REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Will Kim Zolciak Add Her Star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame???

Kim Zolciak has launched a new blog and official web site. She has some beach bikini shots of herself, I have to admit she’s got a great figure. She addresses the rumor, that she’s dating Michael Lohan. So NOT true. First, he’s engaged and second he has no money. There are always going to be rumors about me and my life out there, but this one was simply to ridiculous…

January 16, 2009

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Was Kim Zolciak Named 2008 Person of the Year in Atlanta???

I read this headline with disbelief? A popular paper in Georgia, the Sunday Paper named Kim Zolciak, one of 2008’s Person of the Year. Maybe they meant it as a joke? Yes, she’s interesting because she’s a trainwreck, dates married men, drinks wine out of plastic cup in her car, chain smokes, sings crappy country music, etc. CLASSY! Sunday Paper Reports: Leakes may have emerged as the show’s breakout star…

January 3, 2009

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA – Who is Kim Zolciaks New Big Papa, Hulk Hogan or Calvin Ayre???

Now that the girls of Real Housewives of Atlanta have signed up for a second seaon, who is going to be Kim Zolciak’s new Big Papa? According to a recent interview with AJC, Kim admits that Big Papa (Lee Najjar?) is a married man, but has been “estranged” from his wife for years. Yes, of course. That’s what ALL MARRIED MEN say. The real question is, what does his wife…

December 22, 2008