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REAL HOUSEWIVES Beverly Hills Wedding, Taylor Armstrong Engaged to Married Boyfriend John!

taylor armstrongHas Taylor Armstrong scored herself a new husband? According to  various news reports, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is officially engaged to lawyer boyfriend John Bluher. The only issue standing between true love and a fabulous wedding is Bluher’s divorce. Wait, she’s engaged to a married man?

Two years after the tragic suicide of her former husband Russell Armstrong, our Gemini girl has bounced back with a new love in her life and a new attitude. Taylor’s not going to let another wife stand in the way of her marching down the wedding aisle.

Armstrong’s boyfriend John shared the romantic details of his marriage proposal. “The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is where we fell in love, it was the perfect choice for this wonderful occasion,” Bluher said. “Taylor was beautiful and never stopped smiling! It was an amazing evening, a ten all round.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said,  “I am so much happier than I have ever been,” Armstrong revealed. “I never thought I would feel this way. John and I have an equal respect for one another. We have a real friendship and partnership.” I think as a Gemini girl, Taylor brings some well needed excitement to John Bluher’s life. Hmm, do you think the allure of reality fame helps?

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks previously predicted Taylor Armstrong would be fired or have her role reduced on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. We still believe that will transpire over the next two seasons. Brandi Glanville’s role has taken center stage, leaving Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong to take a back seat to her antics.

On the flip side, Astrochicks is happy Taylor’s  found love and the pictures show these two seem incredibly happy together. In the end, we think that Taylor and John have a soulmate connection. Also, we predict a new baby for the couple soon. Wishing them lots of love and happiness. Stay tuned.


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REAL HOUSEWIVES New Jersey Spoilers, Teresa and Joe Jail Drama, Divorce Rumors!

teresa giudiceReal Housewives of New Jersey is back. Tonight’s premiere, opens with Teresa, Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline and Melissa’s family struggle to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Yes, there’s still trouble in paradise, family secrets will be revealed this season and more then one couple may be headed towards divorce.

That’s not the only drama, naturally, Teresa and Joe, continue to be at odds.Mama Bear, Caroline, steps in to help the Giudice’s mend fences. Leaving Melissa to wonder why she can’t mind her own business. Could it be because Caroline’s marriage may be on the rocks?

Astrologically speaking, Teresa Giudice a Taurus, has sold her soul to the devil to pay her husbands debts off. Yes, she’s laughing all the way to the bank but her daughter Gia looks so sad and miserable. The parties over and your kids are suffering, she needs to put her family first and greed should take a back set.

In the Real Housewives of New Jersey sneak preview, Teresa is not the only one having marriage problems. Caroline a Virgo and her husband are suffering from empty nest syndrome. In fact, Caroline has rented an apartment in Hoboken to be near her sons. Yikes, she needs a hobby, her poor boys will never find love and get married with her hanging around.

Melissa is accused of cheating on Joe Gorga and Kathy is tired of her husband Ritchie. The only marriage that seems rock solid is Jacqueline and Chris. Astrochicks predicts that one Real Housewives of New Jersey couple will face divorce. Who do you think it is? Also, our astrology prediction is Joe Giudice will go to jail. Stay tuned.


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Porsha Stewart Baby Rumors, Cordell Too Controlling?

porsha stewartOn this weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we see Porsha balancing being married, while trying to conduct business. It’s been very clear since the beginning of this season that Porsha’s lifestyle is one of a very pampered girl. She is the Queen of her castle, who pretty much gets everything she desires.

While its Cordell’s Birthday, Porsha is busy planning his 40th Birthday party with a Harlem Renaissance theme. She even flew in a party planner to help make her vision come to life. She knows how to take care of her man.

With all of this going on, Porsha also took time to work with Cynthia’s Modeling Agency to help with her fashion show. To discuss business further, Cynthia wanted to have a meeting  at Porsha’s house with her two partners. Porsha wasn’t open to the idea of having the meeting at her home, since Cordell was out of town, and hadn’t met Cynthia’s business partners before. Although Porsha is considered the Queen of her home, Cordell is still the King who calls the shots.

Cynthia and her business partners were a little bit thrown off by that, but still decided to meet with her. They met with Porsha at the Bailey Agency, where the meeting should’ve taken place. According to Cordell his home isn’t a place of business, and he’s right. Why did Cynthia want to meet at her home in the first place? That’s kind of odd. Maybe I our Pisces girl wanted to see how much bling Porsha had.

Moving along, Porsha ends up meeting them at the agency. As soon as she arrives, Cynthia’s business partner doesn’t hesitate to give Porsha a taste of her own medicine. He proceeds to tell her “Since you have rules of your household, we here at the Bailey Agency have our own set of rules.” He begins to tell her what those rules are, and you can tell Porsha is a bit annoyed by the way he’s talking to her.

During the meeting, Porsha gets a phone call from her housekeeper, so she walks away to take the call. While Porsha is on the phone giving her housekeeper instructions on what needs to be done in the house, rubs Cynthia  the wrong way and she thinks Porsha may be a bit too busy to do business with her.

