NIKKI REED – Caught Crying at the Airport Over Robert Pattinson or Paris Latsis!!!

Well, it looks like Nikki’s on again/off again crush on Robert Pattinson is over. She has a new man in her life. Who is he? Paris Hilton’s ex billionaire boyfriend, Paris Latsis. Yesterday, she was caught having a cry fest over leaving her new sweetheart. Aahhh, how cute. Crazy Days and Nights Reports: Checking in with Nikki was Paris Latsis. You might remember Paris. He is the billionaire who used…

August 4, 2009

ROBERT PATTINSON – Mobbed by Fans, Studio Hires Bodyguard to Protect Vampire Hunk in Italy!!!

As they say, fame is a double edged sword. For Robert Pattinson, it’s reached mass hysteria, in fact the studio has hired bodyguards to protect the stars of “New Moon” from crazy fans. But when the “Twilight” cast recently went overseas for work on the sequel “New Moon,” they saw that the insanity has become even wilder. MTV Reports: “Italy was intense,” Ashley Greene marveled. “We literally all had two…

June 5, 2009