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LOVE HIP HOP NY Reunion Spoilers, Joe Budden and Erica Mena Cheating, Rumors Update!

love hip hop ny reunion spoilersThe Love & Hip Hop NY reunion part one, shed new light on each cast members personal drama. They revealed who was keeping it 100% and who was straight up lying. This included, Joe Budden at the top of Love & Hip Hop’s list for the messiest love life and Erica Mena right behind him. Here’s the latest cast news update and spoilers for Love & Hip Hop’s reunion, part two.

Joe Budden a Virgo and a mama’s boy, set the record straight on his love triangle with Tahiry and Kaylin.  Tahiry admitted that Joe pushes her buttons but his own mama said that she wants the exes to get back together.  His ex girlfriend Kaylin, tearfully said she’s happy if Joe’s happy, but it was painful this season watching her man fall in love with another woman. Which means, she’ll definitely be back for more drama next season on Love & Hip Hop NY. Dang, if you’re going to get your heart broke, you might as well get paid for it.

For Tahiry, we hope she has eyes in the back of her head. Especially, since Joe Budden admitted he was cheating on her with Kaylin. Why do you want to take back a man, who has addiction problems and a wandering eye? I guess you can’t help who you love, but surely there must some other dude just as fine as Joe Budden.  Besides he’s a Virgo, they always seem to have “intimacy” issues.

The Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz and Olivia love triangle continued to play on rotation for the Love & Hip Hop reunion. Rich says he loves Erica but Olivia’s making more money for her man. What does Erica need him for anyway? She confessed she still loved Rich and her “R” tattoo was an homage to him. She did, however, admit to cheating on him with more than just Tiffany, which means she probably loves him but is NOT in love with him. We think she will continue to swim in the lady pond.

Astrochicks predicts the cast will return for Love & Hip Hop NY season four. Just in time for Joe Budden to mess with Kaylin and Tahiry’s mind a little bit more. He likes his love life complicated  and will continue to ride the love rollercoaster until one of the girls steps off.

For Love & Hip Hop NY reunion spoilers, part two. Engagements will be announced and a nasty fight will break out. Lots of tears and shade thrown around for everyone to enjoy. Next stop, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

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LOVE HIP HOP NY Rumors, Joe Budden and Tahiry Love Connection, Kaylin Garcia Moves Out!

joe budden and tahiryThey say, if you love someone set them free, it they come back they’re yours and if they don’t, they never were. For Love & Hip NY star, Joe Budden, this quote rings true. The king of all love triangles this season, Budden, has finally chosen a lucky lady to win his heart. Will Joe Budden’s real girlfriend please stand up?

Budden a Virgo, may claim he’s a confused man when it comes to love, but others might think he’s a stone cold player. Either way, his love biz, definitely made for an interesting storyline this season on Love & Hip Hop New York.

After relapsing and slipping back into addiction, Budden, reached out to ex girlfriend, Tahiry, for some moral support. Leaving his girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, standing on the highway of love wondering what happened. If your man claims to be only “good friends” with his ex, I wouldn’t buy it. In Astrochicks opinion, that usually means they have some unfinished business, just like Budden and Tahiry.

Lovin a rapper can’t be easy, you’re alway going to have some Video Vixen or groupie wanting to be with your man. For Joe Budden, he’s a sexy dude but as a Virgo male, they’re usually carrying some heavy emotional baggage and we’re not talking Gucci.

We feel for Kaylin Garcia, but Budden and Tahiry share a deep history. Together, they have a twisted soulmate connection, fueled by music, drugs and intense sexual chemistry. When you add a layer of trust and friendship, Kaylin’s bags should have been packed a long time ago. In fact, rumor has it she’s finally moved out of Budden’s house. Was Tahiry’s moving truck parked behind her?

