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CELEBRITY Psychic Predictions, Vicki Gunvalson Breakup, Jennifer Aniston Wedding Off!

vicki gunvalsonIn this weeks celebrity psychic predictions, Mercury went retrograde in Cancer today. An emotional period, which can cause communication problems and make you reevaluate love relationships and goals in your life.

When it comes to love, Kim and Kanye had a baby girl, Jennifer Aniston has postponed her wedding, Miley Cyrus is having Daddy issues and Real Housewives Vicki Gunvalson may have finally dumped boyfriend, Brooks Ayers.

With the stars colliding for the next 3 weeks, astrologically we can expect lots of changes not only for our favorite celebrities but for ourselves. The signs most affected in a positive way are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The signs experiencing negative challenges will be Aries, Libra and Capricorn.

Kim Kardashian a Libra not only has a bangin body but gorgeous hair, here’s some beauty tips on how to make yours more fabulous. After having her beautiful baby North, she’s definitely anxious to get in shape again.

1. How to Have Lucious Hair Like Kim Kardashian! 5 Remedies To Make Your Hair Growth Faster – Lipgloss Culture

Tom Cruise and Khloe Kardashian born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, both are facing a crossroads in their love life. We predict a new girlfriend for Tom and Khloe may opt for adoption.

2. Mercury in Retrograde, How it Will Effect Your Emotions and Love Life! – Psychics Universe

Outspoken, Miley Cyrus a Sagittarius is playing a game of truth or dare with her dad. Is she punishing her father for her boyfriend Liam’s cheating ways? Astrochicks thinks so!

3. Miley Cyrus Has Daddy Issues, Tells Billy Ray Tell the Truth or Else! – TMZ

Real Housewives in love, Vicki Gunvalson an Aries, always unlucky in love! As an Aries, she likes to be in control and chooses wimpy guys to boss around, who only use her. Astrochicks predicts another breakup!

4. Did Vicki Gunvalson Dump Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Again? – Reality Tea

Jennifer Aniston an Aquarius, love on the rocks with Justin Theroux. Astrochicks predicts the wedding is off and the couple will split. Astrochicks predicts breakup!

5. Jennifer Aniston’s wedding off, boyfriend moves back to NYC? – Huffington Post

For us mere mortals. Keep your cool. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer makes us more nostalgic and longing for deeper connections. Don’t make any drastic decisions or sign any important documents. Otherwise, after July 20th you may reverse your decision.

For mere mortals, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer will make us long for stronger emotional bonds. Now is a time to reflect but not make any important decisions. Otherwise, after July 20th we could change our mind.

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EDWARD SNOWDEN, NSA Spy Scandal, More Shocking Secret Revelations, Update!

edward snowden nsa spyThe NSA scandal reads like a good spy novel, good versus evil. An idealistic whistleblower, Edward Snowden, troubled by his countries infringement on civil liberties, decides to expose NSA’s secret spy tactics on the American public. A hero or disgruntled ex CIA employee, who leaked top secret information, Snowden is on the run.

Edward Snowden, a shadowy character straight out of a Bourne Identity film or a James Banford novel, this 29 year old guy has balls. Speaking from a Hong Kong hotel that he’s disappeared from, Edward Snowden told The Guardian that he had enjoyed a “very comfortable life,” and was earning over $200k per year.

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under,” Snowden said.

What surprises Astrochicks most, is Edward Snowden is a high school dropout. At the age of 29, how did he get such a high paying job and security clearance? Maybe he’s a computer whiz but that doesn’t explain why he was chosen for this program. While the NSA is spying on us, they completely ignore their employees. I guess they forgot about background checks.

Edward Snowden’s military record is spotty as well. He spent four months in the Army reserves, from May to September 2004 as a special forces recruit to a 14-week training course, the Army said. “He did not complete any training or receive any awards,” an Army statement said. No other details were given, but Snowden told The Guardian he was discharged after breaking his legs in an accident. Hmm, not a stellar background. Again we ask, how did he get a job at the NSA and top security clearance.

Snowden identifies himself as a spook. “I’ve been a spy almost all of my adult life,” he told the Washington Post. In his communications with a reporter, he used a code name — “Verax,” or truth-teller in Latin. He’s worried he’s being watched and puts a red hood over his head and laptop when he enters passwords, The Guardian reported.

