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PORSHA STEWART Divorce Update, Kordell Changes Locks, Leaves Wife Homeless!

porsha stewart divorceThe Porsha and Kordell Stewart divorce drama is on fire. In his latest temper tantrum, Kordell has changed the locks on his wife and has left her homeless. Can he do that? More important, are Bravo’s cameras catching all this for Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. If so, RHOA is going to be off the hook. Here’s the latest news update on Porsha and Kordell.

At first, Astrochicks thought Porsha might be too boring for Real Housewives of Atlanta. She appeared to have the perfect life, who was the perfect wife to a former NFL star. Sadly, Cinderella has lost her glass slipper and Kordell is definitely not Prince Charming. Can a girl get a little respect?

Born under the sign of Libra, Kordell Stewart, can be a smooth talker but he’s one spineless dude. Mean and vindictive, he throws shade on Porsha, every chance he gets. What did that poor girl do to deserve such crappy treatment? It appears he’s upset that his crown is fading, he’s no longer King of Castle, now that Porsha has become Queen of Reality TV. Somebody get him a box of Kleenex, please.

According to TMZ, Porsha is currently living with her mother in Atlanta and is asking a judge to force Kordell to either give her a key to the house or give her enough money to find a “suitable alternative residence.” The couple have no prenup and most likely the judge will make Kordell pay dearly. What a douchebag.

The rumor is Kordell was caught cheating on Porsha and is back with his baby mama. Why couldn’t he keep it classy? Astrologically speaking, we think Porsha will bounce back and return for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kordell will be forced to pay big bucks and she can laugh all the way to the bank. Also, we see a new man on the horizon, who’s not only better looking but younger. You go girl!

Big hug for Porsha, not to worry, there’s a better man out there who will love and respect you. Kordell, you can crawl back under the rock you came from.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Reunion Spoilers, Porsha Stewart Divorce Update, Yikes Kenya!

real housewives of atlanta reunion spoilersReal Housewives of Atlanta reunion is just around the corner. What drama awaits Bravo fans? Will Kordell Stewart make a cameo appearance after blindsiding his wife Porsha with divorce papers? Can Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes break bread and return to being besties? What about Kenya and Phaedra? Will the donkey booty battle continue? Here’s the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion spoilers and who’s throwin some serious shade.

Astrochicks was shocked when Kenya accused Apollo of non stop texting her. Has Phaedra’s sexy husband grown tired of his Scorpio girl and looking for a new stallion to ride? Kenya may be a crazy Aquarius girl but everything she says has a ring of truth to it. Not saying Apollo is cheating on Phaedra but he definitely likes to get his flirt on.

NeNe Leakes, definitely considers herself the Queen Bee of the south. She’s a bonified breakout star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Astrochicks would love to see NeNe move her zip code to Beverly Hills. Just imagine, Brandi Glanville going toe to toe with Ms. NeNe. Our Sagittarius girl would bring Brandi down a notch or two.

For Porsha born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, we can’t help but feel for the girl. We think Kordell pulled a “b**tch” move, when he filed for divorce and leaked it to the media before he bothered to tell his wife.  No class. You may be a former NFL star and a Libra but you’re not a gentleman. Cheating rumors recently surfaced that Kordell may have left Porsha for his baby mama. Hmmm, that may explain why Kordell was so sneaky about it.

Cynthia a Pisces girl and her man Peter, kept it classy this year. Has her storyline grown tired or does Andy think Cynthia helps balance out the show?  She definitely keeps the girls grounded and acts as filler for the other story lines.

For Kandi Burruss a Taurus, she’s still battling it out with Kim Zolciak over song royalties. Not to worry, she’s planning her bling wedding with Todd and still has more money than any of the other Real Housewives of Atlanta. Keep counting that cash.

Other Real Housewives of Atlanta news, Phaedra Parks our Scorpio girl has her own spin off show, Rich People’s Problems. She will tackle wealthy clients legal issues and dish the dirt at the same time. Sounds fun.

Either way, Kenya Moore will bring the most drama for Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Astrochicks predicts the same cast will return for another season. Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Rumors, Kandi Burruss Nasty Lawsuit, Kim Zolciak Cat Fight!

kim zolciakReal Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss is suing former friend Kim Zolciak. for unpaid song profits. Kandi is responsible for making Kim’s single, “Tardy for the Pardy” a hit and her theme song to her new Bravo show. Upset because Ms. Zolciak has been stingy with the money, she wants to stop the song from being sold and wants Kim to cough up some serious cash. Who will win the lawsuit?

Astrochicks is a bit suspicious because Kandi is using Phaedra Parks to sue Kim Zolciak. Is this a publicity stunt for her new spin off reality show or can Phaedra make the cash register ring? Hell have no fury of a scorned Taurus girl. In fact, both Kandi and Kim are Tauruses so it should be an interesting battle.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss wants a temporary restraining order issued to prevent future sales of “Tardy for the Party,” an order that would require the “destruction of all copies of the infringing single and any other product of defendant’s that infringe plaintiffs’ copyrights.” Kandi is seeking punitive damages, attorneys fees and a jury trial against Kim Zolciak.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn in Scorpio, will teach both Kim and Kandi hard lessons about money and friendship. We think Kim’s being delusional and selfish to deny Kandi profits to the song. Without her, she would never have been a one hit wonder.

For Kandi, shame on you girl, get yourself a lawyer and business manager. What were you thinking not getting a rock solid contract? A very expensive lesson for our girl. Well, at least she’s lucky in love and getting married to her boo, Todd.

Astrochicks senses there is a PR and Andy Cohen motive behind this Real Housewives lawsuit. The Kandi Factory premieres April 9 at 10 p.m. EST, and the second season of Don’t Be Tardy. . . premieres on April 16 with back to back episodes at 9 and 9:30 p.m. EST on Bravo.  Let the drama begin.


