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DANCING WITH THE STARS SPOILERS, Voted Off Mike the Situation or David Hasselhoff?

Dancing With the Stars spoiler, the bottom two couples are Mike the Situation and Karina, also David Hasselhoff. Who did America send home tonight?  With both Mike the Situation and David Hasselhoff only scoring 15 points each, it was hard to say, warning do not read further if you don’t want to know who was sent home tonight.

Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, who didn’t have time to practice was thought to be a fan favorite. Shockingly Margaret Cho and Michael Bolton are allowed to stay another week. Who is the fan base? Anyway, Mike the Situation, who is a great comedian is definitely not a great dancer. He IS a better dancer than David Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff last night looked drunk as he gyrated to Sex Bomb by Tom Jones. Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, like Mike the Situation, he’s definitely lovable but seemed a bit stiff on the dance floor. Should Mr. Baywatch be voted off Dancing With the Stars?

The musical guests were Santana and Chris Daughtery, the couple that was voted off tonight was David Hasselhoff, what a show shocker. I really thought that “The Hoff” would get to stay a few more weeks, what a bummer. His daughters were super cute on the show. Also, David Hasselhoff was a great sport. Astrochicks will miss him. Glad that Mike the Situation got to stay.

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DANCING WITH THE STARS SPOILERS, Bristol Palin Crush on Mark Ballas, Mike the Situation!

Dancing With the Stars was phenomenal tonight. Warning Dancing With the Stars spoilers ahead, some surprise performances by Bristol Palin, Rick Fox, Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, and Kyle Massey stole the show.

Everyone expected Bristol Palin to be boring but that girl proved us wrong. She has incredible chemistry with Mark Ballas and I think there may a crush or even romance blooming. It was obvious that Mark Ballas adored Bristol Palin and they look very cute together. She wore a red hot fringe dress and did a sexy Cha Cha. Why did she decide to be on Dancing With the Stars? Bristol Palin said, “It’s an amazing opportunity to be on a positive, uplifting, family-oriented show that brings some fun competition into America’s home every week. Mama Sarah Palin should be proud.”

Rick Fox, what can I say, he is very dreamy. Although a former pro basketball player, he was incredibly graceful on the dance floor and the ladies love him. Cheryl Burke gets all the hot NFL and NBA stars, now we just need to find our girl a man.

Mike the Situation, what can I say, I love the Jersey Shore cutie. Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, I think his personality will capture America’s heart, but he needs to work on his technique. He definitely shares electric chemistry with Karina Smirnoff, they seem to be having a great time together which I wouldn’t be surprised if they start dating. He needs more practice but I think he will do well on Dancing With the Stars show. He’s just too much fun. Come on MTV fans, vote for your man.

The breakout star of the night was Kyle Massey from the Disney Channel. I didn’t even know who he was. But he has personality, style, and it’s super fun to watch him work the dance floor. His partner, Lacey Schwimmer, is the perfect Dancing With the Stars partner for him. They are both young and cute together. Kyle posted on his Twitter page, “Season 11 of DWTS has officially begun! May the trash talking and moon walking begin haha.”

Jennifer Grey stole the show, I think they channeled Patrick Swayze tonight. Astrochicks thinks Michael Bolton will be the first to go home on Dancing With the Stars. Based on tonight’s performances, I’m sorry he may be a great singer but he is BORING on the dance floor. I think the top four celebrity dancers are Kyle Massey, Brandy, Jennifer Grey, and Bristol Palin. Don’t forget to vote!

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DANCING WITH THE STARS, Mike the Situation Partner Karina Smirnoff, No Bachelorette Ali?

The new cast of Dancing With the Stars cast was announced last night. Sadly, Bachelorette Ali and her future hubby Roberto were not on the list. Astrochicks was surprised that ABC chose Bristol Palin and Margaret Cho over our girl Ali. The only cast member who looks remotely fun is David Hasselhoff and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

On Monday, Dancing With the Stars rehearsal was in full swing. Mike the Situation, was reportedly absent because he’s wrapping up production of Jersey Shore. “I’m going to lose a couple days practice,” Mike Sorrentino told People magazine. “But I don’t mind being the underdog. I promise to try my hardest and practice as much as I can and be the best that I can be. I hope the Situation Nation shows up to support me. … I have a ticket or two reserved for Pauly D and Snooki.”

The Sitch admits he’s feeling pretty lucky these days, given the fact that, come September 20, when the new season of “DWTS” begins, he’ll be on two hit shows. “It’s pretty unbelievable for me to be on one of the biggest shows on MTV to one of the biggest shows on TV,” he explained. “There’s enough Situation to go around.”

Mike the Situation, born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, should be a fan favorite. I think our GTL reality star should have some mad dance skills and bring more fun to the Dancing With the Stars show.  Most likely he will be paired up with either Cheryl Burke or a new rumor is Karina Smirnoff. Will that translate into a off screen romance? A source told In Touch, that Karina thinks Mike the Situation is cute. Should be interesting.

Although Bachelorette Ali and Roberto won’t be on the show, Astrochicks will still watch DWTS.  Astrologically, we predict that Mike the Situation will  make it to the final four. Stay tuned!

