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REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Rumors, Kenya Moore Cancer Scare, Phaedra Parks UPDATE!

kenya mooreThe Donkey Booty war between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra and Kenya, has been taken to another level. Lets just say things between the two have now gotten very personal. In this weeks Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Kenya is still persistent in making sure that her workout DVD “The Stallion Booty” will be one to look out for. Will Real Housewives fans buy either one? Here’s the latest update and rumors.

Kenya Moore has dial it up a notch and now has a personal trainer to make her booty extra tight. According to Kenya, she’s going to show Phaedra how a fit body is REALLY suppose to look like. Aquarius girls can definitely be bitchy when they want to.

After Kenya and Phaedra’s nasty fight, Kenya realizes that Phaedra has now befriended Porsha. In earlier Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes, Kenya and Porsha have made it clear that they do not like each other. During that time Phaedra seemed to be defending Kenya, maybe a little too much. According to Porsha, Phaedra didn’t really take the time to get to know her, although the two women didn’t have any issues.

Kenya’s hurt and upset that Phaedra a Scorpio girl, has been spreading rumors that she’s bi-polar and has a drinking problem.  So of course, Miss Kenya decides to dial the drama up a notch to make a point. She makes a “Gone With the Wind” entrance at a Shoe Dazzle charity event, modeling Phaedra’s see through fishnet outfit wearing booty pads, and a church hat. Nene a Sag, thought she has lost her mind. The war between Phaedra and Kenya will continue to rage on.

Next week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya has a cancer scare when she visits the doctor. Will our Aquarius girl be alright? Giselle, check me out on Twitter here.

REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Rides the Crazy Train, Phaedra Parks Lawsuit!

Kenya apollo phaedraThe donkey booty lines were drawn on Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight, with Team Phaedra on one side and Team Kenya on the other. Nothing like a little booty to make a couple of chicks act like asses. Since Kenya Moore is “Gone With the Wind Fabulous”, Phaedra feels the need to step up her game. Here’s the latest Real Housewives drama between Phaedra and Kenya.

Kenya Moore, born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, prides herself on being unique and different. She’s the queen of her castle and no one is going to take away this chicks crown. She’s positioned herself as the resident drama mama and she wants everyone else to have a seat.

Phaedra Parks a Scorpio girl is not feeling the love. Astrologically, she naturally clashes with Kenya an Aquarius. We wouldn’t be surprised if Phaedra filed a lawsuit against Kenya to stop her “Stallion Booty” dvd production. Hell have no fury like a Scorpio chick scorned. They do not mess around!

Our Pisces girl Cynthia has decided she’s on Team Kenya. A show shocker! Maybe she’s trying to stay relevant because not much drama between Peter and her this season. Which leaves NeNe Leakes a Sag to act as referee.

For Kandi Buruss a Taurus chick is way too practical for this nonsense. She’s got her man Todd and her millions to keep her warm at night, she don’t give  a damn about donkey and stallion booties.

Has Phaedra lost her mind? What drama will she stir up on Real Housewives of Atlanta? She’s playing dirty by saying Kenya is crazy, has mental and drinking problems. That’s kinda nasty and very very Scorpio. After all, Apollo spent time in jail, give me a break.

Just wait till the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, Astrochicks predicts all hell will break loose. We love Phaedra but on this issue we’re on Team Kenya’s side. The bathing suit prank was hilarious! Just sayin!


REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta, Kenya Moore Versus Phaedra Parks, Donkey Booty War, UPDATE!

phaedra parksThis week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” should’ve been  called “2 Can Play That Game” in the Donkey Booty war.  Since this season has started, we all  learned a thing or two about over the top Miss USA, Kenya Moore. There are  two things that she doesn’t take very lightly, her “Miss USA” title, and  not being able to have things done the Kenya way.

Last week,  Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo desire to produce their own work out DVD called “The Donkey Booty.” In  case you haven’t noticed, Phaedra a Scorpio girl, definitely has the booty to match the  title of her workout DVD. Her hubby Apollo who has the body of a Greek  God, knows how to maintain a tight physique, so naturally this was a smart  business move for the married couple.

Miss Kenya Moore our eccentric Aquarius girl, who’s “Gone With the Wind  Fabulous’ prides herself on being an actress extraordinaire and a  producer. Also she added CEO to her resume, when Kenya founded “Moore  Vision Media”, an independent movie production and home-video distribution  company.

Since Kenya is in the entertainment biz,  she decided to lend a  “helping hand” to Phaedra and Apollo, by landing them a distribution deal  for that hot “Donkey Booty” video. That’s what BFFs do right? They help  each other out however they can? Well that may be true, but that “helping  hand” definitely comes with a fee for Miss Kenya Moore. Aquarius girls  don’t work for free sista; didn’t you see my crown when you walked in?

Kenya an astute business chick feels she should receive a 10% distribution  fee for sealing the deal. Phaedra a Scorpio girl who must control  everything, is a shrewd entertainment lawyer as well, feels Kenya doesn’t  deserve a dime. Also let’s keep in mind Kenya was in pre-production with  this deal for 4 weeks. What are you talking about Ms. Phaedra?

After a few conversations of them going back and forth, Phaedra refused to  pony up Kenya’s 10%. After that, her “Donkey Booty” video fell flat on its  ass.

Revenge is sweet for Ms. Kenya; she’s done negotiating with Phaedra and  decides to show our Scorpio girl who’s really the boss. Kenya stated in  this weeks episode she will now work on her own workout DVD called “The  Stallion Booty.”

“The Stallion Booty” is suppose to be focused on having a strong nicely  rounded bottom, as opposed to Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” which sounds crass,  and features an over the top gigantic booty.

Kenya says, “Stallions remind you of thoroughbreds, their sleek, strong  and beautiful”. She went on to say, “Who wants a Donkey Booty? A Donkey is  slow and broke down.”Ha!

Who do you agree with? Things might get pretty ugly between these two if  Kenya sticks to her plan. For Astrochicks, we love Phaedra but we’re Team  Kenya on this deal. Although, we think that Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” will  sell more DVDs because of her fine lookin hubby, Apollo. Just sayin…Giselle – follow me at



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