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REAL BROKE Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Peter’s Lawsuit!

cynthia baileyIn the Real Broke Housewives of Atlanta drama, another cast member is embroiled in a financial lawsuit. This time, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have been sued for unpaid rent on Bar One and her modeling agency. Is Kandi the only financially stable chick on this show?

Reality Tea reports, Peter Thomas, is being sued for $100,000 in unpaid rent on Bar One and $29,000 for Cynthia Bailey’s agency. What do they do with all their cash? They must have some serious bling tucked away somewhere.

Of course, Peter Thomas denies the allegations and states he’s paid his rent. Peter says it’s a huge misunderstanding, he claims his “primary” landlord, Showtime Cafe, has been taking his rent but not paying it on the property’s mortgage and now it’s in foreclosure. You can read the rest of the dirty details here.

Astrologically speaking, Cynthia Bailey a Pisces needs to speak up. The stars are aligned for our stylish babe; she should be taking advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. First stop, Peter should not manage the money; they need an Accountant to handle her business.

If we remember correctly, Peter Thomas and Kordell are now business partners in Bar One. Hopefully, Kordell will step in and manage the finances moving forward.

For Cynthia, we think she needs to separate business from pleasure. What’s Astrochicks psychic astrology prediction? Cynthia will return for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Also, we see an opportunity to partner with a beauty products company, where she would participate in a make up and skin care line. Go for it girl!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Shady Phaedra and Apollo Nida Arrest Update!

phaedra parksThe stars have collided, crashed and burned for Real Housewives Atlanta star Phaedra Parks and hubby, Apollo Nida. What’s the latest on crazy reality couple? Will Apollo reserve a room for one in federal prison? Here’s the latest RHOA rumors and astrology predictions.

In case you missed his latest scam, Apollo Nida was arrested AGAIN for bank fraud and identity theft. According to the FBI, he not only stole people’s identities and set up bogus companies to acquire multi=million dollar loans, he stole their retirement checks too. Dang, that’s cold! I guess that’s why he had $8k to drop on strippers.

Our poor Scorpio girl, Phaedra Parks, she’s having some serious “Rich People’s Problems”. Just like Phaedra’s new Bravo reality show, which was put on ice.  I imagine, Bravo Andy is not too happy with Apollo’s recent arrest.

Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, who feels vindicated by the latest news, is throwing all kinds of shade on Phaedra and Apollo. I guess what our girl said was true, Apollo came on to Kenya, not the other way around. Who knows? Some messy stuff.

Astrologically speaking, karma is banging on our Scorpio girls door, HARD. Phaedra Parks will have to pay for past misdeeds, Apollo Nida will be headed to jail for a LONG time. This is his second offense and Georgia is tough on crime!

On the flip side, we think Phaedra’s new mortuary business will do well. She’s a Scorpio, she will rise above the drama; find self worth and move on with a stronger spiritual foundation. Astrochicks thinks Phaedra and Apollo got caught up in the game, forgot that family is the most important, and they don’t need to live such a lavish lifestyle.

Astrochicks, psychic astrology prediction is Phaedra will stand by her man, but we think Real Housewives of Atlanta will replace her.  Bravo needs to do some serious background checks on these girls, everyone’s super shady.

I love Phaedra Parks, I wish her the best and I hope she stays strong. Thoughts and prayers.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kandi and Todd’s Wedding or Breakup?

When is Kandi Burruss going to jump off the Real Housewives of Atlanta crazy train? Her Mama Joyce Jones is straight up twisted, with her over the top controlling ways and unnecessary drama. If she doesn’t set some boundaries fast, she can kiss her fiance Todd Tucker goodbye.

kandi and todd breakupBorn under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Kandi Burruss can be a stubborn girl. Of course, she doesn’t want to believe that Mama Joyce is toxic but has she watched the show? It’s absolutely insane!

Mama Joyce had the audacity to tell S2S Magazine how Todd Tucker can make HER happy. LOL, who’s he marrying, Kandi or Joyce?

“If he’s working a full job, if he was a full production person that has full benefits and all that, I’d be happy,” Mama Joyce,” told S2S magazine. I guess she didn’t get the memo that Kandi doesn’t want her man away, six months out of the year. We think her Mom is straight up jealous.

Astrologically speaking, Kandi Burruss can look forward to a challenging year. She’s got to put Mama Joyce in her place, is she could help her Mom find a man, Astrochicks thinks her love life would approve. Otherwise, we predict Kandi and Todd will breakup this summer. Stay tuned.


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PORSHA STEWART Divorce Update, Kordell Cash Smacked by Court, Support DETAILS!

porsha stewart divorceIt’s official, two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are homeless. For Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore, fame can be a double edged sword. Here’s the latest deets on Porsha’s messy divorce and Kenya’s eviction status.

