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BLAKE SHELTON and MIRANDA LAMBERT Breakup Rumors, Marriage on the Rocks?

Have Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert split? The week before the new season of The Voice, breakup blake and miranda rumorsrumors are flying that Blake may a wandering eye and a cheating heart. Leaving our poor country girl, Miranda Lambert, broken hearted. Are the media reports true of tabloids just making stories up? Here’s the latest rumor update on everything Blake and Miranda.

Showing off his Gemini sense of humor, Blake Shelton tweeted: “Hey @mirandalambert… I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart! FOCK!,” “The Voice” coach wrote on Sunday.

“Oh no! Can’t wait to read if we make it or not,” Miranda Lambert a Scorpio, tweeted back.

Just because Blake and Miranda are making fun of the cheating rumors, doesn’t mean they haven’t had problems in the past. Love in the fast lane is never easy, plus when you’re both thousands of miles apart, it’s bound to put a strain on any marriage.

Astrologically speaking, Miranda Lambert a Scorpio girl, better buckle up because she has a rough road ahead of her. She will be faced with making important choices in love, family and career. She’s a tough cookie and will make the right decisions.

For Blake Shelton a Gemini, he loves change and thrives on adventure. His life is a rollercoaster and he wants to ride it everyday. For his wife Miranda, I’m sure that can be annoying at times. Although, he keeps his marriage fun and spontaneous.

Astrochicks hopes these two can work through any problems they might have.  in 2014, they need to put love first and put career on the back burner. Don’t forget to tune in to The Voice on March 25th, they’re going to kick American Idol’s booty.

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