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PROJECT RUNWAY News Update, Heidi Klum’s Designer Changes, Michael Kors Quits!

Project Runway, has a new diva in the house for season 11. Michael Kors will be replaced by Zac Posen, what’s the scoop behind the fashion switcheroo, and what other cast changes will be made. Project Runway rumors, spoilers, and predictions straight ahead.

Don’t worry, Project Runway fans, our favorite design Michael Kors will join the judges on the season 11 finale. In 2013, he’s too busy running his billion dollar empire to commit to a full season.

The Wrap writes, “Due to the back-to-back film schedule for seasons 10 and seasons 11 this summer, Michael was not able to commit to all the dates required for filming season 11,” a Lifetime spokeswoman said in a statement. “Always part of the ‘Project Runway’ family, Michael Kors will be seen in the future on the show, and we are excited to confirm that Michael will be back as a judge for the season 11 finale.”

More changes for Project Runway Season 11, which includes working the designers last nerve by forcing them to work together, every single challenge. UGH! Drama… Heidi Klum and her army of Producers, hope this will lead to riveting combination of collaboration and cat fighting.

Also, Project Runway guests judges for the upcoming season include Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Emmy Rossum, Kristin Davis and others. Oooh, delicious.

Astrologically speaking, Heidi Klum a Gemini girl, may bump heads with new judge, Zac Posen, an intense Scorpio. Snarky, snarky. He definitely will add some emotional intensity to the Project Runway mix. Michael Kors, who’s born under the sign of Leo is a total diva, and we love him for it. Next year, should be drama filled and fun with all the changes.

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HEIDI KLUM – Project Runway: Thrilled to be Walking the Catwalk This Summer!!!

One day you’re in and the next day you’re out. As of today, Heidi Klum and her entourage are definitely heading back heidiklumto the catwalk. It was announced today, that the lawsuit  is officially OVER!!! Work it girl.

Washington Post Reports:

The Weinstein Co. also wants you to know it is “thrilled to be launching” its relationship with Lifetime, which also includes “Runway” spinoff “Models of the Runway,” another reality project called “Project Pygmalion” and, as long as he’s got us, a package of old Weinstein flicks to rerun.

Not to be left out, the president and CEO of Lifetime, Andrea Wong, revealed she “couldn’t be more excited” that Lifetime will telecast the sixth edition of “Project Runway” this summer. That’s surprising, since the delay cost her the centerpiece of her prime-time schedule last fall.

Heidi who has a dream marriage with Seal, also has three little kiddies.  Two from Seal and one from Flavio Briatore. According to our Gemini girl, Flavio Briatore is not involved in Leni’s life, and she has stated emphatically that “Seal is Leni’s father.”

On hearing her family referred to as a “patchwork family”, Klum said, “I’m not white, I’m a shade of brown,” and added, “we’re all different shades and we came together and we all love each other…it’s actually kind of nice to have a ‘patchwork family’.

I agree, they make an amazing couple. Congrats to Heidi resolving her lawsuit. Can’t wait till the new season of Project Runway.

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