We only hope she got paid “big money” to appear on Love & Hip Hop New York. Unless of course, she will be back next season to try win Budden back. Kaylin Garcia’s definitely not going away quietly, she recently told MTV, that she and her man know what they have. She wouldn’t reveal the exact status of the romance but says, “There’s three sides to the story. There’s Joe’s side, there’s my side and there’s the media’s side…I know what it is and he knows what it is.” Stay tuned.

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LOVE HIP HOP New York, Raqi Puts Jen On Radio Blast, Yandy’s Helicopter Mom, UPDATE!

love hip hop nycOn this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY, Jen and Raqi sat down with Ebro, the Program Director of Hot 97 to pitch a radio show idea. Both Jen and Raqi share a radio background, and came up with the idea of doing a show together as two chicks in the biz, since this is something that hasn’t been done before.

During their sit down with Ebro, he lets them know he’s open to hear their idea, but he isn’t looking for anyone to fill a slot on air. The ladies both agree, their radio show could be a web based show on Overall, Ebro doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea but he agrees to do a test. Prior to the first show, Ebro issues a no flirting rule with the artists. It seems Ebro was referring to Raqi, since she wears the proud title of being an “industry hoe.”

During the test run of their Hot 97 web show, Jen and Raqi got the chance to interview Vado, who’s a rapper from NY. Vado is known for his affiliation with the Harlem rap crew Dipset.  Throughout the entire interview, Raqi always the rulebreaker, does the opposite of what Ebro said, which was no flirting with the artists. The show focused more on Raqi and Vado’s hook up connection, since Jen barely got to take part in the interview.

Naturally crazy drama ensued, Jen got upset and put Raqi on blast the next day. The two ladies argued, Raqi felt the radio show was her idea and Jen would be her cohost. The sit down between these two didn’t end well, and ended up with Jen leaving the scene. Raqi’s parting shot was  “Good luck getting on.” Jen’s response was “I’m white, trust me I will get on.” In return, Raqi threw one final low blow, stating Jen’s man, Consequence, apparently tried to hit on her too and she has the texts and pics to prove it. (jump off)

Moving on to Love & Hip Hop stars Yandy and Mendeecees, Yandy is still caught up with her helicopter mom constantly involved in everything. During her family photo shoot, which was supposed to be between Yandy, Mendeecees, and their son Amir,  Yandy’s mom shows up as well. This annoys Mendeecees, who has no knowledge of her mom coming to the photo shoot.

At the photo shoot, Mendeecees learns that Yandy’s mom is moving to New Jersey due to her husbands new job, and Yandy wants to follow like a good little girl. In fact, Yandy even went looking for a place in Jersey without even telling her man. This causes Mendeecees to split the photo shoot fast, making it clear he isn’t moving to Jersey, especially with Yandy wanting to be close to her mother. After Yandy comes to her senses, she realizes how she hurt Mendeecees, and that he has the right to be upset.

With Mendeecees birthday coming up, Yandy decides to do something special for him. After meeting up with her “pud” as she likes to call her, Kimbella her BFF and baby mama to rapper Juelz Santana, she tells Yandy it’s time to spice her love life up. Kimbella thinks Yandy should do a sexy video for him. Yandy is open to the idea but wants the video to be sexy but still classy.

Yandy takes Mendeecees to the hotel where they spent their first night together. They have dinner and she lets him know his gift is waiting for him upstairs. Mendeecees, who thinks it might be an regular gift is completely shocked when Yandy plays the tape on the television and it’s a tape of Yandy dancing seductively like a video vixen. Mendeecees is pleasantly surprised birthday boy and enjoys every minute of his video gift.

Yandy might have earned a couple cool points with Mendeecees for doing a sexy video for him, but she needs to let go of her mother’s hand if she wants her baby daddy to take their relationship further. No man is going to marry a woman who wants to live in the same house with her mom upstairs or downstairs. Yandy better learn its time to move on with your own family. You might get a ring faster that way or maybe she should find a different man. I’m just saying. Giselle, follow me on Twitter here.