Cynthia and Porsha end up meeting for dinner, and Cynthia lets Porsha know that this may not be the appropriate time for them to be doing business together. Porsha is upset to hear Cynthia say this since according to her,  she has been putting in a lot of work to help Cynthia out. Porsha tries not to stress too much about it being that she has a lot on her plate while planning her husbands big bash.

Its now the day of the party, and Cynthia and her husband show up. According to Cynthia, Porsha extended an invitation to her, so Cynthia decided to attend, despite their differences at the moment. While at the party, Cordell decides to have a talk with Cynthia to discuss her disagreement with his wife. Cordell likes Cynthia and her husband, and hopes the two women can put their differences aside, and learn to “act right.”

Cynthia is a little bit confused as to why she and Cordell are discussing her business. According to Cynthia, Cordell comes off a bit controlling, since he’s always involving himself in what goes on with his wife Porsha. The two ladies admit they like each other and decide to move on from the situation. They have decided its best not to do business with one another until their relationship grows more, and they get to know each other better.

I’m not sure if Cordell has too much time on his hands or is just controlling. He’s always seems to have an opinion about her Real Housewives drama. One way to look at it is they are married, and that’s what married people do, look out for one another and seek each others best interest. But on the flip side, Cordell needs to stop being Big Daddy and let Porsha work out her problems with the girls.

On a positive note, Porsha and Cordell may be expecting a baby. Real Housewives rumors are swirling after she posted on Instagram, “Good things come to those who wait,” after posting a photo a couple of weeks ago and her sporting what looked like a baby bump. Lets hope it’s true. Giselle, follow me on Twitter here.

REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Love Hangover, Phaedra Parks Divorce Rumors?

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore, proves once again she is Fifty Shades of Crazy. From her manufactured boyfriend, Walter, she can’t stop talking about her pageant days, making her super overbearing to the other girls.  Here’s the latest Real Housewives rumors, updates, and astrology predictions.

Tonight, Kenya Moore, after chasing Phaedra’s husband Apollo she decides to gun for Cynthia. The two argue about the modeling contest snafu and they kinda hug it out. Cynthia, who’s a classy Pisces girl, tries to take the high road but the rest of Real Housewives chicks are not buying what Kenya’s cooking. Especially, Porsha Stewart, she HATES Kenya.

Astrologically, Kenya Moore, with her wacky Aquarian energy is trying to solidify her spot on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, Kenya has been so succesful that she’s practically the center of the show. All the girls are arguing with her, Kenya’s a total drama mama, and fans probably love it.

Phaedra was very wise, she said that Kenya longs to be loved but doesn’t know how to seal the deal. She’s way too desperate and Astrochicks hopes she’s faking it for the camera. Walter is not her man, will never be her man, and should be THANKFUL that he’s not her husband. He’s not very sensitive and always has this bewildered look on his face. Like, what the hell am I doing on this show?

Astrologically, we predict that Kenya Moore will find fame and fortune, love will still be elusive. She needs to do some emotional house cleaning first, before she can attract everlasting love. Kendra will find it but we think it won’t be until 2015. Hang in there girl.

For the other Real Housewives of Atlanta, we really love Cynthia’s energy on the show this season, and we see more success for her in 2013. We predict a major cosmetics modeling contract. For NeNe she will be back with Gregg. Kandi will get her marriage proposal and for Phaedra will she be headed towards divorce? We hope not. A tough year for Scorpio girls…stay tuned.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Divorce, Bethenny Frankel Splits from Jason Hoppy, Teresa Giudice next?

Are reality shows destroying the marriages of the Real Housewives stars?  This weekend, Bethenny Frankel, former star of Real Housewives of New York has filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy. The Scorpio driven talk show host and reality star, couldn’t juggle fame, fortune, and a husband. Here’s the latest news, rumors, and updates.

Bethenny Frankel, follows along the heartbreak path of NeNe Leakes, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney,  Adrienne Maloof, Countess Luann, Camille Grammer, and possibly Teresa Giudice. Dang, that’s quite a few botox break ups. I wonder if any of the Real Housewives regret joining the show? What’s more important for these girls, love or money?

For Bethenny Frankel, who’s born under the sign of Scorpio, she will regret her divorce from Jason Hoppy. Astrochicks has a feeling it was Jason’s decision and not hers. In his photos, he looks absolutely miserable. Astrologically, Bethenny sadly has a rough two years ahead of her and it’s going to get lonely.

In the future, money may buy Bethenny Frankel love, but it won’t be the kind she enjoyed with Jason. He comes from a good family, Jason was 100% real and all in. Unfortunately, her desire for power, control, and fame was too much.

Psychology Today, wrote an interesting article about what was more important, love or money. Divorce is sad, especially when there is a child involved and it has only been 3 years. Seriously, you can’t try a little harder?

Astrochicks predicts more Real Housewive divorces, including Teresa Giudice, who’s rumored to be splitting from Juicy Joe after the New Year. The marriages we think will last? Melissa Gorga, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and everyone else is up for grabs. Stay tuned.

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