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CRAZY HEARTS Nashville, Bad Bad Leroy Powell, Honky Tonk HeartBreak!

Crazy Hearts Nashville Leroy Powell Crazy Hearts: Nashville goes backstage into the honky tonk lives and lyrics of several country rockers, who are lookin for fame and fortune. Where Crazy Hearts in Nashville, fall in and out of bed with each other, creating several messy love triangles and drama for your viewing pleasure.

The ring leader is bad bad Leroy Powell, baddest man in the whole dang town, who leaves a trail of broken hearts and empty whiskey bottles along the way.  An accomplished musician, Guitar Player Magazine says, “half his riffs smell like beer and honky-tonks, while the other half sound like redneck cousins of Led Zeppelin.” Ya, baby!

Leroy’s got plenty of swag, but Astrochicks questions his taste in women. He’s dumped girlfriend Lee Holyfield,who he calls “wife” material for a more down rent kinda chick, Hannah Fairlight.  Personally, we think he’s afraid of commitment and Lee’s daddy, Waylon, who’s a man you probably don’t want to mess with.

Leroy thinks Hannah runs a good defensive game. We think she’ll be played out by the end of the Crazy Hearts Nashville season. Astrochicks sees the way he looks at Lee, perhaps, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of her love? Lee’s a romantic girl at heart, probably a Libra, who thinks she’s found her Prince Charming but we would really prefer to see her with a more traditional guy.

Astrochicks Astrology prediction….Leroy will want Lee back but she will find a new man. The country fried drama is addicting, which will be guaranteed to be renewed for a new season. You can catch Crazy Hearts Nashville on A&E, on Thursday night at 10pm. Enjoy!


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