BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE, Why Daughter Shiloh Likes to Dress Like a Tomboy!

Brad Pitt has finally shaved off his beard and Angelina Jolie has started her media blitz  for the upcoming movie release of Salt. The big question reporters keeping asking Brad’s baby mama is why Shiloh Pitt dresses like a little tomboy? Shiloh who is four years old now, sports a short blond hairdo and usually is photographed in jeans and a t-shirt. No frilly stuff for Brad and Angelina’s first…

July 13, 2010

BRAD PITT AND KEVIN COSTNER, Gulf Disaster Heroes and Oil Spill Movie!

Kevin Costner has gone green, with his new dream machines to help clean up the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. Brad Pitt is going for the green effect as well, one that Hollywood is made of, cash. Brad Pitt wants to make a dramatic film about the BP oil spill and the players behind the scene. Gee, Kevin Costner could even play himself. Brad Pitt who’s starring in the new film,…

June 26, 2010

KEVIN COSTNER Dream Machine, Will it Save Gulf from BP Oil Spill Nightmare?

Kevin Costner best known for his Oscar winning movie, “Dances With Wolves,” is now actor turned oil action hero. His company, Ocean Therapy Solutions, has signed a contract with BP to help clean up the nasty oil mess they created. Kevin Costner, an activist and big supporter of the environment, is hoping his technology will lend a helping hand in solving this crisis. He says,”At its core, my dream, this…

June 19, 2010