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ROBERT PATTINSON Girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Interview on Love and Romance!

If Twilight fans have wondered what it’s like to have Robert Pattinson as a boyfriend, the actor calls himself a “romantic soul.” His girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, is one lucky girl.

In a new candid interview, Robert Pattinson, discusses love and dating. The Twilight star shuns casual sex and has a great respect for women. He says, “I hate the lack of prudishness, I get bored when people are ostentatious of their body. Sex and feeling for me walk side-by-side.”

Born under the astrology star sign of Taurus, Robert Pattinson is a down to earth and loyal guy. Astrologically, he places a high value on the girl he loves, is hard working, and even a little stubborn.

What about his girlfriend Kristen Stewart? She’s born under the sign of Aries and very impulsive. Based on their astrological signs, Robert Pattinson would help ground Kristen, and she would bring more excitement to his life.

Astrologically, what does the future hold for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? In his interview, RPatz says: “This is me, just me. I’m not interested in casual relationships, I need to know people. I’m not making an existential statement here: simply, I want a family, with two or three kids…”

Astrochicks predicts Robert Pattinson will take his time before he gets married. Most likely,  it will be at least four years before he decides to get engaged with a big wedding bah. Will Kristen Stewart be his future wife?  There’s a strong possibility but love in Hollywood can be a slippery slope. Hopefully Robert and Kristen’s love will be strong enough to stand the test of time. Stay tuned.

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ROBERT PATTINSON Love Update, Girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and Catherine Hardwick Interview!

Love rumors are swirling again for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. This week, Pattinson called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show for a quick interview. The American Idol host had a few questions for the Twilight actor, ranging from his secret love hideaway with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, to the crazy security on the movie set for Breaking Dawn.

Ryan Seacrest asked, “I read this that they put you guys on some kind of compound where no one can get to you, you cant get in or out. They keep the paparazzi away so that none of the secrets of the film are given away and also that the cast isn’t bothered,” Rob Pattinson responded: “I think they’re being super secretive about all the stuff on this one, but I think I can get out of my room.”

Robert Pattinson, born under the astrology star sign of Taurus is a constant joker. In a revealing new interview with Catherine Hardwick, she told Marie Claire it was love at first sight for the Twilight couple. Concerned that Kristen Stewart was only 17, she made Pattinson promise that he would stay focused and not get into any “romantic” trouble with her. What sold Catherine on Robert Pattinson was Kristin Stewart, she begged her to give him the role of Edward. The cosmic love universe at work.

Astrologically, what does the future hold for the couple? Fans are hoping the couple will get engaged, married, and have babies. Is their love one that will last forever? Robert Pattinson keeps his girlfriend Kristen Stewart grounded. With his brilliant sense of humor and positive attitude, he calms her Aries energy down. They are a perfect love match, lets hope fame and fortune doesn’t pull them apart. Stay tuned.

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KRISTEN STEWART and ROBERT PATTINSON Kissing on Hot Date at Hollywood Club!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship is getting serious. Rob took his girlfriend on four dates this week. They were spotted in various hot spots including a romantic dinner and even caught the band Jenny and Johnny at a popular Hollywood Club, LA Troubador.

According to sources who were there, the Twilight couple, cuddled in each others arms all night. Kristen Stewart stood in front of Robert Pattinson, singing and dancing along to the songs. Rob our sweet Taurus guy seemed to be happy that Kristen was having such a good time. Aries girls love to have fun.

The next night it included a intimate dinner at the exclusive Soho House, where it was reported Robert Pattinson was stealing little kisses from his girlfriend Kristen all night.

Astrologically, Rob and Kristen do have a soulmate connection. To check out their love astrology prediction click here.

ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART, Love Astrology Predictions for Couple!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are they soulmates or star crossed lovers? Every week, either a magazine or blog speculates on the couples love life. Are they boyfriend and girlfriend, will they get married, and what’s happening on the Breaking Dawn movie set. Astrologically, Rob and Kristen are a romantic match, lets take a look.

Kristen Stewart, born under the zodiac sign of Aries, sky rocketed to fame in her role in Twilight as Bella. Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have interesting charts, two lovers caught in the spotlight of fame and fandom, share a deep karmic bond that connects them on many levels. Let’s take a look.

