TRUMP Predictions 2018: Rex Tillerson Fired, Ivanka Resigns, and Puerto Rico?

Donald and Ivanka Trump
October 6, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has the media waging bets on whether he will be fired or just resign. He made the news recently when he gave an interesting interview on Fox News Sunday. In the interview, he said that Donald Trump ‘speaks for himself’ when asked about the president’s values which had many people asking if the relationship between the two men is at breaking point. Our take here…


BASKETBALL WIVES: Evelyn Lozada Nasty Breakup with Carl Crawford, Love Astrology- Psychic Predictions!

August 19, 2017

Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada has called off her engagement to Baby Daddy, Carl Crawford. Why can’t our Sagittarius girl hold on to love? Does she just have bad taste in men or is she just too difficult to live with? Astrochicks takes an astrological look at Evelyn Lozada’s birth chart and her soap-opera love life. Evelyn Lozada was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 10, 1975, under the…


CHRIS PRATT and ANA FARIS Breakup: Cheating and Divorce Rumors, Astrology Psychic Love Predictions

August 14, 2017

Hollywood’s cutest couple, Ana Faris and Chris Pratt, announced this week they are pulling the plug on their 8-year marriage. What do the stars reveal for the superstar couple? Will they get back together? Astrochicks takes an astrological look at what caused the split between the couple and whether or not Pratt and Faris will get back together or get a divorce. Ana Faris first skyrocketed to fame in 2009 when…


BLAC CHYNA & ROB KARDASHIAN: Holiday Drama, Break Up or Make Up, Love Astrology Predictions

December 22, 2016

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s on again and off again relationship has fans obsessed. The latest rumor is Kris Jenner has uninvited the couple to annual Christmas party to the marriage is off. What does the future reveal about the reality star-crossed couple? Astrochicks weighs in with their Psychic Astrology Love Predictions for Blac Chyna and her man in 2017. Blac Chyna was born under the Zodiac Sign of Taurus and…


PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS 2017: Will the Stars Collide for Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

December 10, 2016

Will Kim Kardashian a Libra and Kanye West a Gemini get divorced in 2017? The superstar couple has had their share of troubles over the last few months. Their marriage has been like a bad episode of Fear Factor with Kim’s shocking robbery in Paris to Kanye’s sad mental breakdown last week. What do the stars reveal for Kardashian clan in 2017? Born under the zodiac sign of Libra, Kim…


NEW PISCES MOON, Psychic Predictions for Rihanna and Justin Bieber!

The new Moon in Pisces will shine on March 1, 2014. It’s a good time to commit to personal goals that will manifest during this period. How will it affect our favorite Pisces celebrities: Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Carrie Underwood? The stars will align for water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Good vibrations will flow and it will be time for you to take a leap of faith. No dream…

February 18, 2014

APRIL FORECAST – Moon in Cancer, Expect an Emotional Hangover This Weekend!!!

In my weekend forecast, Moon is in Cancer on April 3rd and 4th. What does this mean? Expect others to be super sensitive, moody, and possibly romantic. Most people feel extra emotional during this time period, even a little depressed. Whatever is on your mind and in your heart will be brought to the surface. Time to break out a box of Kleenex. Also, it’s a great time to have…

April 3, 2009