NENE LEAKES Divorce Drama, Greg Leakes Cheating, Heartbroken and Betrayed!

Real Housewives of Atlanta divorce drama, has hit a new level for NeNe Leakes. This season, we see our Sagittarius girl at her breaking point with husband Greg Leakes. They appear to have a total breakdown of communication and it’s rumored that Greg may have cheated on our girl NeNe. Say what? I guess Nene has no other option BUT to file for divorce. NeNe Leakes decided to set the…

November 29, 2010

REAL HOUSEWIVE OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks Secret, Husband Apollo Nida’s Criminal Past!

Phaedra Parks, one of the most interesting new Real Houswives of Atlanta, has quite a few secrets in her closet. In the new season, Phaedra has told multiple stories on how she met her super fine ex-con husband, Apollo Nida.  She claims to have been college sweethearts with Apollo, when in fact, she’s reportedly seven years older than him. Astrochicks did some investigating and found a very interesting article about Phaedra…

November 27, 2010

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, Phaedra Parks and Husband Apollo New Baby!

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars, Phaedra Parks and husband Apollo Nida, are the proud parents of a new baby boy. In an upcoming episode of Real Housewives, Phaedra appears to be having  difficult time coping with the idea of becoming a Baby Mama. Also, Phaedra shares a very different opinion than her Baby Daddy, on how to raise their son. Apollo Nida may be an ex con, but he definitely has paternal instincts….

November 20, 2010

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, NeNe Leakes Catches Husband Greg Cheating?

Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes, has hit a rough patch with her husband Greg. Teetering on the edge of divorce, this week NeNe revealed that all communication between the two, has broken down. NeNe even revealed Greg had cheated on her and was sleeping in the guest room. Oh baby girl, you’re a star now, kick his butt to the curb if he’s steppin out on you. NeNe Leakes born under the astrology…

November 13, 2010