IRON MAN 2, MICKEY ROURKE Thinks Most Movie Stars Suck as Actors!!!

Mickey Rourke, steals the film, as Whiplash in the new movie Iron Man 2. He may be back in the Hollywood game but that doesn’t mean he won’t voice his opinion on other Hollywood starlets. Enjoying  the A list again, after his Oscar nomination for the Wrestler, he’s not very impressed with several young stars acting chops. In a new interview, Mickey Rourke outs an actress for not having her…

May 8, 2010

MICKEY ROURKE, Pass the Purel, Star Brags He Had 14 Women in One Night!!!

I think I’m going to have to change my celebrity crush. Mickey Rourke, a Virgo, recently bragged to a UK gossip magazine about how much tail he gets in Hollywood. Virgos definitely have a kinky side but this is a bit over the top. He says… “Forget Ashley Cole, his behaviour has nothing on a film star. WAGs [wives and girlfriends of soccer stars] get an easy time – they should…

March 6, 2010