It’s no secret, that these two Real Housewives hate each other.  Astrochicks thinks Kenya was jealous of Porsha’s fairytale status. In the end, Cinderella lost her crown, when Porsha’s husband Kordell filed for divorce. To dial the drama up one more knotch, her tacky husband kicked her out of their marital mansion.

Astrochicks is happy to say, that the stars are finally aligned for Porsha Stewart. A Fulton County judge, ordered ex NFL star, Kordell Stewart, to pay our girl thousands in support, RETROACTIVE!

The Judge ruled in Porsha’s favor and ordered Kordell to pay his estranged wife $5000.00 in temporary support and return all her personal possessions. (Can you believe he was keeping her stuff? CRAZY!) Hopefully, Porsha will get some serious cash in the final divorce settlement.

Astrologically speaking, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl wasn’t so lucky. Today, a judge ordered her out of her rented Atlanta mansion, after failing to pay rent. She didn’t even bother to show up for the court date. WTH?

Hopefully, both Porsha and Kenya will be invited back to Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Lots for drama! Wishing them both the best!

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KENYA MOORE Eviction, Fronting Real Housewive Loses Lawsuit, Court UPDATE!

kenya moore evictionKenya Moore, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, has been officially evicted. A judge has forced her to wave goodbye to her “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” mansion for non payment of rent. What happened to all of Kenya Moore’s money?

After Kenya Moore claimed her landlord lied about not paying rent, she filed a counter lawsuit over the eviction. The judge sided with Conya Weems, with her issuing the following statement:

“The decision to file this eviction notice regarding Ms. Moore was reached after pursuing every possible amicable way to settle this matter privately. I am grateful that the judicial system has brought finality to this eviction process and I look forward to regaining possession of my home.”

Astrologically speaking, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, definitely has a wacky side. Constantly fronting, from “fake” boyfriends to claiming to have lots of cash, Astrochicks is concerned about our girl.

According to Radar Online, her Real Housewive of Atlanta’s neighbors, hated having Kenya Moore live next door. From unwanted media attention to lazy housekeeping, a source says Kenya was a neighbor from hell.

“Owners are concerned that the value of their properties are going down because she has not maintained the landscaping, nor the pool, has even storied furniture outside and her dog is always on the loose.”

What Astrochicks finds shocking, she was only $894 short for rent. Seriously, she didn’t have one friend to loan her the money. What about Bravo or Andy Cohen? I guess Kenya Moore decided it was more important to continue fronting. Maybe she should move in with Porsha Stewart. Ha!

Next season, Astrochicks predicts we will see a different chick on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya needs to do some serious soul searching. There’s no shame in having money problems, all the castmates (except Kandi) have had financial problems. Otherwise, Kenya Moore may be served her walking papers like Sheree Whitfield. We wish her well, hang in there girl.


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PORSHA STEWART Divorce Update, Kordell Changes Locks, Leaves Wife Homeless!

porsha stewart divorceThe Porsha and Kordell Stewart divorce drama is on fire. In his latest temper tantrum, Kordell has changed the locks on his wife and has left her homeless. Can he do that? More important, are Bravo’s cameras catching all this for Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. If so, RHOA is going to be off the hook. Here’s the latest news update on Porsha and Kordell.

At first, Astrochicks thought Porsha might be too boring for Real Housewives of Atlanta. She appeared to have the perfect life, who was the perfect wife to a former NFL star. Sadly, Cinderella has lost her glass slipper and Kordell is definitely not Prince Charming. Can a girl get a little respect?

Born under the sign of Libra, Kordell Stewart, can be a smooth talker but he’s one spineless dude. Mean and vindictive, he throws shade on Porsha, every chance he gets. What did that poor girl do to deserve such crappy treatment? It appears he’s upset that his crown is fading, he’s no longer King of Castle, now that Porsha has become Queen of Reality TV. Somebody get him a box of Kleenex, please.

According to TMZ, Porsha is currently living with her mother in Atlanta and is asking a judge to force Kordell to either give her a key to the house or give her enough money to find a “suitable alternative residence.” The couple have no prenup and most likely the judge will make Kordell pay dearly. What a douchebag.

The rumor is Kordell was caught cheating on Porsha and is back with his baby mama. Why couldn’t he keep it classy? Astrologically speaking, we think Porsha will bounce back and return for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kordell will be forced to pay big bucks and she can laugh all the way to the bank. Also, we see a new man on the horizon, who’s not only better looking but younger. You go girl!

Big hug for Porsha, not to worry, there’s a better man out there who will love and respect you. Kordell, you can crawl back under the rock you came from.

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