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REAL HOUSEWIVES Shady Phaedra and Apollo Nida Arrest Update!

phaedra parksThe stars have collided, crashed and burned for Real Housewives Atlanta star Phaedra Parks and hubby, Apollo Nida. What’s the latest on crazy reality couple? Will Apollo reserve a room for one in federal prison? Here’s the latest RHOA rumors and astrology predictions.

In case you missed his latest scam, Apollo Nida was arrested AGAIN for bank fraud and identity theft. According to the FBI, he not only stole people’s identities and set up bogus companies to acquire multi=million dollar loans, he stole their retirement checks too. Dang, that’s cold! I guess that’s why he had $8k to drop on strippers.

Our poor Scorpio girl, Phaedra Parks, she’s having some serious “Rich People’s Problems”. Just like Phaedra’s new Bravo reality show, which was put on ice.  I imagine, Bravo Andy is not too happy with Apollo’s recent arrest.

Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, who feels vindicated by the latest news, is throwing all kinds of shade on Phaedra and Apollo. I guess what our girl said was true, Apollo came on to Kenya, not the other way around. Who knows? Some messy stuff.

Astrologically speaking, karma is banging on our Scorpio girls door, HARD. Phaedra Parks will have to pay for past misdeeds, Apollo Nida will be headed to jail for a LONG time. This is his second offense and Georgia is tough on crime!

On the flip side, we think Phaedra’s new mortuary business will do well. She’s a Scorpio, she will rise above the drama; find self worth and move on with a stronger spiritual foundation. Astrochicks thinks Phaedra and Apollo got caught up in the game, forgot that family is the most important, and they don’t need to live such a lavish lifestyle.

Astrochicks, psychic astrology prediction is Phaedra will stand by her man, but we think Real Housewives of Atlanta will replace her.  Bravo needs to do some serious background checks on these girls, everyone’s super shady.

I love Phaedra Parks, I wish her the best and I hope she stays strong. Thoughts and prayers.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Apollo Nida Arrest Update, Phaedra Parks Fired?

phaedra parksWho’s staying on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and which Gucci girl is being kicked to the curb? After this years explosive season, including Apollo Nida’s recent arrest, it’s safe to say we will see some new faces next season. Here’s the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta rumors and gossip.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Phaedra Parks has taken a walk on the dark side. Saturn has reared it’s ugly head and karma has arrived on her doorstep. In case you live under a rock, her husband Apollo Nida has been arrested AGAIN for bank fraud.

According to Radar Online, Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are doing the moonwalk, insisting he’s not guilty of the fraud charges. He’s currently facing major prison time for identity theft, conspiracy and stealing MILLIONS of dollars. Dang, that must be why he can drop $8k on strippers. Phaedra, what are you thinking? Apollo may be fine, but he’s not that fine.

Astrologically speaking, Apollo Nida is guilty as sin. Phaedra our Scorpio girl better watch her back, because the feds are looking at her too. Astrochicks predict he will cop a plea deal and will be headed back to prison for at least five years.

For Phaedra, we expect Real Housewives of Atlanta to have her on lock down for one more season. Of course, they don’t want to miss Apollo’s court drama, afterward, she will be handed her walking papers. Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Reunion, Porsha Stewart Divorce, Kenya Moore Meltdown!

porsha stewart divorceThe booty battle of Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion is on. The lines have been divided with Team Kenya Moore on one side and everyone else on the other. Lots of shade was thrown around, with Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss getting the brunt of it.

It’s safe to say, our Aquarius girl and Scorpio mama are no longer friends. The ice queen versus the fire princess, Kenya got all ghetto threatening to knock Phaedra’s teeth out, who was unfazed and told her twirl on it. Not so “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”…threatening a pregnant chick, that’s crazy. Kenya, you need to check yourself girl!

For Porsha Stewart, when the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was filmed, Ms. Cinderella was still living the fairytale and married to a NFL star. During the reunion she defended her man, only to be blindsided a few days later, when her husband Kordell filed for divorce.

According to divorce papers, Kordell a Libra accused Porsha of being a party girl and neglecting  “her responsibilities to her stepson,’ TMZ reports. Has fame gone to Porsha’s head or is Kordell back with his baby mama?

The jury is still out, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are divided when it comes to Kordell and Porsha Stewart. On one side, some think Kordell is controlling and old fashioned. Others think that Porsha was a gold digger and not ready to be a mom.

Next week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion drama heats up. Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss will go toe to toe. Fighting over song royalties and baby names. NeNe Leakes calls Phaedra out on her crap, Porsha Stewart still continues to defend her husband, and Kenya keeps twirling on it! Stay tuned.



REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Reunion Spoilers, Porsha Stewart Divorce Update, Yikes Kenya!

real housewives of atlanta reunion spoilersReal Housewives of Atlanta reunion is just around the corner. What drama awaits Bravo fans? Will Kordell Stewart make a cameo appearance after blindsiding his wife Porsha with divorce papers? Can Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes break bread and return to being besties? What about Kenya and Phaedra? Will the donkey booty battle continue? Here’s the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion spoilers and who’s throwin some serious shade.

