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VINCE VAUGHN – Did He Buy His Canadian Girlfriend a $125,000 Engagement Ring???

Love is in the air for funnyman Vince Vaughn. It’s reported he has bought a $125,000 engagement ring for his girlfriend,vincevaughn.jpg Kyla Weber. His girlfriend, is from a small town outside of Calgary and is a former real-estate agent. She and Vince have been dating since 2008.

Now, since Kyla has hit the Hollywood boyfriend jackpot, she will probably become an aspiring actress and model. Most recently, the two were spotted dining together at a Chicago restaurant, Japonais, with Vince’s parents! Things must be getting serious.

“They were sitting close together at the table, holding hands and being affectionate. The four shared a bottle of Quintessa wine and dined on sushi.”

Our lovable Aries guy, has had one movie hit after another. He is getting great reviews for his upcoming film, Couples Retreat. It should be a riot. Quite the ladies man, he’s dated: Michelle Williams, Joey Lauren Adams, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Williams, and of course Jennifer Aniston.

Congrats to the hottie, if it’s TRUE he really getting married. Stay tuned.



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