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LOVE HIP HOP New York, Erica Mena Twitter Drama, Angela Yee Puts Her on Blast!

erica menaLove & Hip Hop New York’s Erica Mena is a delusional diva. Her middle name should be drama!!! This time around, Erica parked herself in a situation that quite frankly could hurt her.

Erica Mena a Scorpio girl is now at odds with a very popular radio personality Angela Yee from “The Breakfast Club” on New York’s top radio station Power 105.1. According to several reports, Angela Yee posted a link on Twitter of a snippet of Erica Mena’s debut single “Fantasy.” In the tweet Angela proposed the question “What ya’ll think of Erica’s singing”?

Angela’s Twitter fans began throwing shade at Erica after they heard the snippet. People on Twitter began serving haterade on Erica left and right. So of course, Erica took notice to her mentions on Twitter, and realized what had happened.

Erica tweeted “ You really need to be asking what people are going to think when I slap the blood out your face.” In a retweet to Somaya Reece, a former cast member of Love & Hip Hop New York season one, Angela tweeted “You hear this teacup Chihuahua.” What?

Erica Mena is known for taking things to another level, no matter the situation. So she took her Twitter beef to Angela’s radio job!! Erica posted pictures of herself in front of Angela’s job wearing sweat pants, and football face paint, carrying a box of donuts with insults written on the box.
Angela Yee spoke exclusively with TheYBF, saying Erica didn’t say a word to her as she walked into work.

“I hope she gets the help she needs. I walked past her and company this morning into my building, and didn’t even pay any attention to the cab sitting out front. She didn’t say anything to me, and I didn’t even realize it was her until she posted pictures on Instagram holding doughnuts and wearing football makeup” said Yee.

As Erica continued her ridiculous Twitter rant, she tried to insult Angela’s business deal with Belvidere.”E Money feeds the hungry! Your breakfast is waiting @angelayee ! #SponseredByCiroc F**k Belvey Lmfao @angelayee is real hungry in the Am’s. Talking about me & My SON so I decided to come bring her some breakfast today!!” Erica tweeted this in response to Anglea sending her a tweet, which said “Its 6:04a.m do you even know where your son is”? Yo Erica, have a seat girl!

Apparently, Angela a Capricorn chick put Miss Mena on blast according to one of Erica’s tweets. “Damn this chick that she shook just asked Power 105 to ban all #Loveandhiphop cast from the building! Smh think before you talk about some1 kid. Smh I was being nice too, I just brought the bitch some donuts ! LMFAO.”

Ok, this chick Erica Mena is beyond childish. You’re going show up to a Radio Personalities job to confront her over a snippet of your song that she tweeted out? Which obviously did not get a good response, so you’re mad at Angela for that?

Now if Angela Yee really did make sure that Power 105.1 ban all Love and Hip Hop’s cast members from being at the station, you Miss Erica Mena just damaged the platform for the rest of castmates. Power 105.1 serves as a major platform for all entertainers, and music artists to get a chance to get themselves noticed, and to promote whatever it is they have.

Not a very smart move on your part Erica. Angela Yee is known in NYC, and I’m pretty sure she has everyone in the city on her side for this one. This Erica chick is definitely creating her own downfall. Maybe Hot97 Radio in New York will entertain Erica, because she sure can’t use Power 105.1 anymore. I wonder what her boo Rich Dollaz thinks about all of this. This is the chick you’re supposedly about to marry? Good luck girl! ——Giselle follow me on Twitter!

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LOVE HIP HOP New York, Joe Budden Drug Relapse, Tahiry and Kaylin Love Triangle, UPDATE!

joe buddenOn last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop New York it was sadly revealed that rapper Joe Budden had a drug relapse and was dancing with the devil again. While a nasty catfight erupted between Tahiry and Raqi at Joe Budden’s pool party, Joe came to Tahiry’s defense and kicked Raqi out of his pad. As we all know, Tahiry is the ex girlfriend of Joe and Raqi is his “best friend.” Oh the drama.

