REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – The Boys Are Back, Casting For Season Two!!!

In case you’re wondering, there will be a Real Chance of Love, Part Two. Surprise Suprise!!! The boys have been holed up in the studio and of course before the album drops, it’s time to do some marketing. According to VH1, they are looking for 20 smokin hotties to get their groove on with Real and Chance. VH1 Reports: If you watched Real Chance of Love, you know the road…

April 19, 2009

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – Risky Calls MediaTakeOut Liars and Tells Them to Get a Life on her MySpace Page !!

Risky, one of the girls from Real Chance of Love, is taking head on. In recent gossip reports, MTO has insinuated that Risky prefers girls over guys. In her new MySpace blog post, she says it ain’t true. Risky’s MySpace post: Ok, this Mediatakeout shit is getting ridiculous. First, I was gay with by best friend b/c we took some normal pics, like all girls take at the club….

February 5, 2009

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – After the Reunion Show: Did Real Dump Cornfed for MILF???

Poor Cornfed, I guess Real broke her heart after all. Why do you have to be such a dog Ahmad? According to her recent interview with Media Take Out, Real was seeing other girls from the show on the side. He was flying girls out to see him and telling her having a “relationship” was bad for his career. Really? Why the hell are you asking Hoopz to marry you?…

January 30, 2009

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – Reunion Update: Did Real and Cornfed Get Back Together???

If you caught Real Chance of Love’s reunion show last night, it looks like Real and Cornfed might be back on. Although, Real looked less than enthusiastic, the couple hadn’t spoke in a couple of months. Why? As I reported earlier, I think he still has the hots for Hoopz. Now, it looks like Corned aka Abbie Noah is his back up girl. Cornfed’s hometown paper reports: When Givens joined…

January 27, 2009

REAL CHANCE OF LOVE – Is Chance Having Baby Number Two With Girlfriend Kemi???

As I posted earlier, it looks like Chance is still with his girl Kemi, and they are expecting their second child. Also, Real and Cornfed are no longer a couple. If rumors are true, they never really were a couple. Of course, there will be a Real Chance of Love 2. The boys have to pay bills and Chance’s new baby will need some diapers. MTO Reveals: If you didnt…

January 25, 2009