Astrologically speaking, Edward Snowden, was born on June 21, 1983.  A Gemini with Moon in Scorpio, Astrochicks believes there’s more “truth” to be revealed by Snowden. We believe, he may have stumbled upon even darker secrets and was forced to reveal the NSA program to protect himself and family. Yes, conspiracy theories exist for a reason and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sadly, Astrochicks astrology psychic prediction, we think that Edward Snowden will either be arrested or “taken out,” by the NSA. We predict, that he’s left a trail of papers or diary behind, that will rock the presidency of Obama and the future of CIA. Yes, truth is stranger then fiction. Stay tuned!



CELEBRITY Psychic Astrology Predictions, Kristen Stewart, Amanda Bynes, Kourtney Kardashian!

rupert sanders kristen stewartWhich stars will collide this week in our Psychic Astrology Predictions? New Moon in Aries unpacked her bags yesterday, setting several celebrities on a collision course with destiny that included: Kourtney Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Amanda Bynes, Alec Baldwin and Hugh Hefner.

Aries men and woman are very independent and they make their own path in life. Incredibly ambitious and confident, they’re always motivated and ready for the next project. Driving in the fast lane,  no seatbelts on until they reach the destination. Though bold and impulsive in nature, Aries can be very short tempered (Alec Baldwin), which can push people away.

For Kourtney Kardashian our Astrology Psychic Prediction, our girl is BORED! Tired of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, her boyfriend, her mother and everything else in between. Astrochicks predicts a new career opportunity for Kourtney by 2014, minus her family. She needs to step out of her sisters shadow and make a name for herself. That girl is one smart cookie, Astrochicks predicts she will be the most successful out of all her sisters. Work it girl!

Kristen Stewart, my what a tangled web we weave. In 2013, our Astrology Psychic Prediction is she will be forced to make a choice between career and love. After her very public breakup with Rob Pattinson, she’s reached a crossroads with him. No doubt, they share a deep history and love for another. Now, Kristen must decide if Rob is just a chapter in her book of love or her happily ever after.

Oh my god, Amanda Bynes, girl we are really scared for you. The New Moon in Aries, will shed more light on Amanda’s mental health and how deeply troubled she really is. We’re perplexed by her parents inability to get her help. Astrochicks Astrology Prediction is someone in authority will step in to help Bynes, otherwise she could be in serious trouble. Praying for you girl!

For all other Aries, new beginnings and fresh starts are on your mind this month. With five other planets doing the rumba in Aries, you will be forced to make changes and will have a take no prisoners attitude. Translation, get the hell out of my way. Set your intentions and be careful what you ask for, the energy will move quickly.

Other famous Aries celebrities affected by the New Moon this month include: Eddie Murpy, Alec Baldwin, Kate Hudson and Hugh Hefner. For Hef, we are most concerned about his health. For Eddie, a new movie. For Alec, he will get his talk show. Last but not least, Kate Hudson will push marriage with her current boyfriend. Stay tuned.


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CELEBRITY LOVE, Astrology Psychic Predictions, Reality Spoilers, Daily Gossip Roundup!

katy perryThe stars collided this week with Bachelor Sean choosing Catherine and joining Dancing With the Stars. On Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi is suing Kim Zolciak. Plus, Bradley Cooper may be dating someone new and you can’t forget Justin Bieber’s Instagram meltdown. Here’s todays celebrity love update, astrology psychic predictions, reality TV spoilers, and daily gossip roundup.

American Idol Spoilers and Ratings Decline, Possible Last Season? – Reality Tea

Michelle Obama Vogue Cover Girl, Her Secret Beauty Tips! – Popbytes

Justin Bieber Cry Baby Meltdown on Instagram, Rehab Time! – Bossip

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Name! – Your Tango

Veronica Mars New Movie Details! – TMZ

Celebrity Hands, What They Reveal! – Truth in Hand

Psychic Astrology Predictions, Bachelor Sean and Keith Urban! – Astrochicks

Katy Perry Memoir, Tell All Book Deal! – Huffington Post

Our favorite celebrity quote of the day? “Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate. I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.” – Jessica Simpson born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Also, a fashion icon and mommy!

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PSYCHIC Astrology Predictions, Bachelor Sean, Keith Urban and Demi Moore, Update!

celebrity psychic predictionsWhen the stars collide, Saturn in Scorpio will forcesome of our favorite celebrities to make big changes in their lives.  This includes Demi Moore who’s divorcing her boytoy husband, Ashton Kutcher. Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta, who has a new spin off reality show and is pregnant. Also, psychic astrology predictions for Bachelor Sean Lowe, Hillary Clinton, and Keith Urban.