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DANCING WITH THE STARS Rumor, Bachelorette Ali Out, Will Roberto Martinez Appear on the Show?

I’m so shocked that Ali Fedotowsky has not been announced to appear on Dancing With the Stars this season. In a recent Extra interview, she confirms she has not been asked to appear on the show. Has her fiance Roberto Martinez been invited to put on his dancing shoes? What’s the official Dancing With the Stars rumor? The answer is yes. Not sure if it’s true, but I’m sure Bachelorette fans want to see either Roberto or Ali.

According to MSNBC. The girls line up is: teen mom Bristol Palin, sexy Audrina Patridge, comedian Margaret Cho, actress Jennifer Grey, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, and singer Brandy.

For the boys, ABC has cast the following: singer Michael Bolton, basketball player Rick Fox, Baywatch David Hasselhoff, Jersey Shore Mike the Situation, and who else? It leaves room for three more guys. Astrochicks is crossing her fingers that Roberto Martinez will be one of the remaining three.

The only two cast members on Dancing With the Stars I’m excited about is Mike the Situation and Audrina Patridge. Why would they choose Margaret Cho over Ali Fedotowsky? UGH! I guess ABC casting is trying to pick a wide spectrum of celebrities to appeal to all fans.  Originally Kristie Alley was asked to appear on the show but passed on the opportunity. She posted on her Twitter page she was too chicken to go on the show. Come on Kristie, think of all the weight you would lose.

Anyway, ABC will make the official cast announcement on August 30th. Don’t forget to wish Roberto Martinez a Happy Birthday! You can follow him here on Twitter.

DANCING WITH THE STARS Rumors, Mike the Situation, Bachelorette Ali and Roberto Martinez Fan Favorites to Win?

Dancing With the Stars has cast an interesting show this season.  The dance floor will be flooded with reality stars including: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Audrina Partridge, and maybe even Ali and Roberto from the Bachelorette. The newest cast members announced is Bristol Palin and David Hassellhoff, I hear the Hoff does a mean salsa.

In a new interview with Extra, Ali Fedotowsky was asked if she was joining Dancing With the Stars, along with her fiance, Roberto Martinez. Here’s what Bachelorette Ali said. “No, we really haven’t been asked,” Ali lamented, as we chatted with her at a Gold’s Gym, where she was trying out UbiSoft’s new dance workout WII game. “I swear! Call me, I would love to!” Astrochicks is surprised Bachelorette Ali hasn’t been asked but Bristol Palin has. Is Bachelorette Ali keeping a secret? They definitely would be a fan favorite. Two hard working Virgos, would take those sexy dance moves very seriously.

Twitter is buzzing about Bristol Palin’s casting on DWTS and one particular tweet stood out on Twitter: @Jesus_M_Christ: Bristol Palin is considered a “star” but Pluto is no longer a planet? Messed up. We couldn’t agree more but Republicans love Sarah Palin and her baby girl Bristol. I wonder what Levi Johnston thinks about all of this? That’s right, he’s too busy running for Mayor of Wasila to care.

Astrologically, it looks like Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino or Roberto Martinez have the best chance for winning Dancing With the Stars. America loves Jersey Shore and the Bachelorette. In the end, it will depend on which dance partners each one gets. I expect Mike the Situation to definitely make it to the final four, born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, he will emotionally connect with the audience.  Can’t wait till the season starts.

MIKE THE SITUATION, New Girlfriend, Dancing With the Stars, Jersey Shore Millionaire!

Is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, MTV’s most popular Jersey Shore star?  ABC has confirmed,  Mike the Situation will be appear on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. That should be fun. He will be joined by Audrina Patridge, singer Brandy and maybe even Bachelorette Ali.  Sorrentino will continue to rake in the dollars, his contract has been renewed for Jersey Shore, he’s launched his own clothing, has a new fitness video, and has even been offered a movie role. Kaching! 

Hollywood Reporter estimates that Mike The Situation will earn over $5 million dollars in 2011. MTV is paying The Situation over $60k per episode, throw in his endorsement deals, product lines and appearance fees — which he is paid $15,000-$50,000 a pop — our Italian Stallion is rolling in cash. In fact, Mike the Situation calls himself, the reality king.

In a new interview, Mike the Situation says he’s focused on his career and isn’t dating one steady girl. What no new girlfriend? Maybe he could hook up with Jennifer Love Hewitt, she needs a boyfriend. Jennifer is a Pisces girl and would make a good romantic match. After all, if Jennifer Love Hewitt Kennedy can date Jamie Kennedy, she can DEFINITELY date Mike the Situation.

Mike Sorrentino born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, is the ulimate Mama’s boy. Sweet and sensitive, his family means everything to him. Astrologically, the next two years could be challenging for Sorrentino emotionally. Living in the spotlight will take its toll on our baby boy. By 2012, it looks like Mike the Situation will spring back and find love.  Will our Jersey Shore boy actually get married? It sure looks like it.

For now, he’s content to be the Jersey Shore reality king. I bet he will make it to the final four on Dancing With the Stars, stay tuned!

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