.

Tonight’s reunion, did not disappoint Real Housewive fans. Adriana and Joanna continued to bicker, on who’s the bitchiest of them all. Previously, Astrochicks thought Adriana was jealous of Joanna because of their age difference. Now, we think that Adriana actually appreciates her man more and realizes that Joanna’s life is very complicated. Especially, when it comes to love.

Karent, god bless her, claims she left Rodolfo because she was too worried about her dad’s help. In reality, she needs to find a man who’s behind the scenes and not a TV star. Karent wants to get married but chooses men who are players. Take a few pointers from Lea, she needs to score herself a lawyer or investment banker. He will appreciate her more, Karent’s a smart business chick, who’s way too foolish in love.

For Joanna Krupa and Romain, that girl is a fool for love. Her on again and off again romance with her boyfriend, is a recipe for disaster. She’s a gorgeous girl and we think she loves the drama too much. If they really wanted to be married, they would be by now. Astrochicks predicts, they will split permanently by next spring.

For cast changes, Astrochicks predicts the following girls will be leaving Real Housewives of Miami. First, we think Andy will give Ana Quincoces the boot. She’s too boring, the only storyline she has is her gossiping about the other ladies. Also, we think Lisa will get the boot, she’s not fiesty enough. You can get a recap of the show here. Enjoy!


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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI, Marysol DUI Bust, Psychic Mama Elsa, and Adriana!

Real Housewives of Miami are the new Bravo girls you love to hate. Who will be the breakout stars of the new season? Marysol Patton who’s mama is a psychic, has the scariest plastic surgery I have ever seen. She could give Joan Rivers a run for her money. I hope she doesn’t put a hex on me for saying that. Sorry Mama Elsa!

My personal favorite is Adriana De Moura with her smoking hot fiancee Frederick. Astrochicks loves the frenchman.  She’s not only gorgeous, she’s a smart girl as well. She speaks five languages and is a great mom to her son. I wonder when’s the wedding?

Back to Marysol Patton and her psychic mama. E! Online confirms Marysol Patton, our Real Housewives Miami girl was busted for a DUI in January. This is AFTER her plastic surgery mama Elsa, was busted for a DUI in October. I wonder if she picked up on that psychically? Check out the classic mugshots.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is still our favorite show but Miami is pretty good. It was nice that Bravo added some Latin flavor to their line up. Astrochicks predicts cast changes for Miami, they need to get rid of Lea Black, big snooze fest. Stay tuned.



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