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What Will Kourtney’s New Baby Be Like?

The Kardashian family is expanding! Yes, Kourtney Kardashian is preggers with baby Number Two! Announcing her pregnancy in the ninth week, she’s confident all will be fine — which will make her delivery date mid-June, making her bundle a Gemini! So how will the newest Kardashian blend into the family? Baby K will be a perfect addition to the family, as Gemini is an Air sign and goes well with its Aries Mom, Kourtney, and is the complementary sign of big brother Mason, who is Sagittarius, and is the same sign as their father, Scott. Being a sign that loves to communicate and rules broadcasting, chances are this baby will also be a perfect addition to the crazy TV family, as Gemini’s are always camera ready and have great comedic timing


Arrivederci Roma! Can the Planets Be Used to Predict Earthquakes?

Will the final fall of Rome occur on May 11, 2011? The entire Italian Twitterverse ( Il Twitterverso , I presume) is abuzz about a decades-old prediction saying that a powerful earthquake will hit central Italy and finish the job that that the Goths started millenia before. Raffaele Bendandi was a self-taught astronomer born in 1893

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