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ROB PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART News, Demi Lovato Dating Wish, Rumors Update!

rob and kristen breakupThe Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumors never end. On one spectrum, the Twilight couple are split for good, just like Taylor Swift’s song, they are never ever getting back together. On the other side, they’re so sweet together and Kristen is the supportive girlfriend, while her man films in Australia. Which brings us to the latest. The newest report is Robert Pattinson is hooking up with another celebrity. Could be true? Warning Rob and Kristen news, rumors, and updates.

Rob Pattinson a sexy Taurus boy, no doubt is a super loyal boyfriend. He’s down to earth and practical, doesn’t like to be a player and really just wants one girlfriend. The poor guy was totally blindsided when Kristen Stewart was caught cheating. What should he do? Go out and find another celebrity hook up or look for a regular girlfriend, someone who would be more dedicated to him.

According to Opposing Views,  Selena Gomez recently announced Demi Lovato’s crush on Rob Pattinson.  Our Leo girl, mentioned she would love to connect with “her fans” down in Australia. I bet!

“I always say I need to get down to Australia,”, quoted Lovato saying. “I have so many fans there and they want me to go and it hasn’t worked out. Hopefully I get to make it there soon. I’ve been thinking of coming to Australia for years and it’s just a matter of trying to plan a tour because it would be so mean to just go to one city. I’d want to do a whole tour down there, but it’s been so difficult.”

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks would tell Rob Pattinson to run away as far as possible from Demi Lovato. First, she has some personal issues she needs to deal with. Also, she’s a total drama mama and we don’t see the love connection between the two. Yes, they would make great friends but he would actually be better off dating someone like Selena Gomez instead. Now, that’s a love match we would like to see. Unfortunately, she likes bad boys like Justin Bieber and Shia LaBeouf, we think Rob would be too nice for her. Just sayin…

ROBERT PATTINSON News Update, Kristen Stewart Lonely Holiday, Astrology Predictions!

Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend Christmas apart this holiday season?Although rumored to be spending it together, Rob was spotted on Christmas eve boozing it up at Sun Inn pub, all alone. Wow, sounds like he was spending a lonely night without his girl. Will the couple reunite for New Years? Here’s the late Rob and Kristen rumors, news update, and Astrology love predictions.

For many people, they choose to celebrate Christmas with family and New Years eve with friends. This holiday, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, spent it thousands of miles apart. With Rob, opting to spend Christmas in London with family and his on again off again girlfriend was in LA. It’s rumored, Rob’s family is not happy that he’s back with Kristen, and thinks he should move on after she was caught cheating. Of course, you can’t help who you love but they definitely are not thrilled with Kristen’s behavior.

For Kristen Stewart an Aries girl, she definitely has independent streak and doesn’t really care what others thinks. Dealing with her own personal family issues, her mom and dad recently announced their divorce. The theme of love and commitment, will play out for Kristen throughout 2013. Freedom or marriage? Which will she choose?

Astrochicks, astrology love predictions for Rob and Kristen are two fold. We predict,  Pattinson and Stewart will continue to find common ground in the aftermath of the cheating scandal. They both truly love each other and will take baby steps to heal the emotional scars.

With Rob Pattinson a Taurus, he will try to be strong and take a practical approach to making love work. He’s stable and secure, he values love and commitment. He wants marriage and a family.

For Kristen Stewart an Aries girl, she’s impulsive and wild. She reacts before thinking about the emotional consequences of her actions. Which means, Astrochicks thinks she will continue to hurt Rob and take his love for granted. Not really marriage material at the moment.

We would love to say wedding bells will be ringing but we don’t hear them. Our astrology love predictino is if Rob and Kristen are committed to making the relationship work, together we could see these two getting married in two years. If not, they will split by next summer. Happy Holidays!

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SANDRA BULLOCK and JESSE JAMES Beach House, Real Estate Pictures Inside $6 Million Dollar Home!

Sandra Bullock’s and Jesse James love nest in Sunset Beach has been put on the market for $6.75 million. The home was originally purchased in 2003 by Jesse James BEFORE he married Sandra Bullock. Jesse James has decided to sell his beach home so he can move to Austin and be closer to his soon to be ex wife.  I guess, Jesse James hasn’t given up hope that they might be able to reconcile someday.