Astrochicks was shocked when Kenya accused Apollo of non stop texting her. Has Phaedra’s sexy husband grown tired of his Scorpio girl and looking for a new stallion to ride? Kenya may be a crazy Aquarius girl but everything she says has a ring of truth to it. Not saying Apollo is cheating on Phaedra but he definitely likes to get his flirt on.

NeNe Leakes, definitely considers herself the Queen Bee of the south. She’s a bonified breakout star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Astrochicks would love to see NeNe move her zip code to Beverly Hills. Just imagine, Brandi Glanville going toe to toe with Ms. NeNe. Our Sagittarius girl would bring Brandi down a notch or two.

For Porsha born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, we can’t help but feel for the girl. We think Kordell pulled a “b**tch” move, when he filed for divorce and leaked it to the media before he bothered to tell his wife.  No class. You may be a former NFL star and a Libra but you’re not a gentleman. Cheating rumors recently surfaced that Kordell may have left Porsha for his baby mama. Hmmm, that may explain why Kordell was so sneaky about it.

Cynthia a Pisces girl and her man Peter, kept it classy this year. Has her storyline grown tired or does Andy think Cynthia helps balance out the show?  She definitely keeps the girls grounded and acts as filler for the other story lines.

For Kandi Burruss a Taurus, she’s still battling it out with Kim Zolciak over song royalties. Not to worry, she’s planning her bling wedding with Todd and still has more money than any of the other Real Housewives of Atlanta. Keep counting that cash.

Other Real Housewives of Atlanta news, Phaedra Parks our Scorpio girl has her own spin off show, Rich People’s Problems. She will tackle wealthy clients legal issues and dish the dirt at the same time. Sounds fun.

Either way, Kenya Moore will bring the most drama for Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Astrochicks predicts the same cast will return for another season. Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES ATLANTA, Kenya Boyfriend Blues, Phaedra Parks Mean Comments!

Kenya apollo phaedraWas Real Housewives of Atlanta’s girls trip a bust?  The lovely ladies headed off to Las Vegas for a few nights of debauchery and hanging out at the strip club. NeNe Leakes was the ring leader, who earned a well needed break after working hard on the set of  “The New Normal.” Here’s the latest RHOA recap and update.

The main Real Housewives topic in Vegas was love and marriage, making Kenya Moore feeling a little left out. After all, she recently split from her crappy boyfriend Walter and is still looking for love. So, she was wearing her drama queen tiara the whole time but you can’t blame her.

For Kandi Burruss, she had her mind on love and planning her wedding to Todd. She even stopped by a Vegas jewelry store to check out some modest rings. Our practical Taurus girl found a diamond ring for $7500, as NeNe says, “It’s not the size of the ring it’s the size of the heart.” Also, she whipped out some of her sex toys for the girls. Good times.

Mean girl, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore continued the donkey booty war to Vegas. If Astrochicks had to place a bet, we think Kenya our Aquarius girl would win the fitness battle but Phaedra has a Royal Flush when it comes to love.  After all, Phaedra has it all when it comes to career, money, family and fine ass husband named Apollo. For Kenya, she’s still looking for Mr. Right and we’re glad she kicked her ex boyfriend to the curb. You deserve better!

Porsha was crowned Mrs. Prude during the trip, overly concerned that she might disrespect her husband in Vegas. The other Real Housewives thought Cordell was too controlling, leaving Portia wishing they would mind their own business. She prefers her traditional marriage and he’s the bread winner, whatever floats her boat.

Which leaves us with Cynthia, who kept in classy during Vegas and makes Astrochicks wonder if she’s getting too boring for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Where’s the drama girl?

In other Real Housewives of Atlanta gossip, Reality Tea said NeNe Leakes may be getting her own talk show. Woo hoo, get all the deets here.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Rumors, Kenya Moore Cancer Scare, Phaedra Parks UPDATE!

kenya mooreThe Donkey Booty war between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra and Kenya, has been taken to another level. Lets just say things between the two have now gotten very personal. In this weeks Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Kenya is still persistent in making sure that her workout DVD “The Stallion Booty” will be one to look out for. Will Real Housewives fans buy either one? Here’s the latest update and rumors.

Kenya Moore has dial it up a notch and now has a personal trainer to make her booty extra tight. According to Kenya, she’s going to show Phaedra how a fit body is REALLY suppose to look like. Aquarius girls can definitely be bitchy when they want to.

After Kenya and Phaedra’s nasty fight, Kenya realizes that Phaedra has now befriended Porsha. In earlier Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, Kenya and Porsha have made it clear that they do not like each other. During that time Phaedra seemed to be defending Kenya, maybe a little too much. According to Porsha, Phaedra didn’t really take the time to get to know her, although the two women didn’t have any issues.

Kenya’s hurt and upset that Phaedra a Scorpio girl, has been spreading rumors that she’s bi-polar and has a drinking problem.  So of course, Miss Kenya decides to dial the drama up a notch to make a point. She makes a “Gone With the Wind” entrance at a Shoe Dazzle charity event, modeling Phaedra’s see through fishnet outfit wearing booty pads, and a church hat. Nene a Sag, thought she has lost her mind. The war between Phaedra and Kenya will continue to rage on.

Next week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya has a cancer scare when she visits the doctor. Will our Aquarius girl be alright? Giselle, check me out on Twitter here.



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