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ROBERT PATTINSON News Update, Kristen Stewart Lonely Holiday, Astrology Predictions!

Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend Christmas apart this holiday season?Although rumored to be spending it together, Rob was spotted on Christmas eve boozing it up at Sun Inn pub, all alone. Wow, sounds like he was spending a lonely night without his girl. Will the couple reunite for New Years? Here’s the late Rob and Kristen rumors, news update, and Astrology love predictions.

For many people, they choose to celebrate Christmas with family and New Years eve with friends. This holiday, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, spent it thousands of miles apart. With Rob, opting to spend Christmas in London with family and his on again off again girlfriend was in LA. It’s rumored, Rob’s family is not happy that he’s back with Kristen, and thinks he should move on after she was caught cheating. Of course, you can’t help who you love but they definitely are not thrilled with Kristen’s behavior.

For Kristen Stewart an Aries girl, she definitely has independent streak and doesn’t really care what others thinks. Dealing with her own personal family issues, her mom and dad recently announced their divorce. The theme of love and commitment, will play out for Kristen throughout 2013. Freedom or marriage? Which will she choose?

Astrochicks, astrology love predictions for Rob and Kristen are two fold. We predict,  Pattinson and Stewart will continue to find common ground in the aftermath of the cheating scandal. They both truly love each other and will take baby steps to heal the emotional scars.

With Rob Pattinson a Taurus, he will try to be strong and take a practical approach to making love work. He’s stable and secure, he values love and commitment. He wants marriage and a family.

For Kristen Stewart an Aries girl, she’s impulsive and wild. She reacts before thinking about the emotional consequences of her actions. Which means, Astrochicks thinks she will continue to hurt Rob and take his love for granted. Not really marriage material at the moment.

We would love to say wedding bells will be ringing but we don’t hear them. Our astrology love predictino is if Rob and Kristen are committed to making the relationship work, together we could see these two getting married in two years. If not, they will split by next summer. Happy Holidays!

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ROBERT PATTINSON Cheating on Girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Rumor True or False?

In the latest Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumor mill, one popular gossip site is claiming that RPatz is cheating on his girlfriend. Who is the mystery lady? She’s reportedly one of the actresses on the set of his film ,Cosmopolis, in Toronto. We don’t believe it for a second. Rob would never cheat on Kristen.

In a story by Metrowny, has reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a big fight over the fact that they haven’t seen each other in almost a month, Also, supposedly Kristen is upset that Rob has been partying too much in Toronto. Is it true? You can read the entire article here and decide for yourself.

Kristen Stewart a possessive Aries girl, is said to be unhappy that Rob keeps hitting the town, so has ordered him to tone down his wild ways. Another gossip site Showbiz Spy reports: “He’s been out almost every night at concerts and dinners with pals – and this is hot on the heels of him going out clubbing with Sienna Miller in London a few weeks ago.” Astrochicks would be concerned about Sienna Miller as well, she’s definitely a man eater and a boyfriend stealer.

The source said: “Kristen’s upset about Robert Pattinson’s partying and ended up having a tearful showdown with him over the phone, saying he’s acting as if he finds life boring with her. She’s feeling insecure because she’s back home looking after their dog Bear and hasn’t seen him for weeks.” Astrochicks advice, get on a plane and go see your boyfriend.

Astrologically, we think Robert Pattinson a Taurus is just having fun. He’s a social guy and has lots of friends. We seriously doubt he would cheat on his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. Every relationship has its ups and downs, even the Twilight couple. We don’t see a breakup for Rob and Kristen anytime soon. We think the rumors may be a PR stunt to get the gossip blogs buzzing about their relationship. Mission accomplished!

ROBERT PATTINSON Missing Girlfriend KRISTEN STEWART, Jeff Buckley Movie Role?

Robert Pattinson is busy shooting his new film in Canada and feeling a bit lonely without his girlfriend Kristen Stewart.  The Twilight stars have been separated while RPatz has been in Toronto filming Cosmopolis. While Kristen is in London shooting Snow White and the Huntsmen. Awww, missing his lady love.

Talking about the Twi-lovers’ tricky situation, a ‘source’ has told American mag InTouch: “Rob and Kristen are used to spending every second together, working and living in the same place…Not being together has been hard.”

For Robert Pattinson, he’s been hanging out with friends in Toronto and was shockingly denied entry into a VIP party thrown by Vice Magazine. I guess they’re not Edward fans or possibly didn’t recognize our Taurus boy. Not to worry, Rob kept it cool and they talked to the security guards and was eventually let in.

For our Aries girl Kristen Stewart, it has been all work and no play for her. She’s diving deep into her new role and doesn’t have much time to socialize. Principal photography for Snow White starts on June 20th and our girl has to memorize her lines.

For Pattinson, after shooting Cosmopolis, he has his fingers crossed he will be chosen to star in the Jeff Buckley bio pic. He has been competing for the starring role, with producers considering Penn Badgely, James Franco or possibly choosing an unknown actor. Rob apparently really wants the role. So much so that he paid a personal visit to Buckley’s mother and an exec producer on the film, Mary Guibert.  YIKES! I would hate to be competing against James Franco, he’s pretty friggin amazing.