For astrology buffs or newbies to the cosmos, Saturn will occupy the sign of Scorpio from October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014; and then finish up its transit from June 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015. Forcing all of us, whether you’re famous or not, to start cleaning house on all levels.

If you struggle with the shadows in your life, this period may be difficult for you. This transit will give you  feelings you don’t want and take you places you don’t want to go. It will show you things you don’t want to see about yourself and others.   If you are worried about the Saturn in Scorpio transit, here is a list of a few common mistakes from astrologer Elsa, recommends what you should avoid.

1. Refuse to work your own shadow behavior or dark side

2. Suck energy from others without contributing any your own

3. Wait for someone to climb the mountain or dig the hole for you

4. Think veneer, good looks, superficial knowledge is all you need to be successful (that might be a tough one for Demi Moore)

For our favorite celebrites, Astrochicks is concerned most about Hillary Clinton’s health. After her recent stroke, she really needs to focus on a serious health regimen. Also, we predict Hillary Clinton will NOT run for President in 2016, we see John Kerry going after the democratic nomination.

Keith Urban, who’s the new host of American Idol will have to decide if reality TV is something he enjoys. Astrochicks predicts Urban will renew his contract for one more year and move on. For his marriage, we expect a few bumps in the road. All that time apart, does NOT make the heart grow fonder. Scorpios need to feel the love and passion, otherwise he will get bored.

Bachelor Sean Lowe may have found his reality wife, Catherine Giudici, but Astrochicks doesn’t hear wedding bells ringing. Our Texas stud is a bonified superstar in the reality world and girls love him. We predict that Bacheor Sean and Catherine will split by summer, I don’t think either are ready for a life long commitment just yet. Astrochicks predicts a celebrity love affair for Bachelor Sean by next year.

For all us mere mortals, I would put some gloves on and start digging. It’s time to clean out those emotional closets that have been holding you back. For more in depth look at how Saturn in Scorpio will affect you, we recommend you check our Elsa Elsa one of our favorite astrologers or Lisa Greenfield. They have some free indepth information on their sites about astrology and other cosmic cool stuff. Enjoy!


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PSYCHIC ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS, Scorpios Ryan Gosling, Katy Perry, Baby News!

katy perry2When it comes to psychic and astrology predictions, we predict the stars will collide this year for several of our favorite celebrities. Saturn the planet of lessons, responsibility, and hard work is now retrograde in Scorpio. Pushing Ryan Gosling, Katy Perry, and Julia Roberts to make some important relationship decisions. Should I stay or should I go?

According to Patty Kamson one of our favorite celebrity astrologers, during this retrograde cycle it’s a time to take a look at what may be holding you back. What fears are you holding onto that create blocks in love and your career path. It’s time for reflection, not only do you need to be honest with others but yourself. Is my life working for me?

Will Ryan Gosling finally propose to girlfriend Eva Mendes or will they split? For Eva a Pisces femme fatale, she’s definitely ready for marriage and babies. At the age of 38, her biological clock is ticking and Ryan would make the perfect daddy. Unfortunately, her man is only 32 years old and probably isn’t ready to commit. Astrochicks predicts that Ryan and Eva will split.

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer a match made in heaven or one headed towards hell. For Mayer a Libra, he hates drama and sometimes Perry can be a handful. Hot and sexy, she can be controlling and demanding when it comes to love. Secretly, we think that Mayer probably loves it. Katy’s not going to put up with his crap and can have any man she wants. Astrochicks predicts Katy and Mayer may opt to have a baby before marriage. Non traditional works for these two.

According to a recent blind gossip report, Julia Roberts may be headed towards divorceville. I guess the honeymoon is over for Danny Moder and her. As an Aquarius, Astrochicks thinks he’s tired of being Mr. Roberts and wants to reignite his film career. Yes, he loves his kids but we think the couple will decide to split temporarily. Got to give your man some freedom Julia.

For all us mere mortals,  Saturn in Scorpio and will be retrograde until July 7th. This aspect will affect everyone but especially Scorpio with birthdays from Oct 27th – Nov 3rd, Taurus with birthdays from April 24th – May 1st, Leo with birthdays from July 27th – Aug 3rd & Aquarius with birthdays of Jan 23rd – 31st.

What does this all mean? Expect the unexpected, be prepared to make some tough decisions, and don’t be afraid to do the work. If you face your fears head on, you will find they’re not as bad as they seem. For love, trust your intuition….if it doesn’t feel right, well it probably isn’t. Quit making excuse and move on.



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