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PROJECT RUNWAY News Update, Heidi Klum’s Designer Changes, Michael Kors Quits!

Project Runway, has a new diva in the house for season 11. Michael Kors will be replaced by Zac Posen, what’s the scoop behind the fashion switcheroo, and what other cast changes will be made. Project Runway rumors, spoilers, and predictions straight ahead.

Don’t worry, Project Runway fans, our favorite design Michael Kors will join the judges on the season 11 finale. In 2013, he’s too busy running his billion dollar empire to commit to a full season.

The Wrap writes, “Due to the back-to-back film schedule for seasons 10 and seasons 11 this summer, Michael was not able to commit to all the dates required for filming season 11,” a Lifetime spokeswoman said in a statement. “Always part of the ‘Project Runway’ family, Michael Kors will be seen in the future on the show, and we are excited to confirm that Michael will be back as a judge for the season 11 finale.”

More changes for Project Runway Season 11, which includes working the designers last nerve by forcing them to work together, every single challenge. UGH! Drama… Heidi Klum and her army of Producers, hope this will lead to riveting combination of collaboration and cat fighting.

Also, Project Runway guests judges for the upcoming season include Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Emmy Rossum, Kristin Davis and others. Oooh, delicious.

Astrologically speaking, Heidi Klum a Gemini girl, may bump heads with new judge, Zac Posen, an intense Scorpio. Snarky, snarky. He definitely will add some emotional intensity to the Project Runway mix. Michael Kors, who’s born under the sign of Leo is a total diva, and we love him for it. Next year, should be drama filled and fun with all the changes.

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PROJECT RUNWAY WINNER, Gretchen Jones Interview, Only Designer Who Deserved to Win?

The Project Runway season finale, crowned Gretchen Jones as the new winner. Not a fan favorite, tired Michael Kors and Nina decided that Mondo Guerra was too youthful and Andy South was too wild to win the $100k prize. Translation, Mondo and Andy were too unique and fresh to represent the Project Runway brand. Instead we went with a more dull and granola approach to our endorsed fashion collection, so we chose Gretchen Jones. We are bringing the Grateful Dead back, 2010 style.

In a new interview, when Gretchen Jones was asked if she was surprised that she won, she said: “no not at all”. In fact, our egotistical brat had the audacity to say she was the only designer who DESERVED to win the latest season of the show. UGH! I wonder if Tim Gunn felt the same way? The Project Runway host this season that had no problem showing his disdain for the Oregon designer. I think Gretchen needs to hire a PR person fast, otherwise she’s going to have a major problem with her brand image.

In Gretchen Jones design collection Moth Love, she has a very 70’s style to her collection. On her web site it says,  “Based on minimal and conceptual art principles, MothLove is ethereal and sexy in its very simplicity.Bohemian in lifestyle and design, Jones aims to create collections that beg to be worn and fallen in love with”. The designs on her web site are much more attractive than what was shown at Mercedes Fashion Week. Although, I think the designs could only be worn by woman who are incredibly slender like Gretchen. No curvy girls allowed.

What Astrochicks found most amusing on the Moth Love web site, was Gretchen Jones bio. She  had the following written: “You can find Gretchen working on a her record collection, daydreaming about rides on a 67′ BMW R60/2 600, contemplating the metaphysical, playing with her long hair, wearing pretty lingerie, working too late, trying to eat healthy and somehow, always wishing she was sun bathing by the river…Mostly in her mind, and sometimes outside of her studio.” LOL!!! Oh please…

Astrologically, Gretchen Jones faces some challenges over the next two years. Born under the astrology sign of Capricorn, Saturn in Libra will square her Sun. This represents a challenging period faced with personal disagreements and feeling misunderstood. Mars in Libra square her Sun makes her insecure, which would explain her bashing of Michael Costello. Plain and simple, she was jealous.  

Another astrologer has an interesting take on our Project Runway girl, you can view it here. I think Gretchen Jones is in for a rude awakening if she moves to New York.  The Big Apple isn’t really tolerant of big egos, unless maybe your Madonna or Lady Gaga. For Gretchen Jones, she will be just a small fish in a big sea. Her best bet would be to find a mentor, who will help guide her through the design process and help find her voice. Otherwise, she may find out she’s only legend in her own mind. Stay tuned.