Not to worry, our Taurus boy has a big year ahead of him in 2012. After the Twilight franchise takes a bow, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will have time to focus on their love and relationship. We expect their romance to heat up and they will announce a possible engagement next summer. For now, they will have to rely on Skype and lots of texting to stay connected.


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ROBERT PATTINSON Best Friend, Girl Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge, and Prince Harry?

Who is Robert Pattinson’s best friend? Is it girlfriend Kristen Stewart or one of his mates from London, like Tom Sturridge? In a new interview, Robert Pattinson reveals he use to pretend he was one Prince William’s best buds. Wouldn’t Prince Harry be more believable?

Robert Pattinson says: “When I first came [to the U.S.], it was very easy to convince people that you’re a member of the royal family — or it least that you kind of know people – the first time that you go out in LA,” Robert said in an interview that aired on the UK’s “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday. “You know, I hadn’t worked for three years – I was unemployed in London.

“[People would ask] ‘What have you been doing for the last three years?’” R-Pattz continued with a laugh. “‘Oh, I’ve been at RADA [Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts] with Prince William.’ And they’d go, ‘Oh, that sounds wonderful! You’re English – I completely believe you!’”

Unfortunately, no Royal Wedding invites for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I guess they are not Twilight fans. Although, RPatz a Taurus, would actually be a great mate for Prince William a Cancer, not to mention his wife Princess Catherine, who is a Capricorn. They would actually probably become best friends if they ever hung out together.

For Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart, they are gearing up for Twilight mania when Breaking Dawn hits movie theaters this summer. Will it be the best film of the Twilight saga? Well at least fans will get to see Bella and Edward finally consummate their love and have a little Vampire baby.

For Robert Pattinson’s best friend Tom Sturridge, he has been hooking up with Sienna Miller in a little rebound love. She recently split with Jude Law and Tom is helping her with a broken heart. Just what the doctor ordered. Stay tuned!

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ROBERT PATTINSON Girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Save Cute Shelter Dog Bear!

In a new Breaking Dawn interview, Robert Pattinson talks about love, girlfriend Kristen Stewart and of course his newly adopted rescue dog Bear. The Twilight couple saved the shelter dog from death row, rescuing him two days before he was going to be put to sleep.

In a new Elle interview, Robert Pattinson says, “Bear was two days away from euthanasia. We thought he was traumatized by his near-death experience,” he tells the magazine.   Pattinson says before taking in Bear, the little guy was found in a trash can outside a bar in Louisiana. Aww, poor baby.

Robert Pattinson a protective Taurus, had this to say about dating girlfriend Kristen Stewart,  “People think we have people organizing everything, that it’s all a publicity stunt. It’s not,” Rob says. “There is no magical entourage- you’re just a person on your own. You have to figure it out.”

Astrologically, Astrochicks thinks that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are happy the Twilight movies are winding down.  It will give the couple some well deserved privacy, where they both will get to take their love relationship to the next level.  Now that they share a love nest and dog together, what’s next ? Will wedding bells ring in the future?

For Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, if their love stands the test of time, Astrochicks predicts an engagement in 2014 for the Twilight couple. Both independent and free spirited, they don’t need a legal piece of paper to define their love.  For now, they will live together as boyfriend and girlfriend, exploring what Hollywood love has to offer. Stay tuned.

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ROBERT PATTINSON Love Rumors, Girlfriend Kristen Stewart Birthday Bash!

Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up?  The latest rumor is that their hectic schedules have kept the lovers apart.  Is it true? Lucky for birthday girl, Kristen Stewart, it appears to be false. The Twilight crew celebrated our Aries girl, 21st birthday in Vancouver, Canada with R Patz by her side.

The Twilight  private birthday bash at Rockwell’s Bar & Grill in Squamish, Vancouver, for Kristen Stewart. By her side was Taurus boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who kicked off the celebration singing “Happy Birthday.”

US Magazine reports: ‘Robert Pattinson led the crowd singing for her, and you could tell she was so embarrassed but in a cute way,’ a source said. ‘Everyone was in a good mood, but it was a bittersweet night (as filming is almost complete). ‘Rob and Kristin were together all night. They held hands and he kissed her cheek a bunch of times.’

A second insider added that her cast mates all pitched in to buy her a motorcycle. ‘Robert Pattinson was so excited for Kristen Stewart, they each took turns riding it,’ said the source. ‘Kristen learned to ride a dirt bike in New Moon so they thought it would be appropriate. Rob was supervising as she sat on it to make sure she was ok. They looked like they were having a great time, and it will be something they can really enjoy.’

Astrologically, Kristen Steawart has a big year ahead of her. A new chapter in her life, with Robert Pattinson and her taking their love relationship to the next level. Astrochicks doesn’t expect these two to break up anytime soon. There will always be rumors. They share an incredible soulmate bond. Happy Birthday Kristen!

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