An Aries girl,  by nature, Kristen is fiercely independent and enjoys taking risks. She has a hot temper and may end up having to apologize for sarcastic comments made in the heat of the moment. Robert Pattinson on the other hand, a Taurus,  is a down to earth guy, has a more practical and humorous approach to life.

Kristen Stewart with her Moon in Libra, expects life to be a “beautiful” experience for her,  just like Bella. Uncomfortable with strangers,  she takes awhile to warm up to people she doesn’t know. Always charming and affectionate, she tries to avoid unpleasant situations at all costs. Rob Pattinson’s Moon is in Cancer, makes him moody and deeply sensitive, very similar to his role as Edward. Romantically these two together, are emotionally challenged. Their connection creates a lot of tears, fighting and passionate make ups. Edward and Bella again.

Over the next year, Saturn will oppose Kristen Stewart’s Sun, challenging her with life’s choices. With Saturn conjunct her Moon, fans will see a more serious and somber side to Kristen. She may experience  issues with her mom, possibly disagreements around her career and what roles she should take. What about Rob and Kristen, what does their future hold? Robert Pattinson will be flying high in his career, feeling madly in love and will have a positive outlook on life. Hopefully together, he can help Kristen get through the emotional bumps she will feel over the next couple of years. These two definitely have a chance of making it.

ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART, Honeymoon in Brazil for Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s romance in “Breaking Dawn” has just turned up a notch. According to Nikki Reed, the Edward and Bella honeymoon sequence will be filmed in a exotic location. Where? Twilight will take the Vampire couple south, the sexy country of Brazil.

Nikki Reed says, “They are filming a few days [in South America], but I’m not there. It’s Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.” Nikki Reed dished the details at the red carpet premiere of Last Day of Summer, on September 22.

If they stay true to book, Edward will be overcome with lust and desire for Bella. The producers of Breaking Dawn want to make a more mature version of the film. It’s reportedly going to be a very hot and sexy scene. Will the new version of “Breaking Dawn” upset the parents of tweens who love the film so much? Possibly. Although, Edward and Bella are older now, Astrochicks thinks the audience can handle it.

Kristen Stewart says: “It does actually literally get more physical (in Breaking Dawn). They’re man and wife now. They have a kid and stuff too, so, I guess to get there that happens. We totally have sex – finally!” Wonder what Robert Pattinson thinks?

The fourth chapter in the Twilight series, which will be split into two parts, Breaking Dawn will be shooting in Louisiana and Vancouver starting in November. The movie will not be filmed in 3D, despite reports that it would.  The final Twilight saga will be released on Nov 16, 2012. Can’t wait.

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ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART, Reveals Romance Fetish and Love Secrets!

Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart are bringing romance back. Channeling Bella and Edward, the couple rocked the Bazaar magazine cover with a gothic Vampire look.  Kristen Stewart cleans up nicely.

In a very intimate interview, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart discuss the movie Eclipse and who is more romantic. Bella and Edward, manifest fans Vampire romance fetishes: Are they dating or what? Well … it’s clear that Rob and Kristen are close — very close. In a candid moment, the reporter ask the couple who is the most romantic.  “I have a no-bullshit detector,” says Kristen, “so I’d have to say Rob is. I think romance is anything honest. As long as it’s honest, it’s so disarming.” Robert Pattinson chuckles when asked the same question. “Um, I don’t know. What did Kristen say?” You. “No. I’m better at faking.” This is followed by a very long laugh. She also revealed that Rob has a very fragile ego, is super sensitive, and his music is beautifully heartbreaking. Aw….

Astrochicks would have to agree, Robert Pattinson a Taurus, is probably more romantic and stubborn. He doesn’t take no for an answer, he’s loyal and down to earth. Kristen Stewart, an Aries, is a very passionate girl and kinda bossy. She would keep Robert on his toes and he makes her feel safe.

In the interview, the reporter compliments Pattinson on how incredibly handsome he is, also they reveal they think his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, wears the pants in the relationship. Always humble, in the interview Pattinson maintains, in all seriousness, that he’s never broken up with a girl; they’ve always broken up with him. “Eventually, the girl is like, ‘I know it’s got nothing to do with me. You’re an?…?idiot.'” Why would any girl want to break up with someone as lovely as Robert Pattinson? He’s adorable.

Hopefully these two have what it takes to make their Vampire love last. To read the rest of the interview, click here. It definitely gives you insight into their personality and relationship.

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