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DANIELLE STAUB Court Order, Evicted out of Jersey Mansion Moves to Weehawken!

Is Danielle Staub in serious financial trouble? Life after Real Housewives of New Jersey isn’t so sweet. According to Tom Murro the Celebrity Magnet, refuses to give keys to her Jersey mansion, even after a divorce court order to evict her from the property.

In Celebrity Magnet’s exclusive conversation, the Coldwell Banker real estate agent Bob Lindsay, says dealing with Danielle Staub’s property has not been easy. Neighbors are not happy with the run down condition of the house. The agent is frustrated with her antics and even after 8 months, Danielle Staub still will not allow agents in her house. Still no way to confirm if the house is equipped with former Real Housewives of New Jersey stripper pole. I thought our Leo girl moved to a condo?

In this exclusive interview, it sounds like working with Danielle Staub is not fun. The real estate agent, Bob Lindsay, is very candid in the Celebrity Magnet video interview. According to Bob, there are several people would love to view the home, along with several broker agents. Danielle Staub has continued to stonewall her husband and the courts over the sale of the mansion.

It has to be sad for Danielle Staub and her kids, to leave the place they’ve called home for the last 16 years. According to Bob Lindsay, our Lego girl Danielle finally moved out of the  house on September 8, 2010. Although, she fought it every step of the way claiming she needed a safe haven for her daughters. Which is true.

The agent calls Danielle Staub’s mansion a diamond in the rough and is in one of the best neighborhoods in New Jersey. The house is on the market for 1.095,000, based on a “as is condition”. The agent claims the price may drop based on the inside condition of the home. Compared to California prices, that’s a steal. If you’re in the market for a million dollar mansion or just a lookey loo, you can contact Coldwell Banker here. For more juicy Real Housewives of New Jersey news, visit Celebrity Magnet. I wonder if Danielle Staub is still with Lori Michaels?

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Danielle Staub Fired, Bravo Drama and Cat Fights!

Has Danielle Staub been fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey? Why would Bravo want to get rid of the cash cow? Several articles have said she has been fired, another one that Danielle Staub is getting her own spin off reality show, and another statement where Bravo says they haven’t made up their mind on Real Housewives of New Jersey cast next year.  More drama.

Daily Mail reported that a “inside source,” said ‘Danielle Staub was told that she would not be returning for a third season,’ an insider told Life & Style magazine. [The firing] came as a complete shock, and she thought she was definitely going to return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.’

Danielle Staub a Leo girl, whose motto is ‘You either love me or you hate me,’ is best known for her cat fights with her co-stars, along with her colorful past and the drama she stirs up on RHOJ. I don’t see how they could fire Danielle Staub, Bravo should get rid of Jacqueline or maybe Caroline who are very boring.

Danielle Staub released a statement saying, ” Don’t worry. Next year, I’ll still be the one you either love to hate or hate to love.”  She didn’t say it would be on Real Housewives of New Jersey but it’s reported the drama mama has her own spin off reality show in the works. It will star Lori Michaels, her two daughters, and herself. Will fans still watch? Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Birthday Drama, Danielle Staub Catfight, Did Kim G Crash Her Party?

Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub, celebrated her birthday this week. A few people NOT on the birthday invite list were Teresa Giudice and Kim G. Of course, that didn’t stop the birthday drama from unfolding for our Leo girl, according to Tom Murro the Celebrity Magnet.

There are rumors that Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim G,  actually crashed Danielle Staub’s party. There definitely was major drama at Danielle Staub’s birthday bash on August 10th. While Kim G  DID appear at the event, she WAS NOT invited by Danielle Staub and she DID NOT CRASH the party, according to our friends over at Pop Culture Madness and Celebrity Magnet himself.

Kim G  like the classy lady she is,  was the guest of Tom Murro.The party was at Scores on 28th st. in NYC, and Tom decided to bring Kim G along as his date. (captured that on video!) When Tom and Kim G. walked the red carpet, someone on the line sent Danielle Staub a text warning her that Kim G was there. That’s when the Real Housewives of New Jersey cat fight unfolded.

Like a drama mama, Danielle Staub, called the Scores owner and said that she wouldn’t come to her own party unless they kicked Kim G out, and that’s where all hell broke loose. We’ll have more details (and Pictures!) from Tom later today… Stay tuned.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Danielle Staub’s Hot Make Out Session With Girlfriend Lori Michaels!