The way Joe kicked Raqi off his property didn’t sit to well with her. She felt as if he dogged her and treated her like a stranger. According to Raqi, he defended a chick who he constantly bashed to Raqi. Talk about a slap in the face right? Now to be honest during that scene, Raqi clearly antagonized Tahiry, which led to Tahiry almost giving Rai the ultimate beat down. Don’t mess with that chick.

On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, after some deep thought,  Joe a Virgo kept it real and admitted that he was high on drugs at his pool party. That’s the reason he gave, for going off on his “best friend” Raqi.  Although Joe believes she started the whole thing, and he’s not too interested in whether Raqi wants to continue being his friend or not, Joe decided to make amends. During his heart to heart with Raqi, he revealed that he had relapsed and lets her know why he acted so crazy, but Raqi isn’t really trying to accept his apology.

At this point, Joe now has his mother worried about his relapse, which he also confessed to her. Obviously, Joe’s reaching out to those he loves and is asking for help. He’s been a sober soldier for 14 years and now he’s hit a rough patch. In order for his mother to get him the help that he needs, she confides in his former girlfriend Tahiry, who she believes is the only person that can help him get clean again. Let’s keep in mind, Joe is in what appears to be a serious relationship with his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, shouldn’t she be the one to help him get sober. Astrochicks predicts there’s some drama brewing, even though Joe’s mother and Tahiry have maintained a good relationship, despite her split with Joe. Does Joe’s mom believe that Kaylin is a bad influence on her boy? Perhaps.

Tahiry is now caught between a rock and a hard place, as she loves Joe dearly and has always been there for him, but also knows that in order to move on with her life, she needs to step aside and let Joe figure it out. In order for her to move on and find love again, Tahiry can’t leave the door half way open for Joe to come in whenever he’s in trouble, or needs her. That’s what sponsors and family are for.

Which leaves me with this question… If Joe Budden’s been clean for such a long period of time while in a relationship with Tahiry, why do you think he’s now relapsed? Well, Joe’s current girlfriend is pretty young. We’ve seen her in a ton of raunchy photos, which surprisingly enough, she allows Joe to take. She has the image of “living wild, young, and free.” Could it be this new chick isn’t a strong enough woman to keep Joe on the right track? I mean it seems as if he’s almost in an open relationship with this girl. If you haven’t seen some of their nasty photos, you might want to Google that. I mean he takes pictures of her and posts them on Instagram, and these are photos that should be for his eyes-only when you’re in a real relationship. Just keeping it real. Giselle

LOVE HIP HOP New York, Joe Budden and Tahiry Love Addiction, Season 3 Spoilers, UPDATE!

Love & Hip Hop is headed back to New York with a new cast and attitude. This season,  Chrissy and Emily B were given their walking papers, with new players including: Joe Budden, Tahiry, Consequence, Raqi Thunda and Rashidah Ali. What can VH1 fans expect this season? Lots of crazy love drama, here’s what’s rolling in during season 3.

First, Astrochicks thinks that Chrissy and Emily B are going to regret leaving Love & Hip Hop. It’s a major show, which fans absolutely love and if they want to stay relevant, they should have parked their Gucci shoes and stayed for awhile. Seriously, who is Yandy going to fight with now?

For Yandy, she wants to marry her baby daddy and they struggle to keep the love alive. Olivia, wants to dive deeper into her music career and instead barely makes a splash.

For the newbies, Joe Budden will struggle with his addictions and his ex girlfriend Tahiry is a shoulder to lean on. These two, will probably be the breakout stars for Love & Hip Hop, New York. They will replace Jimmy and Chrissy, as the main love drama characters.

Joe Budden’s a Virgo, we find most of these dudes have all kinds of issues when it comes to love, drugs, etc. He shares the same zodiac sign as Charlie Sheen, Micky Rourke, Kobe Bryant, Hugh Grant, Ludracris, and Michael Jackson. Get the picture? Charming but with a freaky side.

You can check out the super sized trailer here. Love, these reality soap operas. Enjoy!

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