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MARIE OSMOND Wedding, Remarries Ex Stephen Craig, Love Astrology Predictions!

In an intimate wedding ceremony, Marie Osmond remarried her first husband Stephen Craig on May 4th. In the bridal tradition of something old and something new, the singer after losing 40 pounds on Nutrisystem wore her old bridal gown from 1982.  Still looking as beautiful as she did 30 years ago, life and love is all about second chances.

Marie Osmond’s new positive outlook on life comes after a very painful tragedy in her family. In February 2010, her adopted son Michael Blosil committed suicide at age 18 by jumping from his apartment window in downtown Los Angeles.

In fact, Marie Osmond chose May 4 as her wedding day to Stephen Craig because it was the birthday of both Michael and her late mother. The lovely new bride gushed to ET about her surprising wedding. “Everything has been perfect and we just both can’t believe it. We’re so happy, and you know how you just know when something’s right? “[Stephen] has been there for me and he’s just my best friend, you know, and loves my kids.”

What are Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig’s love astrology and psychic predictions? Astrologically, born under the astrology sign of Libra, Marie Osmond is a true romantic at heart.  Full of love and charm, she had been looking for her Prince Charming and found out that it was her first husband Stephen Craig all along. The next year for Marie Osmond and her husband will be about building a new foundation for the family. One based on love, respect, and trust.

After Marie Osmond’s devastating divorce to ex husband, Brian Blosil,  our Libra girl lost her way for awhile. Hit with the heartbreak of her son Michael, it allowed Marie the opportunity to reconnect with ex husband Stephen Craig. Fortunately for the two, they fell in love all over again and have a lifetime of happiness to look forward to. Astrochicks wishes them the best. Congrats you two!

MARIE OSMOND Oprah Interview, Breaks Silence Over Teen Sons Tragic Suicide!

Marie Osmond concerned over the recent wave of gay teen suicides, has decided to share her very personal story with Oprah. Last year, the actress and singer experienced a devastating blow when her 18 year old gay son died. On February 26, 2010, Osmond’s son Michael committed suicide by jumping from the 8th floor window of his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. It was reported her son had battled depression for most of his life, including rehab at the age of 16.  

Marie Osmond born under the astrology sign of Libra, is best known for her incredible beauty and charm. A very private person, a source says Marie Osmond has decided to open up her heart and share her personal pain over the loss of her son. She hopes by speaking out, she can help other parents and young teens who may be struggling with the same issues. The source says,  “Marie never imagined she would have the strength to talk about this devastating subject, but with so many gay teens committing suicide recently she had no choice. Against the advice of her family and friends Marie herself decided it was time to speak out and called Oprah to ask if she would be interested. This will be the hardest interview Marie has ever done. You can expect a lot of tears and rare pain that only a parent who had lost a child could ever understand. She knows Oprah will ask the hard questions like ‘Do you blame yourself?’ and ‘Do you think you could have done anything differently?’ But Marie isn’t afraid. She has been asking herself those questions every day since her son took his life.”

Astrologically, the next two years will be a challenge for Marie Osmond as she works to overcome her grief. By speaking out, sharing her son Michael’s story with fans, it will allow her heart to heal. From the ashes, she will find a deeper faith and comfort from others love and support.

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MARIE OSMOND, Getting Married, Heartbroken Mom Finds Love Again With First Husband Stephen Craig!!!

Marie Osmond, after the heartbreaking loss of her son a few weeks ago, has found love again. Who is it? Her first husband, Stephen Craig. 50, will remarry her first husband.

Osmond, who recently lost a teenage son to suicide, reportedly rediscovered feelings she had for former basketball star Stephen Craig,  The couple, who married in 1982, had a son, Steve, and divorced in 1985, remained friends and have tentatively agreed to remarry.

They have one child together, Stephen James Craig who was born on April 20, 1983 and was later adopted by Osmond’s second husband Brian Blosil. Osmond and Craig divorced in the mid 1980s.

An insider said: ‘Stephen helped Marie pull through (after Michael’s death) … He asked her to marry him and she’s accepted. The truth is Marie never stopped loving him. I think they were just too young when they first hooked up. The timing just wasn’t right. Now it seems to be.’

Marie, a charming Libra girl, is looking to find more meaning in her life. After the tragic suicide of her baby boy, she’s putting her personal life first now. Hopefully, the second time around for Stephen Craig and her will work. Congrats to the happy couple!