PROJECT RUNWAY WINNER, Mondo Guerra Interview Not Happy Gretchen Jones Won!

The Project Runway season finale was definitely a show shocker. Mondo Guerra, Andy South and Granola Gretchen Jones were selected as the three fabulous designers to walk the cat walk at Mercedes Fashion Week. Celebrity guest judge Jessica Simpson,  provided Heidi and the gang her personal opinion on who should be crowned Project Runway. Who was the winner, Gretchen Jones! UGH!

Going into the competition, Mondo Guerra was considered the front runner not only by fashion critics but Project Runway fans as well. Michael Costello the week before, had a heartbreaking exit, after being the last person to be eliminated before fashion week.   Fans were shocked that Gretchen Jones wasn’t kicked to the curb after showing her underwhelming and hideous safari designs.  Unfortunately, Michael Kors and Nina thought she was “more commercial.” Maybe they should think of retiring.

Last night, the Project Runway finale for Astrochicks was disappointing. If you read previous fashion critic and blog commentary from New York fashion week, NO ONE liked Gretchen Jones designs, and everyone loved Mondo Guerra. Sadly, the stars were not aligned for our fierce designer from Denver, Colorado. Instead, they chose Granola Gretchen from Portland, Oregon. Not only is she a crappy designer, the way she treated Michael Costello was horrendous. I think she’s a bully, with a bad attitude and a yucky personality to match. Even Mondo Guerra agreed, in his Project Runway interview he said: “I should have won over Gretchen Jones”. We couldn’t agree more.

Is Astrochicks biased? Yes we are and proud of it. Next season, Lifetime and Project Runway should really think about replacing Michael Kors and Nina as judges. Or at least add one more judge, who has a more youthful opinion. Also, they should add a Project Runway fan vote to the mix, since we are the ones buying the clothes not them. To say that Mondo Guerra is “too youthful” is ridiculous. I could see his clothes grace any fashion rack at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, or BeBe’s. For Gretchen Jones, I really don’t see the commercial appeal with this design collection. Maybe a different one but definitely not what was shown at Mercedes Fashion Week.

Astrologically, Mondo Guerra a Gemini, still has a very successful career ahead of him. Maybe he can design a purse collection for Jessica Simpson or I could definitely see Macy’s buying his design collection for stores? Either way, I wish Mondo Guerra, Andy South and EVEN Gretchen Jones the best. For Project Runway, I’m still disappointed who won but a faithful fan, I will watch again next season. You can view all the designers finall collections here. Enjoy!

PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE, Spoiler Mondo Guerra or Andy South Winner of Fashion Finale?

Tonight is Project Runway’s season finale. Will Mondo Guerra, Gretchen Jones, or Andy South take home the coveted prize? In September, the three finalists strutted their stuff at Mercedes Fashion Week in New York.  Jessica Simpson was the celebrity judge. In Astrochicks opinion, Mondo blew away the competition with his color and plaid inspired collection.

What Project Runway fans may be surprised to learn, the three remaing finalists weren’t  the only designers at Fashion Week. Michael Costello, Casanova, Ivy, Christopher, Michael D, Valerie and April were there front and center showing their collections. I guess Lifetime decided to mix it up a bit and keep fans and critics guessing who would win. The critics personal favorites were Michael Costello, Mondo, April and suprisingly MEAN GIRL Ivy. You can view the collections here.

Mondo, born under the astrology sign of Gemini, is the fan favorite tonight.  Not only is Mondo smart he has a fun pop art fashion style. Astrologically, the stars aligned for him to be crowned the Project Runway winner. On a career note, I think his design collection will be well received and he will serve as an inspiration to many with his health challenges.  I think he has an opportunity to become one of the more successful designers from this show. He might even find love.

We are sad that Michael Costello didn’t make it to the final three but we’re glad his collection was a hit a Mercedes Fashion Week. For more fabulous insight on Project Runway’s season finale, check out Culture Map as they reveal fashion’s dirty little secret. Enjoy.