REAL HOUSEWIVES ATLANTA, Kenya Boyfriend Blues, Phaedra Parks Mean Comments!

Kenya apollo phaedraWas Real Housewives of Atlanta’s girls trip a bust?  The lovely ladies headed off to Las Vegas for a few nights of debauchery and hanging out at the strip club. NeNe Leakes was the ring leader, who earned a well needed break after working hard on the set of  “The New Normal.” Here’s the latest RHOA recap and update.

The main Real Housewives topic in Vegas was love and marriage, making Kenya Moore feeling a little left out. After all, she recently split from her crappy boyfriend Walter and is still looking for love. So, she was wearing her drama queen tiara the whole time but you can’t blame her.

For Kandi Burruss, she had her mind on love and planning her wedding to Todd. She even stopped by a Vegas jewelry store to check out some modest rings. Our practical Taurus girl found a diamond ring for $7500, as NeNe says, “It’s not the size of the ring it’s the size of the heart.” Also, she whipped out some of her sex toys for the girls. Good times.

Mean girl, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore continued the donkey booty war to Vegas. If Astrochicks had to place a bet, we think Kenya our Aquarius girl would win the fitness battle but Phaedra has a Royal Flush when it comes to love.  After all, Phaedra has it all when it comes to career, money, family and fine ass husband named Apollo. For Kenya, she’s still looking for Mr. Right and we’re glad she kicked her ex boyfriend to the curb. You deserve better!

Porsha was crowned Mrs. Prude during the trip, overly concerned that she might disrespect her husband in Vegas. The other Real Housewives thought Cordell was too controlling, leaving Portia wishing they would mind their own business. She prefers her traditional marriage and he’s the bread winner, whatever floats her boat.

Which leaves us with Cynthia, who kept in classy during Vegas and makes Astrochicks wonder if she’s getting too boring for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Where’s the drama girl?

In other Real Housewives of Atlanta gossip, Reality Tea said NeNe Leakes may be getting her own talk show. Woo hoo, get all the deets here.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Love Hangover, Phaedra Parks Divorce Rumors?

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, proves once again she is Fifty Shades of Crazy. From her manufactured boyfriend, Walter, she can’t stop talking about her pageant days, making her super overbearing to the other girls.  Here’s the latest Real Housewives rumors, updates, and astrology predictions.

Tonight, Kenya Moore, after chasing Phaedra’s husband Apollo she decides to gun for Cynthia. The two argue about the modeling contest snafu and they kinda hug it out. Cynthia, who’s a classy Pisces girl, tries to take the high road but the rest of Real Housewives chicks are not buying what Kenya’s cooking. Especially, Porsha Stewart, she HATES Kenya.

Astrologically, Kenya Moore, with her wacky Aquarian energy is trying to solidify her spot on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, Kenya has been so succesful that she’s practically the center of the show. All the girls are arguing with her, Kenya’s a total drama mama, and fans probably love it.

Phaedra was very wise, she said that Kenya longs to be loved but doesn’t know how to seal the deal. She’s way too desperate and Astrochicks hopes she’s faking it for the camera. Walter is not her man, will never be her man, and should be THANKFUL that he’s not her husband. He’s not very sensitive and always has this bewildered look on his face. Like, what the hell am I doing on this show?

Astrologically, we predict that Kenya Moore will find fame and fortune, love will still be elusive. She needs to do some emotional house cleaning first, before she can attract everlasting love. Kendra will find it but we think it won’t be until 2015. Hang in there girl.

For the other Real Housewives of Atlanta, we really love Cynthia’s energy on the show this season, and we see more success for her in 2013. We predict a major cosmetics modeling contract. For NeNe she will be back with Gregg. Kandi will get her marriage proposal and for Phaedra will she be headed towards divorce? We hope not. A tough year for Scorpio girls…stay tuned.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES ATLANTA, Kenya Moore Gone Wild, Apollo Nida Crush, UPDATE!

Has  Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, gone too far? Yes, Apollo is a fine specimen of a man, but he’s Phaedra’s husband and she’s getting a little too touchy feely, for our Scorpio girl. Is Kenya our Aquarius girl, just trying to get more Real Housewives face time or does she really have the hots for Apollo Nida? Warning, Real Housewives of Atlanta rumors, spoilers, and astrology predictions ahead.

Now, that Real Housewives of Atlanta fans know that Kenya Moore’s boyfriend with Walter is a fake relationship, will she even be back next season. Was it really necessary to manufacture a love interest? Couldn’t Bravo just follow Kenya’s dating life in Hotlanta? Where’s her Big Poppa?

Tonight, it was an episode of Real Housewives Gone Wild in Anguilla, starring Kenya Moore. She’s grinding on Peter, she’s flirting with Apollo and totally ignoring Walter. WTH? Phaedra a Scorpio girl, must have been steaming mad.

For Kenya Moore, she says on her Bravo blog she was just having fun and may have had too much to drink.  She confesses,  “We were all horsing around and it was HARMLESS. When I watched the show playback I cringed a little. I was acting a fool,” Kenya wrote. “What was in that rum punch? LOL! Does it appear that I flirt with Apollo by pushing him in a pool? I was playing around and being silly — not flirting with Apollo.” You can read the rest here.

Well, Kenya Moore definitely needs a man and fast. There has to be a reason why a Miss America or USA is still single at her age. Maybe because she’s an Aquarius. A little too independent, too overbearing, and too desperate. Girl, you’re beautiful, why are you trying so hard. Astrochicks, can’t wait for the RHOA reunion. Stay tuned.

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