CHRISTINA AGUILERA, Talks Boyfriend Matt Rutler, The Voice Reality Show!

Christina Aguilera, star of the hit series “The Voice,” has risen from the ashes to claim her spot as top diva once again.  In a new interview, she discusses her divorce from Jordan Bratman, her new boyfriend Matt Rutler, and her issue with drinking.  Christina’s all about getting real. In her new interview, Christina Aguilera even hints that both she and Bratman had affairs during their marriage. “At one time…

June 17, 2011

CHRISTINA AGUILERA Divorce Final, Arrested for DUI, Boyfriend Matt Rutler Jailed!

Christina Aguilera, another Hollywood starlet spiraling out of control. Arrested yesterday, along with her boyfriend Matt Rutler who was charged for a DUI in West Hollywood. The pop singer needs to go to rehab ASAP. Is her new boyfriend a bad influence or is Christina Aguilera having an emotional breakdown? Or was she out celebrating that her divorce was final? Christina Aguilera, another Sagittarius girl just like her former Disney pal,…

March 1, 2011

CHRISTINA AGUILERA Drunk, Boyfriend Matthew Rutler Crash Birthday Party!

Is Christina Aguilera having a meltdown? The last year has been a rough ride for the pop singer, from a messy divorce with soon to be ex husband Jordan Bratman to her new album tanking, Christina Aguilera appears to like getting her party on way too much. Is she headed for rehab? This weekend, Christina Aguilera and her new boyfriend crashed Jeremy Renner’  birthday party. The only problem is the drunk…

January 20, 2011

CHRISTINA AGUILERA Divorce Update, Boyfriend Matt Rutler and Heartbroken Husband?

Christina Aguilera who filed for divorce from hubby Jordan Bratmann, has already found a new boyfriend. The Burlesque star, has  fallen in love with unknown Production Assistant, Matthew Rutler, who looks VERY similar to her ex husband. WEIRD! In fact, Christina has been jetting her boyfriend all over the world, this weekend their love touched down in Tokyo. Christina Aguilera who has been battling cheating rumors, recently revealed why her marriage…

December 4, 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA New Boyfriend, Dating Matthew Rutler a Product Assistant?

Christina Aguilera has a new movie, Burlesque, and a new boyfriend.  The singer was spotted out with new love, Matthew Rutler, a production assistant on Christina Aguilera’s new film. She was spotted double dating with Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden, at Hollywood’s Soho House.  Really a set assistant, doesn’t Joel have some rockstar you can date? Christina Aguilera who filed for divorce from her baby daddy, Jordan Bratman, a record producer….

November 27, 2010