Celebrity Magnet, Tom Murro, is back and he has some VERY juicy Real Housewives of New Jersey gossip.  Tom recently hit up a celebrity partay at Lucky Strike with his good friend, Eric Kelly, who was an Olympic boxer back in the day. Needless to say, Danielle Staub and her girlfriend Lori Michaels were appearing at the event, singing their new tune, “Real Close.”

Celebrity Magnet can officially go on the record saying,  “Lori Micheals and Danielle Staub, are quite a bit more than just friends.” He says, the two lovebirds had a hot make out session and were snuggled up the entire night.

After the show, Murro chatted with Danielle a bit, complimented their performance, and Danielle said “yeah thanks honey”.  While in conversation, Celebrity Magnet mentioned to Staub that he lives in the same town as the Manzo’s,  she told him “I feel sorry for you honey.”

After a bit of more small talk, Murro offered to show Staub his flip video of Elvira Grau, her potential new arch nemesis for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Of course, Danielle Staub was less than thrilled, after all she’s a Leo girl and needs to be the center of attention.

She told Murro in a pissy tone ” I have no interest in seeing that bullshit and I don’t even watch the show”. She doesn’t watch the Real Housewives show? Liar liar pants on fire Danielle. I envision her at home having several TV’s blaring her show, posters of herself, and her song “Real Close” playing 24/7.

Murro says Lori Michael however ,was sweet and polite, she even went out of her way to come say goodbye and exchange emails before leaving. A chick with class, that’s cool.

Thanks for the dish Tom! Astrochicks loves it!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Danielle Staub’s New House, Divorce Debt and Teresa Giudice!

Danielle Staub has been a bad girl. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is dishing out financial advice to her arch nemesis, Teresa Giudice. In fact, she calls Teresa out on her lies about her bankruptcy mess and her house being in foreclosure.

Danielle Staub recently attending a PR event, Casio Shock the World and she stopped to chat with  reporters. She said, “I’m going to tell her what I told her before — your house is in foreclosure,” Staub says. “I wasn’t lying and you did know.”

But Danille Staub is no stranger to debt herself. “Divorce put me in debt. I didn’t lie about that. But we’re talking $100,000. We’re not talking $11 million,” she says. “I think people need to spend within their means and if you don’t know what you have, you need to communicate with your husbands.” I guess that’s why she’s buying a new house?

Danielle Staub a proud Leo girl, also shared some advice for ostentatious Housewives everywhere. “If you have it, don’t flaunt it because it will come back and bite you,” she warns. “Be very humble, be grateful for the opportunities that have been given to you and try to teach your children that hard work is definitely something that becomes lucrative to you in the end.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has her house up for sale and Staub is looking for new digs in a luxury West New York or New Jersey building. I wonder if she will move in with new girlfriend Lori Michaels? Stay tuned!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, Kim G Dishes Dirt on Danielle Staub and Her Girlfriend Lori Michaels!

Last night, on “Watch What Happens,” Andy Cohen treated fans to an interview with Bethenny Frankel and a Skype interview with Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim G.  Is Kim G replacing Dina as the new real housewive? Andy was a bit coy when Bethenny asked, but based on all her drama with Danielle Staub and the other girls, she’s gotta be.

Celebrity Magnet, Tom Murro has busted out a couple of new You Tube interviews with Kim G. That girl loves to stir the pot and is dishing the gossip. First, she accuses Danielle Staub’s new lesbian relationship with Lori Michaels as a publicity stunt.

In one video clip, Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim G says, Danielle Staub’s relationship with Lori Michaels will never last, just like all her other lovers, gay or not. In fact, she feels sorry for Lori Michaels and says she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself in to.

Danielle Staub, who has her Jersey mansion on the market,  is reportedly shopping for a luxury apartment in West New York. Staub was spotted looking at a high-rise on 22 Avenue at Port Imperial and cruising around in a Bentley.  Staub decided against that building after she was informed that Kim Granatell owned a unit in the building. Wait a minute, I thought Staub was broke?

“Danielle freaked out,” said a source. “She said they were no longer friends and didn’t want to be living that close to her.” Kim G was said to have found out about Danielle Staub’s apartment search after her concierge e-mailed her on Facebook to warn her that the Real Housewive of New Jersey was in the house.

I wonder if Danielle Staub our Leo girl will be shacking up with her new girlfriend Lori Michaels? As far as Kim G is concerned, she thinks Danielle should move to Paterson, New Jersey. Astrochicks thinks maybe Elizabeth, New Jersey might be more appropriate.

The interview is hilarious, check it out here. Kim G’s boy toy, Celebrity Magnet, gives the entire scoop here. Delicious!



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