Isn’t Marie Osmond absolutely gorgeous for her age? 50 never looked so good. Dang girl!

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MARIE OSMOND, Why Did Her Ex Husband Brian Blosil NOT Attend Their Sons Funeral???

Marie Osmond, has canceled her Las Vegas show to continue to mourn the loss of her 18 year old son, Michael Bryan. Emotionally devastated michael blosil marie osmondover the fact he committed suicide, additional disturbing information has been revealed about his relationship with his dad.

It’s reported that at the time of Michael’s death, he was estranged from his father, Brian Blosil. In fact, it was so strained, he didn’t even attend his son’s funeral. Over the years, Michael had grown estranged from him to the point he had petitioned to legally change his last name from “Blosil” to “Bryan.”

In his Utah petition he wrote, “My relationship with my father while I lived at [home] was extremely strained, at the present time, I have no relationship with my father and have no desire to continue to carry his last name.” His request was granted on March 1 and his death certificate refers to him as “Michael Bryan.”

In addition, his sister Jessica also applied to drop Blosil and take the name of Osmond. In her petition she wrote:

“While I lived with my parents, my relationship with my father, Brian Blosil, was extremely strained,” she wrote in her name change affidavit. “At the present time, I have no relationship with my father and have no desire to continue to carry his last name. … I wish to be known by my mother’s surname, Osmond.”

She was granted the name change on March 5, one week after Michael’s death. Thoughts and prayers go out to Marie Osmond and her family during this difficult time. Losing a child is probably one of the most heartbreaking experiences any mother could have.

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MARIE OSMOND, Her Son Michaels Best Friend Tried to Stop Him From Committing Suicide!!!

Heartbroken Marie Osmond, is reported to be in disbelief over her adopted sons suicide. Tragically, the 18 year old teen michael blosilleapt to his death on Friday night. Marie, who was doing a show in Las Vegas with her brother Donny, immediately canceled her performance to return to Los Angeles.

Losing a child, is a parents worst nightmare. Even more sad, is when they take their own life. What happened? It’s reported, Michael Blosil, suffered from depression and recently had completed a rehab program. An excellent student, he had a 3.9 grade average and was attending the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles.

On Friday night, according to his roommate Sean Srnik, he seemed to be in good spirits.

He told ET:

“Everything seemed fine,” Sean says, obviously shaken by the events that transpired Friday night. He describes Michael as “The happiest, most fun guy I’ve met in my life,” saying his suicide was a complete surprise to him. “It’s something I would never expect from somebody like this.”

On the night of his death, Sean says, “Michael got a phone call and he left the living room … around 9:15 or 9:20, and then he left. About five minutes later [his best friend] Ruth Ann came in. She asked, where’s Michael? We were like, ‘He just left…he always leaves when he talks on the phone.'”

Sean says Michael’s friend was concerned and “ran into his room … that’s where she found the note on the bed.” A few minutes later, she heard the police sirens and looked out the window to see Michael laying on the ground downstairs.

So shocking, so sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to Marie Osmond and her family. His funeral is expected to be held this weekend in Utah. :(

MARIE OSMOND, Heartbreaking News, Her 18 Year Old Son Jumps to His Death!!!

What a crazy week, first Andrew Koenig commits suicide and tragically, Maria Osmond’s 18 year old son, Michael Blosil, michael blosil marie osmondcommitted suicide Friday evening in Los Angeles.

It was reported, Blosil jumped to his death from his downtown apartment building around 9PM, according to new details obtained by ET Online. The Los Angeles Fire Department was quickly dispatched after receiving a phone call and found a body believed to be Blosil’s upon arrival. An autopsy on the body may be conducted as early as tomorrow, says ET.

Blosil left a suicide note behind, he said the reason for his decision to end his life was due to his life long battle with depression. He was the adopted son of Marie Osmond and her former husband.

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time,” Marie said.

In a telephone interview, Donny Osmond told ET, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

Osmond and her ex-husband, Brian Blosil, adopted Michael. Following their divorce after 20 years of marriage, Michael became depressed and in November 2007, entered rehab.

“Those kinds of things are really very hard for a teenager to deal with,” Osmond told PEOPLE in March of 2009. “And if he ever wants to talk about it … he will, but it has to be their choice. It’s not my choice.”

Depression, is a deadly condition that plagues millions of people. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family. May Michael’s soul rest in peace. The funeral is expected to be held late next week.

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