PROJECT RUNWAY Final 3, Michael Costello His Emotional Goodbye!

Project Runway’s final three were chosen on Thursday night. Astrochicks is shocked that Michael Costello was sent home and Gretchen Jones with her hot Safari mess was in. What? Michael Costello overcame so many personal and professional challenges during this season of Project Runway. Which included unnecessary bullying and bitchiness from other designers but pressure from his family over his lifestyle.  A fan favorite, for his sweet demeanor and elegant style, I’m shocked that Heidi Klum and Michael Kors didn’t select him as one of Project Runway’s final 3.  Especially after Heidi Klum mocked Gretchen’s granola style. HEARTBREAKING!

 Although Michael Costello was not chosen as one of the final 3 for Project Runway, thankfully Michael DID make it to Mercedes Fashion Week. His collection received rave reviews from fashion critics who attended the Project Runway fashion show. His designs were beautiful, stylish and blew the other competition out of the water.  Astrochicks thinks he has potential to be a huge succes. You can view the pictures here.

This season, Michael Costello and Mondo were my favorite designers. As a fan, I felft emotionally connected to each one and every week I cheered these darling boys on. As designers, I think both have commercial potential with Mondo reaching the under 30 crowd with his fun and playful looks. Michael Costello is more sophisticated and would attract the girl who’s ready to walk the red carpet. Gretchen Jones designs what can I say? They could be bought at Target or K Mart and her collection was FUGLY. Are you kidding me? She’s not a high fashion designer, Michael Costello’s designs were immaculate. My big question to Heidi Klum and Nina? Who’s designs would you rather wear? Michael Costello or Gretchen Jones? I can’t imagine either one wearing a safari outfit.

I definitely liked Project Runway this season, the judges seemed a bit meaner but I’m not a big fan of hate mongering. Especially everyone who ganged up Michael Costello. IVY needs crawl back under the designer rock she came out of. What a jealous and bitter girl. I have loads of respect for Michael Costello, he’s rejected at home by his parents and he comes to New York for more designer bashing. Not classy. At least he has a lovely partner who supports him and beautiful little boy.

My guess is Mondo will win Project Runway, he’s a true inspiration and definitely has a fun style that I think young women would wear. For Michael Costello, he was the Grand Marshall at Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade last week.  Getting some love from his hometown fans. Click here for another great article about tonights Project Runway’s episode. Stay tuned for the final episode of Project Runway and see if Mondo wins.

PROJECT RUNWAY SPOILERS, Mondo Guerra Rocks Fashion Week, Jessica Simpson Guest Judge!

After Project Runway left Bravo, it seemed to lose some of its bling over at its new home at Lifetime. Not no more, Astrochicks has become addicted to the new Project Runway Season 8 and we love all the bitchy cat fighting between the designers. One of my personal favorites, Mondo Guerra, most definitely will make the final three in our opinion.

It’s Fashion Week in NYC, the Project Runway designers are showing off their collections on the catwalk. Heidi Klum has chosen Jessica Simpson to be guest judge for the finale. Who was Jessica Simpson’s favorite? She says, “I’m going to be torn on who I want because there’s a couple that I really like, so we shall see,” she tells E! News. “It’s exciting.”

Jessica Simpson who has a wildly successful shoe and handbag line , debuted a denim line of her own this week, says she’s keeping her favorite Project Runway designer “top secret.” Simpson sat with regular judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, while 10 designers from the show presented their collections.

Sources say the final three are Mondo Guerra, Gretchen Jones and Valerie Mayen. Gretchen is a cool designer but her personality gets on our nerves. She comes across as a big bully and really full of herself. Not a nice girl at all. I can’t believe she’s a hometown girl from Portland like myself, it may be bad editing but I doubt it.

Anyway, it appears that Mondo was the fan favorite from the show. His collection appeared to be most buzz worthy. The shy Project Runway designer said, “I like to have fun and I hope you have fun with it, too,” he said of his collection. He accented cream and black prints with bright pinks and blues and over-the-top headpieces. He definitely has a very fresh and young look.

Project Runway is definitely worth watching this season. There are still a few episodes left so don’t forget to check it out on Lifetime.
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