A beautiful oceanfront California beach home, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James home features a warm and inviting living room that overlooks the ocean.

The house is listed by Realtor Chuck Buscemi and highlights of the mansion include:

  • The house, on a 40-foot by 90-foot corner lot, was remodeled from the ground up in 2002.
  • The home has 4 bedrooms with in-suite baths plus a powder room and a large media room.
  • There’s a glass-enclosed swimming pool with ambient mood lighting.
  • The master bath shower has glass walls, for ocean views.
  • A 3-car garage has a built-in tool crib and space for an extra car or workshop.
  • As you might expect, the home has a “state of the art surveillance system with multiple security cameras, professional quality video and audio systems throughout.”

Not sure how quickly the house will sell, the market is still pretty soft in Orange County. Sunset Beach is a uber cool community and very private. It’s just a heartbeat away from Huntington Beach and a fave place for the tattoo crowd.

On a side note, Sandra Bullock accepted a Guys Choice Awards for “Entertainer of the Year” was in good spirits and will accept another award tonight at the MTV Movie Awards. Looking hot in a tight black leather dress, our Leo girl is loving all the attention and the warm reception fans have given her. Jesse James on the other hand, continues to keep a low profile and is focused on rebuilding his life. As the song goes, “Love Stinks” sometimes.

SANDRA BULLOCK, Hot Leather Dress, Jesse James Jokes and Guys Choice Award!

Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at the Spike TV Awards last night and received a standing ovation. Looking smoking hot in a tight leather dress, she looked absolutely radiant and probably thinking Jesse James who. She even made a couple of jokes about her marriage, calling it a “spectacular I.E.D. (improvised explosive device) explosion that became my personal life!”

Sandra Bullock stopped by the Guy Choice Awards to accept the “Entertainer of the Year” awards. During her acceptance speech Sandra said:  “I would sing but you’ve seen enough pain in your lifetime. I would dance, I’m a pretty good dancer, but as I mentioned the dress is a little tight.God, you guys are so good at being serious, I love it.

So I would like to do something I’ve always wanted to do in person which is to thank you. To thank all the men and women that make it possible for me to wake up in the morning free, able to speak freely, to think freely, to make choices freely and to go to sleep safely. And it’s because you’ve made this your life’s mission without judging, without saying I’m not going to go to work because you don’t believe what I believe, you just do it because it is the right thing for you to do and I thank you so much. So having a dad that is a veteran, I see the sacrifices he made for his country and I’m so lucky every day to wake up having what I have and I thank you guys for that and I thank you guys for this. Thank you so much.”

Sandra Bullock our Leo girl, will also appear tonight, to accept a “Generation Award” at the MTV Movie Awards. Living well, is the best revenge after all. You go Sandy!

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MTV MOVIE AWARDS, Sandra Bullock or Kristen Stewart, Best Female Performance?

Sandra Bullock will be making her first public appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6th. She’s up for a couple of awards, including “Best Female Performance” in the Blind Side. She has some stiff competition. Other actresses up for the award include Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfriend, and Zoe Saldana. Who should win?

Sandra Bullock, who was absolutely AMAZING in the Blind Side will definitely get the fan vote. She should win “Best Female Performance” just for how gracefully she handled her marriage scandal with Jesse James. Of course, Twilight fans will have Kristen Stewart’s back but can she really win over Sandra Bullock or Zoe Saldana in Avatar?

Bullock a Leo girl, is the ultimate movie star. Beautiful, passionate and knows how to work the red carpet. Kristen Stewart an Aries, still a newbie to the movie scene, recently said in an interview she thought fame felt like getting raped. Hmmm, not quite so gracious.  Maybe Sandy can give her a few pointers. That could be a deal killer for winning the award.

Sandra Bullock definitely has my vote. You can vote as well at MTV Movie Awards. Don’t forget to watch all the action on June 6th at 9/8 central. AstroChicks is sooo excited, we will be live on the red carpet arrivals. Can’t wait to see Sandy!

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