MARRIED TO MEDICINE Casting Rumors, Mariah Looking for New Housewive to Fire Kari?

Married to Medicine’s first season ended with a bang. Queen Bee, Mariah Huq, told Andy Cohen she may replace one of the six housewives. Who’s leaving? Will Kari or Tacky Toya be fired or has Dr. Jackie decided the drama was too much? Here’s the latest Married to Medicine spoilers, rumors, reunion update and casting news. This week, Astrochicks was emailed an official casting notice by the producers of a popular reality show. It definitely…

June 2, 2013

MARRIED TO MEDICINE Reunion, Toya and Kari Fired, Casting Rumor Update!

Married to Medicine’s reunion ended with a cliff hanger. Queen Bee, Mariah Huq, told Andy Cohen one of the doctors housewives may not be invited back next season. Who’s on the chopping block? Will Tacky Toya or Kari Wells get fired? Here’s the latest Married to Medicine spoilers, cast rumors and update. This season, the Married to Medicine cast was divided in three seperate camps. Mariah and Quad on one side, Toya and…

May 28, 2013

MARRIED TO MEDICINE Spoilers, Mariah and Toya’s Birthday Fight, Divorce Drama and Jealousy!

Welcome to the BBQ, Toya continues to feel the heat for divulging family secrets on Married to Medicine. Mariah Huq hurt that Toya betrayed her confidence by telling the ladies that Dr. Aydin was not her daughters biological father, definitely has a reason to be upset.  Number one rule, don’t mess with my Mama and never with my babies. What was Toya thinking? The doctors birthday bash turned into a WWE brawl,…

May 12, 2013

MARRIED TO MEDICINE Update, Mariah Huq How She Met Her Husband, Family Secrets!

Is Married to Medicine a classier version of Real Housewives of Atlanta? After last weeks cat fight between Mariah and Toya, fans aren’t so sure. Will friendships and marriages unravel on Married to Medicine like the Real Housewives? Here’s the latest Married to Medicine spoilers, rumors, predictions and latest update. When it comes to life, Mariah Huq the Executive Producer of Married to Medicine, likes to keep it real. She addressed last weeks…

April 21, 2013

MARRIED TO MEDICINE, Mariah Versus Kari, Classy or Trashy Trophy Wives Battle!

Married to Medicine is a cross between Real Housewives of Atlanta meets Beverly Hills. The series follows the daily lives of six women in the Atlanta medical community; two of the women Jacqueline and Simone are REAL doctors, the other Real Housewives just happened to be married to doctors. It’s the clash between classy and trashy trophy wives. The main drama mamas are Kari Wells and Mariah Huq. Kari who’s the…

April 7, 2013